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The research intended to find out the important of the civil society organization on community development and also know and why these issues of community development had become too strong in rural community development in the rural urban areas.It is important when the completion or research is made it will the local government and state levels their effort toward rural development. This research will also provide knowledge to member of the civil society organization on community development association as well as other agencies or organization concerned with community development.

For a research work to be completed there must be data collection this chapter foresees on the methodology employed by the research to collect the relevant data for the purpose of this study.

How ever this chapter had geared toward explaining the type of method to be used in this research work the instrument of data collection sample technique population sampling size and method of data collection finally effectiveness of such instrument to used in the study.

I conducted of method of data collection it compared of sources of data primary data survey, Secondary data questionnaire, interview, registration The table above indicate the 70% of the respondents said yes meaning they agree with the above question.

The table indicate that 70% are of the view that the community will be ready to accept change because most of the are aware of their problem.

The traditional ruler an active part in rural development to pursue local initiative and endeavor another area of concern is relate to bureaveratic nature through which project are officially approve for execution is such  bottle week are reduce to the a minimum more and project through communal effort can be undertaking.


Title page ------------------------------------------------------------------------------i

Approval page -----------------------------------------------------------------------ii

Declaration --------------------------------------------------------------------------iii

Certification ------------------------------------------------------------------------iv

Dedication --------------------------------------------------------------------------v


Abstract -----------------------------------------------------------------------------vii


1.0   Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------1

1.1 Background of the study----------------------------------------------------------1

1.2 Statement of the problem---------------------------------------------------------3

1.3 Arms and objective of the study------------------------------------------------ -3

1.4 Research hypothesis/ Research Question---------------------------------------4

1.5 Justification / significance of the study-----------------------------------------4

1.6 Scope and limitation of the study-----------------------------------------------5

1.7 Historical Background of the study---------------------------------------------5

1.8 Definition of terms concepts-----------------------------------------------------7


2.0  Literature Review And Theoretical Frame Work----------------------------- 9


2.2 Conceptual frame work-----------------------------------------------------------11

2.3 Empirical literature----------------------------------------------------------------13

2.4 Other thing--------------------------------------------------------------------------14

2.5 Theoretical frame work-----------------------------------------------------------15


3.0  Research Methodology  ---------------------------------------------------------18


3.2 Research design------------------------------------------------------------------19

3.3 Population of the study---------------------------------------------------------20

3.4 Sample size-----------------------------------------------------------------------21

3.5 Sampling techniques------------------------------------------------------------23

3.6 Methods of Data collection-----------------------------------------------------23

3.7 Research Instrument--------------------------------------------------------------24

3.8 Methods of Data Analysis-------------------------------------------------------24


4.0   Data Presentation And Analysis----------------------------------------------26

4.1 Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------26

4.2 Demographic Data of the respondents-----------------------------------------27

4.3 Response presentation and analysis-------------------------------------------29





5.1 Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------------33

5.2 Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------33

5.3 Recommendation----------------------------------------------------------------34


Appendix (Questionnaire Design) -----------------------------------------------37






The issue of  civil organization on community development and importance’s to have been identified as a method than can be use transformation the like of people that betterment. Looking at the current trend of the civil organization on community development is bound to face an attempt at discarding this draw back that gave rise to the priority with at give view to fine possible solution to the problem. Event during the colonial period what was specially designed has been transformation of community development in Dutse Local Govt.  Area through the idea of community development. The importance is to elevate the standard living of people in community fundamentally on equality justice and mutual respect.

CIVIL ORGANIZATION ON COMMUNITY DEVEIOPMENT: Creates and enhances good relationship between members of the community such as relationship between ordinary people and people. It fosters group participation in preferring solutions to problem confronting the community. It operates on the promise that within any community lays great potential which if utilized can half built community. Civil organization on Community development expert collaborates and work with people in community to build relationship and identify common interest.


1.     According to Musa (1995)problem of community development is a mechanistic nature of decision taking and  involvement of the community in decision making process of project initiation and implementation which capacitates the potentials of the communities and decision making , top down approach of decision making and project initiation typifies not only do nor driven and limited in nature but tend to under mines the benefiting community particularly community are hardly involve at the policy decision or implementation stage. These by excluding them as participant state holder in such plans programme and project.

2.     The problem of valises and abandonment of project occur when communities do not understand the project as a result of non-inclusion in the decision making process of limitation and implementation project and programs.

3.  The problem of loss control over development process do occur because of lack of understanding and utilization of the project by the benefiting communities many Civil organization on community development project or without adequate planning


1.  Benjamin J.S Ruben, S.Zichenback –journal of urban affair 2004 willely online library community development financial institution (CDFI) help to served predominantly low income community bank credit union business and micro enterprises , loan funds, and venture capital fund.

2.     Although CDFI are a rapidly growing and increasing important area of community economic development they have not received proportionate attention community source in term caned by bard whether for a type of open source project that is a government by a consortium of educational institution



The research intends to find out the problem facing Civil organization on community development some of the problem includes:

1. According to Musa (1995) and Adefila (1998) top down approach or decision making and project invitation typist not only do not driven, and limited in nature but tend to under mines the benefitting organization and  communities particularly communities are hardly involved at the policy designer or implementation stage, there by excluding them as participation and state holder in such plan programmes and project.

2. The problem of tantalization and abandonment to project occur when communities do not understand the project as a result non-inclusion in the decision making process of initiation of project and program.

3. Problem of loss controlled over development occurs because of lack of understanding and utilization of the project by the benefitting communities.

4. Many community development projects the socio environmental consequences or implication of the project that they initial. As such many of such projects do not survive


1.     What are the role of civil society organization

2.     What are  the achievement so far in the study area

3.     What are the activities design by the civil society organization

4. What are problem  confronted in the civil  society organization        


The civil  society organization on community development policy has impact in the community development in the following

       i.            To examine the role  civil society of organization  on community development in Dutse Local Government Area

     ii.            To examine the achievement made  by the civil society organization  Dutse Local Government.

.   To offer the solution  to the problems

  iv.            To highlight the activities of civil society

     v.            Officer solution to the existing problems 



This research will a  provide knowledge to member of the community development association as well as other agencies or organization concerned with community development.

The research will help other researcher with information when undertaking their research relating to the topic lastly, it can be great importance to those voluntary organization with arms of community development programmed play a very important role in rural reconstruction following are the main important of community development project.



The research work is to be conducted within Dutse local government Area for clears respond about the research activities of result of insufficient fund which help conduct research work large there for the research work also be conduct within the area of Dutse local government council have it government parastatal in which the activities of government were carried out by the government officials for the implementation of government policies toward the sustenance of social activities law and other to the general public community development developed in the (1970) involved orienting social work large towards the physical environment for instance, the content and principle of civil organization on community development are applied to the process of developing disadvantage city district,  and also developing disadvantage city district and also play a vital part in modern district management.

Limit community development reaches its limits where it is face with problems affection society as whole such as un employment that cannot be solved at a local or regional level . community development involves every one is a stake in the district people of all age and from all social and ethnic group special support is provide for disadvantage segment of the population.


Dutse meaning rock got at name from the hilly or rock which surrounds district head quarter and cover all appropriate area of about five mile. Dutse also sand dune (singular jigawa their plural jigayi it has qualifier coined from a round a legendary hunter at an incidence immoral. The hunter was said to have noticed a sudden crossing of an antelope  treen by surprise he said Yanzu Naga Gada : now I saw antelope crossed. These word of the hunter Gada mean (antelope)and then wurmean crossed this is where the original of Gadawur tittle is knows from the ancient history of Dutse. But historical evidence available suggest that Dutse have been existing as politically organized kingdom from more than six hundred (600) years the kano chronicles for instance relate about a war between Sarkin Kano Abdullahi Burga and Dutse in the first half of the century (184001465 AD) This goes to show that out of it Dutse was not only the politically but was even passing treat to expanding Kano kingdom.

Never the less in the opening year if 19 century as a result of jihad piloted by Umar DANFODIO Dutse lost it independence and fall wander than influence of KANO.This is with standing state as historical fact available intended sufficient it to not that Dutse has two (2) dynastic tracing to the champion the year between 1500-1800 a witness a remarkable achievement in the find of policies administration and culture and in important development which presumable was development of the early eighteenth century and which examined here is the building of Dutse wall should be noted right from now that wall should be confused with the one built by Tsohon Mutum to enable GARU the wall had thirteen gate suggesting a very large two the gate (kofofi) were=

1.     Kofarburtulan

2.     Kofaryina

3.     Kofarmaranjuwa

4.     Kofarbukka

5.     Kofarma,ai

6.     Kofargwari

7.     Kofartago

8.     Kofarkachi

9.     Kofargaladimawa

10.Kofarrariya (kukiya)





Community Hassan (1996) defined as a group of living together within a given area who by common objective as well as maintaining some basic harmony of interest and aspiration in the Course of meeting then objective also community can be defined as large ground of people living together in one environment usually in subsistence settlement personally in government.

Development in creating the condition for the realization of human personally development also to be market with a reduction in poverty un employment and equality ,high level of nutrition high health standard and low infant mortability rate community development is asocial process by which human being can become more complete to live with and grain more control oker, local aspect of frustrating in changing world .it involved a good method or expecting personality growth which can occur when geophysical neighbor to serve their growing concept of  the good for all Biddle (1965) community development is promotion of better well being with active participation initiation and co-operation of the community.

The united nation defined community members come together to taker the scope analysis of sanitation not limited to operation definition of proper disposal of human wasted and the construction of latrines .the study of encompasses other element of such as water supply , disposal of was water and soil waste community hygiene and health and environment condition . it is beyond the scope of the study to recommend the most appropriate technology of the coastal community analyzed since deleted economic analysis and situational requirement are not include in the research . The study is limited to the preliminary stage of the selection process , that involve the identification of the problem related to environmental technical , social, culture, and health, aspect of the community .it focuses one the selection process involved and the issue relevant to the provision of sanitation system for the community since specific finding are based on the case study , it must not be assumed that they are applicable in other coastal communities . only general recommendations are provide in the large context the capabilities approach of Amertyasen (eg 1999) and Martha NUSS bau (eg 2000) offers unique way of conceptualizing a dis advantage and well-being which has been highly influence okerse field from international development and economic to philosophy and public policy.

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