Referral Program

ProjectShelve Referral Program create avenue for vendors to earn more aside income they realize from sales of their products. We have two (2) referral programs; Vendor Referral and Buyer Referral. Vendors can earn over 100k monthly from our referral programs.

just referring vendors to signup and upload products, also refer buyers to purchase products on ProjectShelve.


Vendor Referral

As a vendor, when you refer other vendors, you earn 5% commission each time purchase is made on products of the vendors forever. The more vendor you refer and the more products they upload, certainly, your earnings come in multiple.

You must be a registered vendor before you can refer vendors and earn bonus on sales from products of your referred vendors.

You can refer a vendor even if you do not have products to upload. You can just register with the aim of referring other vendors that have products and make huge income as their products are purchased.


How it Works

§  Use your referral code to register other vendors, or you give your referral code to prospective vendors to signup as vendor.

§  Once registered, the referred vendor will be added to your referral list.

§  You earn 5% commission each time any product of your referred vendors is purchased. On your dashboard, Information about Number of products uploaded by each referred vendors, sales and corresponding bonus are provided.

§  When you refer sufficient vendors you just sit back and count your earnings as they hit your wallet

§  Make withdrawal request and get paid into your account within 24 hours



Buyer Referral

As a vendor you are privileged to refer a buyer and get 10% of the cost price as commission each time a buyer uses your referral code to made purchase on

All you need do is give prospective buyers your referral code to make purchase on our website or you help them make purchase using your referral code.

Your commission goes into your referral wallet immediately the purchase is concluded.

Make withdrawal request and get paid into your bank account within 24 hours.