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Attitude to the value and importance of women throughout history have been different. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) while respecting the Status of Women says Women are like candles and lights in the house where the woman is clearly not happy. (200) questionnaires were administered of which all were retuned and used for analysis.  The primary is the method of data collection, From the perspective of women with disabilities Plato and Aristotle are weaker than women are qualitative and quantitative differences between men and women and their talents believes both woman and man hours helpless man knows Napoleon's partner says that if there were no women who trained the world's greats Victor Hugo believes that he needs for comfort women and development is not possible without each other they) Shafi¬abadi, 2000). Marxist theory of economic and political was adopted as the theoretical framework basis of the analysis. Major force women to transform a potential source for developing the rural economy and increase the growth rate of food production are increasing. They constitute half the population of rural communities and plays an important role in economic and social development as a responsible citizen, mother and worker. Rural women is a very broad scope. Parental, wet and drying, daily food preparation and processing multiple aquifers, doing laundry, caring for family members and many other tasks that rural women are constantly and daily activities except for family members do. All of these activities to reduce costs and increase livelihood and providing for the family's welfare is done. The aim of this study was to illustrate the role and activities of rural women and the impact of these activities is to improve the welfare of rural families. In this study, taking into account the problems of society and utilizes resources effectively connected as well as comments and valuable results sociologists in the afternoon to the conclusion that human development as a key characteristic of the role of women consider it. Investing more rural women and their education will increase rural economic development and welfare of the household.




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1.8 DEFINITION OF TERMS          7


2.1 Overview of Women in community Development           9

2.3 Roles of Women Organizations in Women Empowerment.         14

2.3.1 Women Research and Documentation Center (WORDOC)     15

2.3.2 Women in Nigeria (WIN)          15

2.3.3 Country Women Association of Nigeria (COWAN)    15

2.3.4 Better Life Programme (BLP)   16

2.3.5 Women Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA)  16

2.4.2 Women and Agricultural Development 18

2.4.3 Nigeria Women and Community Development 19

2.5 Strategies for Developing Capacities of Women  20

2.6 Review of Relevant Theories        21

2.6.1 Liberal Feminism           22

2.6.2 Radical Feminism          23

2.6.3 Sociocultural Determinants        24

2.6.4 Marxist Approach          25


3.1 Research Design   28

3.2 Sources of Data    28

3.3 Population and Sample Size of the Study            29

3.4 Method of Data Collection           30

3.5 Method of Data Analysis 31


4.1 Presentation and Analysis of Data           35

4.1.1 Data Presentation Matrix on Occupation and Age Range of Respondents Sampled for the Study     35

4.1.2 Data Presentation Matrix on Level of Education and Marital  36

4.1.3 Data Presentation on the Responses of Participants in the Study         36

4.2 Test of Hypotheses           38

4.2.1 Test for Reliability of Data        38


5.1 SUMMARY         46

5.2 Conclusion            46

5.3 Recommendations 47







 In every organization women contribute more to the social, economic development because they develop the organization structure enlighten the women shout their position, night and importance among other thing towards the national socio- economic development, which will build the nation, 

The purpose of this research is to find out how women participate or contribute towards socio-economic development, directly or indirectly, It aims to investigate why women are not fully participating in social and economic development activities like their counterparts and to find possible and necessary solution about the women participation on with regards to other place such as United States of America, (U.S.A) or any other country in Africa like Kenya, It is duly believed that, lack of research work on this subject matter, is another contributing factor towards minimum participation of women towards socio economic development in Kazaure Local Government area, as a case study.

Therefore, according to the researcher conducting this research work, will enable and encourage the women of Kazaure Local Government area to understand the importance of their participation in contributing towards socio-economic development, and it help the government to understand their problems and to find out the necessary solution, in which the women will understand their role, position, 

and importance within the society as their husband opposition or counterparts The generally, illiterate women cannot work together but, when they work together, they will be always fighting with each other traditionally, the women of Kazaure Local Government try to give their maximum contribution towards socio-economic development, but due to same problems, the women of Kazaure Local Government they only engage themselves in local and primitive source of income and local social service, the role of women on that period include, local basket making, leather works, local weaving of cloth, local mat, craft work, calabash carving poetry, local groundnut, oil processing, raffia works, small. Trade, processing of proper and child maintenance. 

Therefore, in terms of faming, the women of Kazaure Local Government Area, they normally do not take part in land clearing, but, they participate on planting, weeding, fertilizer applying, harvesting and processing, and only among the women of Kazaure Local Government area, can produce both cash and food crops, due to some problems, such as custom and tradition, religions problems like education factors, and lack of interest and awareness of the women. 

The women of Kazaure Local Government live on this condition up to the carrying of better life programme in (1987) which was introduced by the first Lady Mrs. Maryam Babangida, which was later change to family support programme by the first Lady Mrs. Maryam Sani Abacha, whose determination was up to lift the status of the Nigerian women in general and rural women in particular. The programme, meant to alleviate poverty in the rural areas. In which before that, the opportunities of the rural women were after limited, their access to hand was also limited and their active participation on economic activities was also limited, but due to the coming of this programmes, family support, better of life, the life of women of Kazaure Local Government has been changed. 

Through this organization and others such as women commission; then organization conducted so many seminars, and workshops for enlighten the women and men about the importance of women participation in socio-economic development activities, the gradually women accepted these programmes, so that system of those source of income has been changed for both socially and economically. Women participation on socio-economic development is mostly attended by religions and tribal influence, which make it possible for women participate fully in socio-economic development.


The one of the greatest obstacles of the Nigerian women, is the cultural suppression by the men; the men consider the women as a second filled whose decision must be influence by the project at all the time the worse still the man don't see the contribution of the women both socially and economically or otherwise, as complimentary to their daily efforts to the family on every aspect. 

In spite of this, whenever, the women display infinity in their economic activities any other respect, the man see the performance as a threat to them and that particular women might be considered as a witched for the ingenuity, avenues are employed by the man to keep the women down perpetually. 

In tem of politics, the women are field to the wishes of the men, whereby the women vote according to the dictates of the women on the issue of land ownership, the women does not have right to own a piece of land or property without the permission of the husband. 


Every research project writing work like this mfust have some objectives that it wants to achieve. Among the objective of this project are:

i.              To examine the matenal being used to develop the women strength of the women with a view to highlight the shortcoming and possible solution; 

ii.            To reawaken the management on the importance of women development towards the

Accomplishment of the organizational’ objectives and to expose without bias if lapses have made in developing the women in the organization with a view to suggesting the way out; 

iii.          To make the employees of the organization understand what is meant by socio economic development;

iv.          To examine how women development help in attaining the organizational objectives. 


This research project is very important to the government and individual persons, more especially women and other men. 

Through this project the women will understand the important of their position in scion-economic development, therefore the project will encourage the women to participate fully in socio-economic development activities will reduce their family problems and it so will enable the women to become independent body, and acquire more education. Secondly, through this project the government will understand the problems of the women towards socio-economic development. Therefore, the government will make all necessary things to solve the women problems. Also the husband will understand the illness effect of the old traditions and culture, which make them to stop their wives from participation in socioeconomic development activities. Finally, the entire people of Kazaure Local Government Area, will benefit from positive effect of the women participation, through this research project, by contributing more to the activities. 

The man is culturally made to believe that the women alone shoulder the responsibilities of children. These cultural or domestic problems can further be compounded by lack of basic social amenities that could enlighten the women build in to socio cultural sitting such as lack of portable drinking water, and illiteracy. 


This statement of assumption which the research expects to prove right or wrong from the research finding. It is based on observation of facts. It is therefore testable and tentatively made at the onset of the study. It a approachable explanation of the relationship between two variable or more that create a situation there are two type of hypothesis

i.            Null Hypothesis;

ii.            Alternative hypothesis 

The following are some hypothesis the researcher want to test on this project topic the role of women towards socio-economic development: A case study of Kazaure Local government Areas. 

Hi: The educated women contribute more towards socio-economic development than non-educated. 

H2: The lack of encouragement by the Government and enlightenment of women as well as getting freedom from the men, hinders, the maximum contribution, and participation of women towards socio-economic development. 

H3 : The women with many children has less responsibility for contributing, if you compared with women who have less children for the contributing towards the socio-economic, development. The above hypothesis will be examining base on the facts that will follow from survey to be conducted. 


Kazaure is an Emirate and a Local Government Area of Jigawa State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in the ancient city of Kazaure.

The valley that was to become modern day Kazaure has a long history. It was said to have been first settled by a group of Hausa (also known as Habe) hunter clan under the leadership of a warrior called Kutumbi. It was around the year 1300 CE. According to Oral Tradition passed down through the centuries by Griots, Kutumbi and his people were said to have migrated from the settlement of blacksmiths living on the Dala Hills-believed by historians to be the first inhabitants of the land now known as Kano. 

The legend of Kazaure's founding tells the story of how Kutumbi on one of his hunting expeditions found a valley surrounded by huge defensive plateaus and rich with rivers and small streams. He stayed in the area for quite some time until his family became worried over his long absence which was contrary to his usual hunting habit, they followed his tracks for many days. After a long and arduous journey, they found Kutumbi in a beautiful valley. One of the new arrivals looked upon the nature of the land and exclaimed to another “"Wannan Wajen Kamar Zaure!" (The translation of the Hausa phrase is "This place is like an inner room”). 

This expression "Kamar Zaure" was transformed over the centuries to Kazaure thus becoming the name of the settlement the Habe hunters founded at the site. Kutumbi's clan lived in the area for hundreds of years, they left archaeological evidence of their Hunter/Gatherer culture. They also practiced small-scale agriculture. The longest surviving traces of their presence was their religion; they worshiped a goddess called Tsumburbura to whom they made animal sacrifices at the top of Kazaure's hills. Their practice lives on today in the spiritual songs and dances of Bori. It wasn't until the arrival of the Yarimawan Fulani 

However, that an administrative system was established in the area. 

The city of Kazaure has been the emirate's headquarters since 1819. It was founded by Dan Tunku, a Fulani warrior who was one of the 14 flag bearers for the Fulani jihad (holy war) leader Usman dan Fodio. Dan Tunku arrived from the nearby town of Dambatta at a stockaded village that he named Kazaure and established an emirate that was carved from the adjoining Kano, Katsina and Dauraemirates. 

Dan Tunku, was the Fulani leader who, early in the jihad, had prevented a coalition between the forces of the Hausa Chiefs of Kano, Katsina, and Daura. For this feat he had received a flag from Shehu. Later he had helped to establish a Fulani régime in Daura, but thereafter he had not played a particularly active part in the jihad and had made little contribution to the victory of the reformers in Kano. By the end of the war his position in northern Kano was strong but ill-defined. As a flag-bearer he had the right of doing homage direct to Shehu, and subsequently to Bello, but in spite of this it seems to have been recognized that he was to some extent under the tutelage of Kano. So long as the unworldly Sulaimanu was Emir of Kano this loose arrangement apparently worked satisfactorily, but when the much more forceful Ibrahim Dabo succeeded him, it broke down. Ibrahim demanded Dan Tunku's allegiance and was refused. He thereupon conferred on one of his own vassals, Sarkin Bai of the Dambazawd fulani Clan, a fief embracing all of Northern Kano including the territories that Dan Tunku and his followers had acquired in the jihad. This move led to open hostilities. 

The fighting, though intermittent, lasted about five years. At first Dan Tunku. Had the best of it and raided right up to the walls of the city. Gradually, however, Kano's weight began to tell and he was pressed back. Nevertheless, he still continued to harry all the northern part of Kano Emirate. When Clapperton passed through the country in 1824 he found the Emir Ibrahim in his war-camp, preparing for the annual campaign, and in many ruined and deserted villages he saw evidence of Dan Tunku's past ravages. Later in the same year Ibrahim Dabo made a determined attempt to bring Dan Tunku, to heel. He took an army up to the Kazaure hills and occupied the fortified camp Where Dan Tunku had made his headquarters. Soon afterwards, however, Dan Tunku made a surprise counter attack and drove the Kano forces out again. 

As the fighting had ended in stalemate both sides agreed that the dispute should be referred to the arbitration of the Sultan. When the case was brought to him, Bello judged in favour of Dan Tunku and reaffirmed Dan Tunku's independence of the Emir of Kano. Kazaure was thereby recognized to be a separate Emirate and its boundaries were demarcated. This decision brought the hostilities to an end and after that Kano and Kazaure lived together as good neighbours. But the fact remained that, even in Sultan Bello's day, Fulani had begun fighting against Fulani. Unfortunately, as the century advanced, this phenomenon was to become more common. 


The research project topic is, the role of women towards socio-economic development which is limited to Kazaure Local government Area, where the Students is undertaking this research, also financial problem and lack of transportation, another problem is the most of our women (the respondents) availability, They answered our Question indirectly due to these problems, we concentrated on the paper seminars, journal and books that are related to the topic and which will help us in conducting our research project successfully. 


The role of women towards socio-economic development; the key concept of this project are as follow definition of terms:


Is the part which individuals are called on the play in society and then SOCIAL is the enjoying spending time with other people. Under it, it has almost four to five categories and are as follow: 

1.      CONNECTING WITH SOCIETY: It is connected with society and the way it is organized: social issue/problems/reforms. Which a call for social and economic change. 

This one is connected with position in social class/background social advancement (improvingposition in society). 

2.      ACTIVITIES WITH OTHERS: Is also connected with activities in which people meet each other for pleasure: a busy/hectic social life e.g. terms sports help to develop a child's social skills. (the ability to talk easily to other people and do things in a (dnoj6 social events and training days are arranged for all the staff join a social club to make new friends. .

3.      ANIMALS (Technical) - driving naturally in groups rather than alone. 

4.      FRIEND: Sociable-sociably the reforms will bring benefits socially and politically this type of behaviors is no longer socially acceptable a socially disadvantaged family (one that is poor and tromp a low social class). We meet at work, but never socially camisoles are usually socially complex mammals. 

5.      ECONOMICS: Is the study of how a society organizes its money, trade and industry.

6.      DEVELOPMENT: Is the gradual growth of something, so that, it becomes more advanced, stronger, e.t.c 

7.      SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: The social development has to do with how individual and collective norms of living in society help to advance the achievement of the departmental goals and objectives of the society. Therefore, define as an important of capacity, ability and willingness of people both as individual and as members of the society to contribute their effort to enhance the achievement of both individual and society of the department goals. It also has to do with how the society itself help to prepare itself and its member to have the capacity, ability and willingness to contribute the advancement of both individual and society development goals, and social had divided into two ways, the final definition of social. 

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