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1.1        Background of the study

1.2        Statement of the Problems

1.3        Purpose of the study

1.4        Research Questions

1.5    Significance of the Study 

1.6        Delimitation of the study

1.7    Limitation of the Study





2.1    Definition of Secretary

2.1.1 Types of Secretaries

2.2    Modern functions of the secretary

2.3    Definition of Motivation

2.3.1 Types of Motivation

2.4    Relevance of motivation to secretaries

2.5    Monetary factor as a function of motivation for effective work performance

2.6    Environmental factors as a function of motivation

2.7    Promotion as a factor of motivation of secretaries

2.8    Summary of Literature Review




3. 0   Introduction

3.2        Research Design

3.3        Population of the Study

3.3        Sampling/Sampling Procedure

3.4        Research Instrument

3.5    Validation of Instrument

3.7        Data validity

3.8        Content Validity

3.8        Reliability of the Instrument

3.9    Administration of the Instrument

3.9        Method of Data Collection

3.11    Scoring of the Instruments

3.3.2    Data Analysis


Chapter 4




4.1.2    Age of respondents

4.1.4.   Category of Staff

4.2.      Type of Incentives Received by Workers in the Institution

4.3       Factors that Motivate Respondents at Work

4.4       Factors That Influence Employee Performance

4.5       Recognition for Work Done

4.6       Preference for Monetary Rewards

4.7       Non-Monetary Rewards

4.8       Importance of Motivation





5.1    Summary of Findings

5.2    Motivational Factors

5.3    The Role of Motivation on Employee (Secretories) Job Performance

5.4    Reward for Good Work Done

5.5    Mode of Receiving Reward

5.6    Conclusion

5.7    Recommendations


Appendix: Survey Questionnaire






1.5              Background of the study

The main focus of this study is to investigate how motivation influences the performance of secretaries in some selected organization is to examine the strategies of motivating secretaries to put up their best performance while carrying out their duties in the organization. One of the most important factors that move every human being to achieve his or her goal is motivation.  Motivation is that guiding principle that enables people to stay focused on the path of success regardless of the challenges that may be encountered; this includes personal as well as professional goals and targets. Baumeister &Voh. (2018).Some scholars in the field believe that if this driving force did not exist, people would live in the rut of monotony and no great discoveries or interventions would have happened. According to Cory (2018), motivation refers to a process governing individual choices among different forms of voluntary activities. Robbins and Judge (2017) Extrinsic motivation comes from the work environment, external to the person and his or her work. Good salary, fringe benefits, enabling policies and various forms of supervisions are good examples of this type of motivation. Mankoe (2016). The issue of motivation as it affects the efficiency of secretarial personnel is the concern of this research work; many studies have demonstrated the relatively successful performance implications of formalized goal setting performance in organizations. However these findings typically do not identify the specific factors behind such techniques that are largely responsible for their success. Toward this, research relating to six factor analytically derived attributes of secretaries task goals is reviewed to ascertain which attributes are more consistently related to work performance in some selected organization. The six task-Goal attributes are goal specifically, participation in goal setting, feedback, peer completion, goal difficulty and goal acceptance. Although goal specificity and goal acceptance were found to be most consistently related to work performance in an organization, several interviewed in variables emerged the attended to affect secretary’s performance in some selected organization. Motivation has gone beyond monetary aspect, for example, in Nigeria, declaration of new salary structures of about 75% increment made across the board in May, 2014 in all sectors of Government parastatals cannot be justified. This gesture was extend to both public and private companies as the Nigeria Labour Congress mandated it for all labour employers to effect the new salary structure through their respective union or association. After this many more increase has been done but people still find it hard to make ends meet. The increase in salary make no significant difference in the lives of employee or secretary , the aims was not realized probably because money is not the only motivation expected by workers. What are the things that are leading to un-satisfaction on the job? Motivation includes other benefits and incentives, the various techniques of motivation such as compensation structure, hierarchy of power etc. and how it inspects the productivity of a viable worker (Secretary). The role of secretary is one of the most importance roles in an organization aiming at success; secretaries are becoming more demanding with the raid of technological changes in offices. 

1.6              Statement of the Problems

In the view of Halepota (2010), motivation is crucial for organizations to function properly without motivation employees secretaries will not put up their best and the company’s performance would be less efficient. in recent times the labour front has been weighed down with a plethora of industrial unrests ranging from little salary structures , consistent harassment by their Boss, lack of Bonuses, incentives packages , however this has posed a serious problem to the effective performance of the secretaries in the organization. More so, how well an organization motivates its workers in order to achieve their mission and vision is of paramount concern. Employees in both public and private sector/organization are becoming increasingly aware that motivations increases productivity. From the foregoing, and looking at today’s economic trend, it is evidence that the pace of change in our business environment presents fresh challenges daily. The researcher has decided to look into the problem to know what could likely be the causes of why secretaries are not motivated and to devise a strategy that will help in motivating the effective work performance of these secretaries in selected organizations.

1.7              Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to examine the strategies for motivating secretaries for effective work performance in selected organizations Bida, Niger state.

1. To determine whether monetary factor is a motivation for effective job performance of secretaries in selected organizations in Bida, Niger state

2. To determine whether environmental factor is a motivation for effective job performance of secretaries in selected organization in Bida, Niger state

3. To determine whether promotion is a factor of motivation for effective job performance in selected organization in Bida, Niger State.

1.8              Research Questions

The following question were formulated to guide the study

1.       Is monetary factor a motivation for effective Job performance in selected organizations?

2.      Does environmental factor a motivation for effective Job performance in selected organizations?

3.      Does regular promotion a motivation for effective Job performance in selected organizations?

1.5 Significance of the Study 

The study would be of immense benefit to Bida local Government and other stake- holders in that it will highlight how the strategies for motivating secretaries for effective work performance in selected organization are valued and understood and the need for all to pay attention to a variety of motivation issues or financial incentives for employees. Furthermore, the study will bring to light the different forms of motivation which will in- form the design of appropriate measures aimed at bringing out the best in employees with regard to job performance. Again, the factors leading to high performance as well as causes of low performance will inform management and policy makers in their decision making. Administrators will be helped through this study to be able to use motivation not just for the sake of it but to know how, when and what type of motivation to use as to achieve maximum performance of secretaries also, the findings would assist in the development of effective managerial strategies and policies that can help in improving the administration and realization of organizational goals. The findings of this study should engender ideas that can lead to the provision of quality teaching, research and service delivery.

1.7              Delimitation of the study

The research work is delimited to the strategies of motivating secretaries for effective work performance in selected organizations Bida, Niger state. For the purpose of this project, the researcher would have given this study a wider coverage but was constrained by some factors such as time, funds and resources

1.8  Limitation of the Study

 The scope of this study is limited to the Federal Polytechnic, Bida Niger State (as a case study) Information will be collected mainly from the secretarial personnel in the entire department in the institution. This study is based on the motivation of secretaries in Bida, Niger State whereby it been measured to correlate the effective job performance of the secretaries in their various Department, secretaries exhibit productive work behaviour when rewards were made contingent upon effective work performance in the selected organizations.

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