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The purpose of this study is to investigate human relations skills in the job performance of secretaries with new Nigeria bank, Uchi Community bank all in Auchi as case study. Questionnaire were used to collected data from a total of fifty respondents made up of twenty five official staff and twenty five non official staff of the bank covered. The simple percentage method was used in analyzing the data collected from the respondents based on the responses from the questionnaires. This study revealed that good human relation is a motivator of workers towards job performance and productivity. It also revealed that there is no positive relationship if there are no good human relations. Since situations some times change, if good human relations is not done in the bank, there will be difficulties in getting the best out of the workers. Based on the study of the findings, appropriate recommendations were made.  




Title page                                                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Acknowledgment                                                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                                                      v

Table of content                                                                                                       v



1.0       Background of the study                                                                           

1.1       Statement of the problem                           

1.2       Research questions                                          

1.3       Purpose of the study                                                                                  

1.4       Significant of the study                                          

1.5       Scope of the study                                                                                      

1.6       Limitation                                                                                                      




2.1       Introduction                                                                                                  

2.2       The meaning of human relations  

2.3       Components of good human relations’                                                  

2.4       How to practice human relation                                                                 

2.5       Work environment                                                                                      

2.6       Job enrichment and job enlargement                                                     

2.7       Labour management relations                                                                 

2.8       Motivation                                                                                                     

2.9       Leadership               




3.0       Introduction                                                                                                  

3.1       Population of the Study                                                                             

3.2       Population of the Sample                                                                         

3.3       Research Instrument                                                                                 

3.4       Method of Data Collection                                                                          

3.5       Method of Data Analysis                                                                             




4.0       Introduction                                                                                                  

4.1       Analysis of Bio-Data                                                                                    

4.2       Analysis of response on research questions                                        




5.0       introduction                                                                                                  

5.1       Conclusion                                                                                                  

5.2       Recommendation                                                                                       









1.0       Background of the Study

Man has been described as a social animal, when individuals spend a large part of their time at work or play in association with others. The hermit prefers to live alone while people live in varying degrees among others and must adjust their individual behaviours to those of other some unlike around, they prefer to work on their own, they associate with only a few chosen companion and they enjoy best, a location in the remoteness of the high lands.

Others are more liking to be with other people. Such people “getting together” seem to be essential for their enjoyment. This range of individual’s attitude towards social relations must keep continuously in the mind of researchers who deal with problems of human organizations. The family and the tribe or state. In origin, the tribe is an extension of the family but in modern tribes, the state is often more than the tribe grown, being a political organization, which may include many tribe and races who find it convenient to live together under one government for security reasons.

Human relations is as old as organization and being inherent in organizations, it always remain as a feature of organizational life. A worker spends about eight hours a day for forty to fifty years in his workplace for about three hundred days in a year.

This represents a large part of his life and these are the part during which he is active and vigorous. If the lives of workers are to be generally accessible, it is essential that working conditions should be healthy, convenient and attractive, so that the work itself should be as interesting workers and themselves, as well as between workers and management should be cordial and cooperative.


1.1       Statement of the Problem

Many office managers see that task of management worker relations as the simplistic process of just providing workers with more of the good things of life and by so doing, productivity will skyrocket. They rationalize that any more of anything desirable given to the workers or any less of anything undesirable motivate that worker. As a result of the foregoing, this study is therefore aimed to investigate the importance of human relations and to determine whether or not, relations between management and workers is adequate for an and to effective job performance in the organization concerned.


1.2       Research Questions

1.         How does human relations act as an aid to effective job performance of a secretary?

2.         What are the problems in human relations as they affect workers and how they can be eliminated?

3.         Which working environment under which workers perform their duty is conducive enough for increased productivity?


1.3       Purpose of Study

The purpose of this study is to

1.            Identify the problem areas in human relations as they affect worker.

2.            Investigate the role of human relations as an aid to effective job performance.

3.            Know whether the working environment under which workers perform their duty is conductive enough for increase productively.


1.4       Signification of the Study

This study is intended to create awareness on management of organization, regarding the need to provide good human relations in their organizations. The study will be of immense benefit to organization individual and students, it will afford business organizations the opportunity of knowing more of some of the employee wants and needs the various components of human relations. They can use and its resultant effect on productivity.


1.5       Scope of Study

This study covers some selected financial organizations in Auchi. In particular, the study is geared towards findings out the possible benefits of human relations in those organizations and the result of the study will assist the management of these organizations in appraising its human relations practice with a view of having human relations that is result oriented.                 

This study was carried out in some financial organizations in Auchi and is delimited to Auchi metrophs with the following organization covered.

1.            New Nigeria Bank, Auchi

2.            Uchi Community Bank, Auchi


1.6       Limitations

This study was carried out under the limiting factors of time, finance and non availability of relevant materials.

The researcher had a major problem with finance as money collected for the research work was found to be insufficient for the proper takeoff of the research.

Secondly, the time allocated was very short, it is carried out intermittently with school pressure and work load and as a result, limited time was devoted to the research.

Lastly, materials like textbooks were readily available relating to the study.

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