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An analysis of worker management relationship in a competitive and thriving industry like the Three Star Hotel cannot be overemphasized. What begets emphasis is the study and analysis. However, as the society gets more sophisticated the business would become more and more complex and competitive. The researcher has attempted to review the opinion, of some authors that are related to the research topic. In order to appraise the relationship between the worker and management in Three Star Hotel the researcher choose sample of forty five staff. A random sampling is done and data collected with the aid of questionnaire and personal interview were scrutinized. The data collected were presented, analyzed and interpreted using percentage and table. In the course of this study some findings were uncovered. It discovered the extent to which cordial relationship between worker and management motivates and encourages productivity in the industry (Three Star Hotel). Finally, the researcher recommended that the management should maintain its current administrative policies and communication effort as well as emphasis on training and retraining of staff.


1.0 Introduction
1.1 background of the Study
1.2 Statement of Problems
1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study
1.5 Purpose of the Study
1.4 Hypothesis
1.5 Significance of the Study
1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study
1.7. Historical Background of the Area of the Study
1.8 Definition of Terms
1.9 Plan of the Study

2.0 Literature Review and Theoretical Framework
2.1    Introduction
2.2 Conceptual Framework
2.3 Management and Motivation of Workers.
2.4 Leadership Style and Workers Effectiveness
2.5 Conflict and Worker Effectiveness.

3.0 Research Method of Data Collection.
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Research Design
3.3 Population of the Study
3.4 Sample Size
3.5 Sampling Techniques
3.6 Method of Data Collection
3.7 Research Instrument
3.8 Method of Data Analysis

4.0 Data Presentation and Analysis
4.2 Demographic Data of the Respondents
4.3 Response Presentation and Analysis

5.0 Introduction
5.1 Summary
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation
Appendix: Questionnaire


The relationship between the workers and the management of all formal organization has been adjudged crucial to the effective performance of organizational productivity.

This is because; it is generally acknowledged that both groups form the human resource element in the organization.  An element which is quite unique in any organization.  This fact becomes all the mores obvious if cognizance in taken that of all inputs into the production process of all enterprises, the human element in the most crucial because, it is the only element that has its own power and sincerely it performs the function of controlling and coordinating the other element in the desired quality in a way and manner that will aid the production process.

More so, this human element in organization is divided between two broad groups, (that is the management group and the workers).  Some scholars such as Ademelekan (1998) have identified a third group which they termed the “middle level or supervisory groups”.  But, for the purpose of this research this group is not acceptable because they are transmittery in nature.

The first groups consist of managers. These are those bodies of men known as the management who are in charge of organizing, controlling, directing, planning and decision making in an organization. It is this group that performs the function of coordinating all factors into production process so that goods and services that satisfy human needs and wants can be achieved while, the overall goals and objective of the organization can equally be achieved.

The second groups consist of the workers whose job is to perform whatever function they may be directed by the management from time to time.  They constitute in any organization more than (80%) of the total workforce of the organization.  These bodies of man are largely unskilled and semi-skilled as oppose to those in the management cadre who are largely skilled.  Inspire of this,  the workers constitute the hub of which all activities involving the human element revolves,  they take instructions, they reports back to management for the directives.

The workers and management of an organization are expected to work hand in hand in a mutually benefiting relationship that will serve to help the organization to effectively and efficiently achieve its goals and objectives.
This worker and management relationship have been recognized as being “dynamic and third in nature” (Mc-Growth T.E., Attman, M. 1966).  It is recognized as being dynamic and fluid in nature because of often alternatives between hostile and frosty conditions, and friendly and warm condition.  Whole this relationship is hostile it could affect organizational productivity negatively and whole warm it could also bring about positive impact on organizational productivity.

In apparent recognition of this most scholars have over the years devoted their time, energy and resources to study hour the relationship between the workers and management enhance productivity of the organization as a whole. 

 Koonts Odenne and Welch Warrish H (1989) for instance has asserted that, the key to understanding organizational productivity in the study of workers- management relationship” such studies so far have not come up with satisfactory reposes suitable and amenable to empirical universalism.

Equally not fort coming is a finding that will explain the Nigerian circumstances which is finding that will frequent clashes between workers and management. Indeed the frequent strikes, work to rule actions and other forms of individual’s dispute between worker and management have been a source of concern.  The service and hospitality industry in particular, is vital to the socio-economic well being of any nation.  This is because it is usually the first point to call by any visitor to any new town or city.  Consequently, industrial harmony in the total industry must be maintained at all cost for the economic growth of any nation. Although operations of the hospitality sector (i.e. the hotels) have if late been hit by the harsh economic realities of on time, and this has led to increase agitation for better deed by the workers from the management of this respective out forts with time,  if this is not curbed, pressure may emanate. Consequently, the need to study the workers management relationship has now assumed a mine urgent dimension than ever because this would provide a more acceptable understanding of the situation so that overall productivity of the hospitality sector can be improved upon.  As a contribution to this search the research “an analysis of worker management relationship as it affects service provision a case study of Three (3) Star Hotel Dutse” was chosen.

Corporate social responsibility is of no doubt be given an adequate attention by the food and beverages companies in Nigeria for being the parameter that determines the relationship between companies and their stakeholders. What is however in doubt is the extent to which such corporate social responsibility is given and its adequacy. The first books on CSR were published in the 1930’s with one of the most influential being the “ social responsibilities of the businessman” by howard .R. bowen in 1953 (Windell, 2006). In mid-1950s the late peter F. Drucker, the most prominent and widely acknowledged management thinker of the 20th century and also the “father of modern management” has recognized the social function of business. 
Obviously, there has been little or no attempt to study worker- management relationship as it affect service provision in organizations in Nigerian in general and in Three Star Hotel in particular.  Rather the Nigerian literally circle is proliferated by literature on abstracts issues related to conflict, decision making and the rest.  Equally, scarce of knowledge about nature and kind of relationship that exists between the worker and management in the hospitality sector.

A part from the problem stated, some of the problem as regards to this research included the following:-

i. Inadequate time frame to gather much information

ii. Inadequate fund to sponsor the on and doing of the project

iii. Political interference to the organization

iv. Lack of proper commitment by the management and workers to effectively handle the organizational performance being a public cooperation.

The overall objective of the research workers is to understand how workers management relationships led to the productivity of organization in the hospitality sector of Nigerian economy.

The objectives of the study is to determinate how the worker management relate currently at Three Star Hotel affects the operational efficiency of the organization.

Other objectives are:-

1. To know the state of existing relationship of worker and management of Three Star Hotel Dutse

2. To determine the real and probable reason responsible for the current.  State of affairs.

3. To ascertain how the State Affairs between the workers and management affects the production capacity of Three Star Hotel Dutse.

4. To make recommendations to the relevant authorities on how the worker management relationship is Three Star Hotel can be improve upon.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the workers management relationship as it affects service provision as regard to the Three Star Hotel Dutse.

There is a purpose towards which the organized group activities is directed, some implicit while other explicit.  It is also essential that the goal oriented organized activity brought by establishing certain relationship among the available resources.  These resources include such things as human capital and material resources.

Hypothesis are formulated to serve as a proportion or supposition made as the basis for reasoning or investigation of a study.

The hypothesis or question to use is to what extent workers management relationships exist in Three (3) Star Hotel. This is the question that this research work stands to answer.

HO: There is worker management relationship in three (3) Star Hotel Dutse.
HI: there is no workers management relationship in Three (3) Starr Hotel Dutse.

The study’s significance is on policy formation which will be is reflected in the recommendation that  will be make, that will aid the relevant authorities to improve the existing state of the relationship between the workers and the management of Three Star Hotel.

The study is significant because it is first of its kind that will study the workers management relationship as it affects service provision in the hospitality industry in general and Three Star Hotels in particular.

The significance of the study is further located in the fact that it is a contribution to the filed of research and as such, the finding of the study will provide inputs into new areas of workers management relationships that need further research whole at the sometime identifying the strength and  weaknesses of previous researches.

The area of the study covers Three Star Hotel Dutse, it is expected to be the sole area concern for the research.  The sample area and the sample population will be restricted to the case study in order to bring out the worker-management relationship spirit more articulately.
Also the scope will be extended a little further in extracting information from secondary sources which will enhance to the best presentation of the study.

The limitation of this study will border so much in the collection of data obviously collection of data for a research of this nature could be hectic from the paint of the respondents, especially distribution of questionnaire will be an easy task as doing will be a boredom in the part of the author.  Sometimes the human body cannot resist hardship as running from part of call to another may create fatigue which can be so imitating and therefore become depressing of the body and soul.  Shouldering the financial cost of the project is another course of concern to anybody undertaken a research of this nature that involves cost seen and unforeseen.  Reality without money a scholarlistic project of this magnitude may not be accomplished.

The organization taken as a case study a Three (3) Star Hotel Dutse, the hotel is the top ruled hotel in Jigawa State located in the metropolis.  The hotel was commission by the head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Force of the Federal Republic of Nigeria then General Abdulsalam Abubakar on 15th May, 1999.  the hotel was build at the level of Three Star in Jigawa State  of Nigeria as a whole it was build on the one of the highest point in Dutse metropolis with good atmosphere condition surrounded by rocks, it has a very good ground, specious ground which are land seeped with large rock hill lawn sheds and flowering plant.  It is situated along Kiyawa road Dutse the State capital of Jigawa State.

The hotel was first managed by the Nigerian Hotel limited (NHL) between the early 2002 were they handed over the hotel to the Jigawa State government later.  The hotel has sixty two (62)  rooms which are categorize into double rooms, studious rooms executive rooms and luxury suite each room is tastefully furnished with all necessary   social amenities which make it to be standard in any where in the country,  the other facilities include ultra modern conference hall with capacity of about (300) three hundred  people and modern restaurant with inter continental and African dishes, swimming pool, lawn tennis court and laundry to make al customers feel at  home.

Analysis: Means a close or systematic study.

Worker: Refers to as one who is employed by another.

Management: An act or instance or guiding or it can be sees as authoritative control over the affairs of others. 

Relationship: A logical or natural association between two or more things. The way in which two or more Things behave toward each other or deal with each other.

Affect: To be have effective or sincerely.  It can also be sees as a product of change in something.

Service: This can be seen as a system that provide Something that the public needs, organized by the government or a private company.

Provision: A restricted or modifying element something indispensable, the act of supplying someone with something that they need or want.

This project is carried out to investigate on problems, prospect and solution to Unemployment issues in Jigawa state.

The project contains five chapters, chapter one deals with general introduction, statement of the problem, aims and objectives of the study, research hypothesis, purpose and significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, Historical Background Of Study Area definition of key terms, plan of the study and references.

Chapter two consist of literature review and theoretical frame work of the project. references.

Chapter three contains research methodology, introduction of the chapter, population of the study, sample size, sampling techniques, method of data collection, research instrument, method of data Analysis and references.

Chapter four consist of Data presentation and analysis, introduction of the chapter

Demographic data of the Respondents, Response of the presentation and Analysis and References.

Finally, chapter five of this project comprises the summary, conclusion, and recommendations, Bibliography and appendix

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