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This research work is aimed at finding out and studying the factor affecting secretaries in Enugu capital territory. Secretaries were selected from the organization in Enugu capital territory. Secretaries were selected from the organization in Enugu as well as student secretaries from IMT Enugu.

To carry out this project effectively hypothesis were formulate and based on the hypothesis questionnaires and interview questions were drawn. The questionnaires were administered to both student and practicing secretaries selected from the above organization in Enugu capital territory. Oral interviews were also conducted on some secretaries in the selected establishments.

However, it was discovered that factors like sociological, technological economic environmental factors and poor language structure were the factors adducting secretarial career in Enugu capital and these factor were responsible for secretaries dissatisfaction in their work places. The result of the study revealed that practicing secretaries dissatisfaction steam from the ill. Form masses misconception of this career, non-recognition of their career as managed team on job prospects etc       





Title page

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Table of content

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1.1     Background to the study

1.2     Statement of the problem

1.3     The objective or purpose of the study

1.4     Scope of study

1.5     Research questions

1.6     Hypothesis

1.7     Significance of the study



2.0     Review of literature

2.1     Choosing a career

2.2     Basis for choosing a career

2.3     Who is a secretary

2.4     Classification of secretaries

2.5     The factors that affect performance of secretaries

2.6     Sociological factors

2.7     Their effect on the secretary performance

2.8     Technological factors

2.9     Environmental factors

2.10   Poor Language structure

2.11   Summary



3.0     Methodology

3.1     Research design

3.2     Area of study

3.3     Population of the study

3.4     Sample and sampling procedure

3.5     Instrument for data collection

3.6     Validation of the research instrument

3.7     Reliability of the research instrument

3.8     Method of administration of the research instrument

3.9     Method of data analysis



4.0     Data presentation and results and analysis




5.0     Summary of findings, recommendation and conclusion

5.1     Summary of findings

5.2     Recommendation

5.3     Conclusion
















The word ’secretary” has been defined by Oxford Dictionary as “one entrusted with the secrets or confidence despondence and manage router and detail work for superior.

According to secretaries have other managerial duties of dictation from the boss, answering telephone calls, getting information, recording and keeping information using duplicating machine electric, and manual typewriter, computer internal, telex and so on. An office being nerve center of an organization needs good management to achieve its desired goals.

However, there are certain factors which affect secretaries while on job and these minder production and secretary’s stability on this career.

Some of these factors are technological factors poor language structure, sociological factors environment factors, and economic factors.

Presently, the need for exposing secretaries to the use of modern office equipment has risen due to challenges they face in the modern word. The effect of language structure that secretaries in institute of management and   Technology receive during truing cannot be over emphasized as in labour marked available jobs are mean for those who have sound knowledge of good English.



It is degrading and understatement to say that secretarial career is of no importance because secretary is an eye opener. Through which every organization sees.

According to Onabanya (1990)  A secretary is a skilled and specialized type of  employee in an establishment  or part of it who is charged with some aspects of organization functions in the unit dealing with people  correspondence and other business matters;

In today modern world secretaries are faced with a lot of challenges offices due to what they are required to offer. Therefore it is basically necessary that secretaries be giver equipment in institute of management and technology Enugu and other tertiary institution in Enugu capital territory.

This profession is a career that attracts disregard from people enqluating eyes. Most employers do not accord them a befitting recognition and respect, rather they show disregard and disrespect for the career. Often the people misunderstand the word secretary. They are of the opinion that anybody who write some seen it as a mere woman’s career and non-prebtigions. The secretary suffers image and personality degrades and thus crosses cabinet to other profession.



The purpose of this study is to highlight on find out the factors which affect secretarial career in some organization in Enugu capital territory. It would also look into the causes of misconception and disregard for secretaries and their profession or career in our society and find solutions to these problem.



This research work is designed to finding out the factors affecting secretarial career in some selected organization in Enugu capital territory only.

Time constant: This research work was carried out while school is still in session hence time contraption. The time for travelling to places to gather more facts was limited as I was doing the research work and also trying to meet up with my normal academic works.

As a result, this project work was affected to be restricted within the area of facts I could get within the available time.

Finance! This is another problem the affected the effectiveness of this research work. As a student researcher, there not  enough money to assist myself to make this work a standardized on there are some text books due to mortuary incapability and organization outside Enugu I could not visit them due to lack of finance to transport myself. In effect, this would was limited only a few organization



This research will help to identify the factors that contribute to secretary’s dissatisfaction in offices.

It will also reveal to prospective secretarial in the career what they should expect from the profession as regards people misconception and misunderstanding of the career.



Considering the nature and scope of this study, the following hypothesis were used as guide to this study.

1.     Poor environment affects secretarial career in Enugu.

2.     Language is a problem to secretaries

3.     Secretaries are recognized as members of management team.

4.     Lectures not properly guides the secretaries affect them in their career.

5.     Secretarial suffers for inadequate equipment in some organization.

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