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This research work crucially examines the implication of Information Communication Technology {I.C.T} on Secretarial Practice in the Banking Sector, hence discussed extensively on the implication, job performance of secretaries. The second Chapter is on the detailed discussions of literature review of implication of modern technology [ICT] on secretarial performances in Banking sector. Also chapter three is on the research method adopted for the project study which formed the basis for data analysis and discussion for the study in chapter four. Lastly, recommendation and conclusion in order to make secretaries to rise up to the expectations that banking demanded.









Title page                                                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Abstract                                                                                                                      iv

Acknowledgement                                                                                                   v

Table of Content                                                                                                      vi



1.0         Introduction                                                                                                   1 

1.1       Background Information                                                                             3

1.2       Statement of the Problem                                                                           3

1.3       Objective of the Study                                                                                 4

1.4       Significance of the Study                                                                           4

1.5       Research Questions                                                                                   4

1.6       Scope of the Study                                                                                      4

1.7       Limitations                                                                                                     5

1.8       Definition of terms                                                                                       5



2.0         Literature Review                                                                                         6

2.1       Modern technology In Banking Sector                                                    6

2.1.1   Reprographic Equipment                                                                           6 

2.1.2   Word processing Equipment                                                                     7

2.1.3   Recording equipment                                                                                 7

2.1.4   Communication Equipment                                                                       7 

2.2       Confidential Secretary                                                                                8 

2.3       The Effects of Technology on Secretarial Productivity                                    

in the modern Office.                                                                                  9

2.4       The Effects of Technology as it affects the Secretary in                     

 the Banking Sector.                                                                                    9

2.4.1   The Functions of a Confidential Secretary                                             10

2.5       Office Communication                                                                                10 

2.5.1   Telephone                                                                                                     11

2.5.2   Telex                                                                                                              12 

2.5.3   Facsimile Telegraphy                                                                                  13

2.5.4   Computer                                                                                                      13 

2.6       Implication of modern technology on Banking Setup                           14

2.6.1   Postal Service and Electronic Mail                                                           14

2.6.2   Typewriter and word processor                                                                 15

2.6.3   Carbon Copy and Photocopy                                                                    15

2.6.4   Telephone and Global System Mobile Communication                                   15

2.6.5   Meeting and Teleconferencing and Video conferencing                    15



3.0         Methodology and procedure                                                                      16

3.1       Method used in collecting data                                                                 16

3.2       Population                                                                                                    17

3.3       Sampling Method                                                                                        17

3.4       Data Analysis                                                                                               17


4.0         Data Analysis                                                                                               18

4.1       Research Question                                                                                     19



5.0         Summary of Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations              25

5.1       Summary of Findings                                                                                 25

5.2       Conclusion and summary                                                                          25

5.3       Recommendations                                                                                      26

            References                                                                                                   27

            Appendix                                                                                                       28          






1.0         Introduction

The term technology has almost taken over all the affairs of the present world, meaning that it is widely used to imply the development of control system which has been able to establish it self because of innovations in science, engineering, medicine and the banking sector is not left. Modern technology ability deals with information in one form or another. Trends have been towards using ways of interconnecting the various equipment as to integrate their function and to manage them more effectively.

The gadgets used by the secretaries in the banking sector namely the computer, electric typewriter. Pin trays, machine, duplicating machine, photocopying machine, perforating machine, calculator, file cabinet, telephone, and so on technological innovations in the office.

There is no doubt that technology has come to improve almost all human endeavour. Its impact has been felt in Engineering firms, manufacturers, banks, marketing firms, research institutes, educational institutions in the newspaper industry and even in the catering services. Our area of concentration is secretarial studies, technology has intruded into secretarial profession in a little way, and the intuition was quantitative but substantial.

In the early days of the secretarial profession before the typewriter was introduced, most banker’s secretaries were men. Men were reluctant to be trained in the use of the machine and because women were willing to be trained they began to gain access top the profession. The machine was then the only machine that improved hand written documents.

The purpose of modern technology is to help employers and organizations gather information, store them, manipulate them, and produce them. Solution needed to solve the problems of everyday office life. In business world the trend has been towards reducing or eliminating human mental and manual process of information process and dissemination has given way to computer based information and decision support system. The introduction of modern technology has no doubt transformed the nature of administrative work of most organizations. The banking sector is no exception. In the past, the banker was expected to make copies of documents, take down needed data.

Today, all these have changed into what is now know as “PAPERLESS OFFICE” made possible by modern technology. Copies of documents no longer to be kept, as there are word processors and computers to prose, store and retrieve information without delay.

The secretary is now seen as the link between the organization and outside world and therefore is expected to contribute to the over all accomplishment of the organization goals. For these reasons employers is expected to posses complete mastery of banking skills.

Competency in word processing and data inputting operation, ability to assume responsibility without supervision, good display of initiative and decision taken within the scope of her authority all these require high level of training on the part of the secretaries in order to articulate in the skill.

Today, however, the improvement in technology has a great impact on the duties performed in the modern office. Manual machines had given way to electric office equipment. The technological advancement in the office equipment removes the scarcity of the manual ones in order to cope with the increase in the volume of business activities which require efficiency and speed in carrying them out and in turn this also has impacts in the entire setting of the office. In secretarial professionalism however, there has been of immense help to all and this is know as office automation. Office automation is defined as those aids used in an office to lessen the difficulties that our secretaries are facing and to perform their duties effectively towards the attainment of the organization goals. Automation also helps to create almost an ideal situation which gives the workers better environment and helps him to put more effort in the work to promote efficiency.

With the introduction of technology, put the secretaries are able to restructure their office through elimination of more monotous aspect of paper handling and filing. A new equipment and method make routine tasks easier and faster to do, and this makes office workers to have time in which to take on more challenging assignments. It is important to bear in mind however that no matter the degree of automation in office, the human functions would still be needed to carry out the programming of the sequence of events that would be performed in the automated office.

Generally the application of technological innovation to the solution of problems is perhaps the most important factor responsible for human progress. Advancement started when developed the art of technological innovations.

The present technological age makes life easy and more comfortable. This is possible by the use of scientific knowledge to produce these sophisticated machines which also speed up work and efficiency as compared with the ancient secretaries.


1.1         Background Information

Over the years, the function of the secretary revolved mainly around shorthand note making and transcription, general office work such as clerical duties, receiving visitors and booking appointments on behalf of the boss, handling official and personal mails, supervising junior staff, etc. with the advent of office technology most of those function were computerized, demanding extra responsibilities, skills and competence on word processing. In the present day, job opportunism demands for skills and proficiency in the use of computer word processor. General complaints by companies and business houses, as well as researchers on job effectiveness of secretaries reveal that most of the products at various secretarial departments in our higher institution do not posses the practical experience of .electronic gadgets used by secretaries in modern office and so cannot meet the job demand of industries. Most of these graduates according to Okoye (1992) “put the blames on the institutions where they were trained for poor preparation against the job they are meant to perform after graduation”


1.2         Statement of the Problem

There has been general complaint by organization of government and non-government organizations about the job effectiveness of secretaries; Okoye (1992) “reveals that most of the graduates of secretarial departments in our higher institutions do not possess the ability to manipulate electronic gadgets needed by them, in the offices”. Unless they are trained in the used of offices machines they cannot function effectively in the office.

The project is therefore set out to identify the implication of modem technology on secretarial profession in banking sector to examine the ad equally refraining programs for secretaries and to look in to the available human and mental resources of the bank in meeting the training needs of secretaries so as to cope with the challenges of technology in a modem office.


1.3       Objective of the Study

            The objective of the study is to determine the implication of Information and Communication Technology on the confidential secretarial in the new millennium and also to know all the training need for them to be able to operate perfectly the modem technology need to the banks.


1.4       Significance of the Study

            The study will identify and bring to lime light the lapses in secretarial training programme in the secretarial department of ECO Bank so as to modify, change and improve the training requirements of secretaries with a view to give them adequate preparation for the challenges of Information and Communication Technology on confidential secretarial performance.

            Perhaps of utmost academic importance is that this study will be a spring board for other researchers who may be interested in exploring other areas related to this topic.


1.5       Research Questions  

            The research questions are listed below  

1.         Are there sufficient resources for effective implementation of Information and Communication Technology for secretaries in the banking sector?

2.         Are there current training programs in higher institutions on Information and Communication Technology for secretarial to meet the technological demands in banks?

3.         What are the implications of office technology in banking operation?

4.         What are the challenges in implementing Information and Communication Technology in the banking sector?                                                     


1.6       Scope of the Study

            This study was delimited to the implication of Information and Communication Technology on secretarial practice in the banking sector, using secretarial department of Eco bank, Lagos as a case study.


1.7       Limitations

            The researcher would have loved to make extensive study of various institutions of higher learning but due to time and financial constraints coupled with the short duration of the second semester the study is restricted to, Eco bank Lagos.


1.8       Definition of Terms

Office Technology: office machines devise and electronic gadgets funds in banks for process or information.

Reprography: Method reproducing copies or documents.

Main Folding: Making copies of documents by means or carbon.

Fax Facsimile: A method of transmitting information form one locality to another.

Automated Paperless Office: A business office with modern equipment for processing and transmission of information.

Skills: Ability to perform tasks expertly.

Learning Experience: Subjects skills that learners are expected to learn during an educational process.

Human Resources: Used in the context of the paper to mean “working staff”.

E- mall: This is otherwise known as electronic mail. It is means of sending and receiving mails and message through the computer. It is electronics postal serves.

Internet: Is the shortened form of international network. Internet is the largest computer network that is global network made up of millions of smaller computers that facilitate the passing of information by their linking together.

Confidential Secretary: Is a person employed on confidential matter.

Material and Resources: Teaching facilities infrastructure and equipment.    

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