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This study examined the effect of information technology on entrepreneurship opportunities in secretarial practice. (A case study of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree) it was to find out the impact of information technology on the employment of graduate secretaries. The frame work for data collection for this research work was built on two research question (i) Does information technology competence enhance the possibility of setting up secretarial educational centres by secretarial professional. (ii) Does information technology competence enhance possibility of establishing computer business centres by secretarial professional? The population of the study comprise 12 lecturers from the Department of office technology and management, Osun state polytechnic, Iree.



Title Page                                                                                                      i

Certification                                                                                                  ii

Dedication                                                                                                     iii

Abstract                                                                                                          iv

Acknowledgment                                                                                         v

Table of Content     


1.0       Background Information                                                                 1

1.1       Introduction                                                                                       1

1.2       Significance of the Study                                                               1

1.3       Scope of the Study                                                                          2

1.4       Limitation of the Study                                                                    2

1.5       Statements of the Study                                                                 3

1.6       Research Question                                                                                     3

1.7       Purpose of the Study                                                                      4

1.8       Definition of terms                                                                           5



2.0       Literature review                                                                              6

2.1       What is Organization                                                                      6

2.2       Who is a secretary                                                                           7

2.3       Entrepreneurship                                                                            8

2.4       Information                                                                                        9

2.5       Effect of information Technology on a secretaries

Productivities                                                                                                10

2.6       Training                                                                                             12



3.0       Introduction                                                                                       14

3.1       Population and Sample of the Study                                           14

3.2       Research Instrument                                                                      14

3.3       Validity/reliability of the instrument                                              14

3.4       Method of Data Collection                                                             15

3.5       Method of Data analysis                                                                 15



4.0       Introduction                                                                                       16

4.1       Analysis of Bio-Data                                                                       16

4.1       Analysis of Research Question                                                    16



5.0       Introduction                                                                                       19

5.1       Restatement of the Problem                                                          19

5.2       Summary of Findings and Discussion                                        19

5.3       Conclusion                                                                                       21

5.4       Recommendation                                                                            22

5.5       Suggestion for Further Study                                                        22







1.0       Introduction

Different schools of thought give different opinion on the introduction of information technology into the society. While some whole- heatedly embrace it, others are rejecting it with act part having its supporting reasons.

Today computer as well as other technological implements plays a very important role in the effective discharge of business function. Information is required for running a business effectively.

Most information required for all management purposes are either available in a form or raw data. Interestingly computer for instance can now process data faster, cheaper and more accurately than any human being. Apart from business organizations, the areas of computer application have grown in importance comprising sectors of the economy such as government ministries and parastatals, the petroleum industry the educational institutions and of course the banking industry.

The increasingly complex nature of these modern organizations has accelerated demand so seriously that manual processing has become grossly out dated and inadequate to meet information requirement in terms of accuracy, responsiveness, security, reliability and flexibility.

A secretarial course is incomplete today without which modern information technology equipment revolutionaries businesses have.

The study will also discuss the training needed by the secretaries in order to efficiently handle these modern information technology equipment and the new job opportunities awaiting them in the organization at the present time.


1.1       Significance of the Study

This study seeks to explain the effect of information on entrepreneurship opportunities in secretarial practice. The researcher seeks to throw new light on the best suitable information technology system available for a secretary’s efficiency in an organization, the training needed by the secretaries in order to efficiently handle these machines and new job opportunities awaiting the secretaries in the organization. This will help both management and the secretaries to determine the best modern information technology.


1.2       Scope of the Study

The scope of the study will be restricted to the effect of information technology on entrepreneurship opportunities in secretarial practice, (therefore the findings would be relevant to Osun State Polytechnic, Iree which is the case study).


1.3       Limitation of the Study

Due to time and financial constraints coupled with the various risks involved in running helter-skelter to source for materials and facts needed for this project the choice of organization to be considered the knowledge of information technology. The introduction of information technology into the secretarial profession is to enhance productivity. This has necessitated training, retraining and development of the secretary on the uses of the modern equipment on information in order to equip her for the challenges of the modern day; organizational role in the information technology in any organization cannot be over emphasized

The introduction of modern information technology system into the secretarial profession has however created a visible gap between the modern secretary and the traditional secretary who is suddenly challenged by the need to use hitherto information machines.

The promise that confidential secretaries can play more management can be greatly boosted through this emerging technological development. As organization continues to acquire modern information system, it must be understand the effective utilization of those technological aids can be realized only if secretaries posses the necessary operational knowledge, and also display a good attitude to work.

In modern day where employment is not forth coming the only antidote is to train the product of tertiary institutions, particularly the polytechnic and colleges of technology to be self-reliant.

Entrepreneurship which aims at equipping graduate secretaries and preparing them to be self employed in the face of massive unemployment trailing our graduates today.

The faces of the present study are to examine the effect of information technology on entrepreneurship opportunities in secretarial practice.


1.4       Statement of the Problem

The advent of information technology has led to the fear that office workers will soon lose their jobs to automation. Indeed Lawal (2004) has confirmed that clerical work is being rapidly lost in banks and other institutions. This has resulted in considerable anxiety among secretarial students and personnel. The project is designed to address the concerns by providing answers to the following questions.

1.            Has the advent of information technology impacted on employment opportunities for secretarial practitioners?

2.            What impact has information technology had a self employment of graduate secretaries?

3.            Does the training currently being obtained by secretaries prepare students adequately in terms of both entrepreneurial and information technology skills?

4.            Is there any significant difference in extra salary income for those graduate secretaries with information technology competence and those without?


1.5       Research Question

1.         Does information Technology Competence enhance the possibility of selling up secretarial educational centres by secretarial professional.

2.         Dose information technology competence enhance possibility of establishing computer business centre by secretarial professional.     


1.6       Purpose of the Study.

The main purpose of this study is to ascertain the role played by the modern information system ion the performance of a secretary in an organization.



1.7       Definition of Terms

On the Job Training: This means giving the trainees an opportunity to practice the job under intensive supervision until he is skilled enough to work satisfactory under a normal degree of supervision.


Technology: This is a scientific knowledge use din practical ways in industry.


Entrepreneur: This is a person who makes money by starting or running a business, especially when this involves taking financial risks.


Secretary: A person who undertakes office secretarial function.


Office: This is a place where clerical works are performed. It serves as the place for receiving, recording, arranging, preparing and sending information.


Information: This is the fact or details about something or somebody.


Modern Equipment: This is the equipment that is manufactured recently and still very much in use.


Efficiency: The capability of performing a job well.

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