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Motivation is what serves as an incentive towards greater productivity which thereby increases or enhances job performance of employee. Thus is done to know whether the staff of Guinness Nigeria Plc Benin City are duly motivated, the mode of motivation given enhances the rate of which the employee perform their duties. A total of 80 respondents returned the questionnaire given to them. The data were analyzed and tested with the chi-square method. Based on the finding and some other ones, the researcher hereby recommends that the organization and other related organization should study their workers to know what motivates them to work.




Title page

Certification         ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ----     ---      ---                i

Dedication ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ----     ---      ---                ii

Acknowledgement         ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                iii

Table of Contents          ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                iv

Abstract      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ----     ---      ---                vii


1.1            Background to the Study        ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                1       

1.2            Statement of the Problem        ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                3

1.3            Research Questions       ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                4       

1.4            Objective of the Study---         ---      ---      ---      ----     ---                5       

1.5            Statement of Hypotheses  ---   ---      ---      ---      ---                5

1.6            Scope of the Study---     ---      ---      ---      ----     ---                6

1.7            Significances of the Study---    ---      ---      ---      ---                6

1.8            Limitation of the Study---        ---      ---      ----     ---                6

1.9            Operational Definitions of Terms --- ---      ---      ---                7


2.1     Motivation ----     ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                8

2.2     Basic Proceeding of Work Study---   ---      ---      ---                16

2.3     Some Theories  of Motivation          ---      ---      ---      ---                19


3.1     Research Design ---        ---      ---      ---      ----     ---                32

3.2     Population of the Study ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                32

3.3     Sample and Sampling Technique --- ---      ---      ---                32

3.4     Instrumentation ---                  ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                33

3.5     Method of Data Collection --- ---      ---      ---      ----              34

3.6     Method of Data Analysis ---    ---      ---      ---      ---                34


4.1     Data Presentation ---     ---      ---      ---      ----     ---                35

4.2     Test of  Hypotheses ---  ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                37

4.3     Discussion of Findings ---       ---      ---      ---      ---                47


5.1     Summary ---                  ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                49

5.2     Conclusion ---                ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                51

5.3     Recommendations ---     ---      ---      ---      ---      ---                51









1.1            Background to the Study

An understanding of two motives which inspire men to work is essential for good management. The objective of an organization and those of it employee need to be harmonized so that they both arrive at a common goal. This is known as principle of harmony of objectives.

There are various reason why an employee take to his job, some may be simply to get all that he can from the job, this depend on his needs and therefore they do not have the same motive.

Some incompetent workers are quite content to be in routine positions where as others that are competent would which to be promoted to the desire for financial reward is very strong in some workers while some that are indifferent wish only to earn enough to provide the basic need like food, clothing and housing.

To appreciate man’s basic need, a knowledge of industrial psychology might be necessary and those are security: although fear of being out of job may not be relevant to employee who have never expected a depression, yet there is still a certain anxiety such as fear of arrow, loss of job, reduction in a bonuses, take over mergers, redundancy and similar factors, all of these contribute towards a feeling of uncertainty.

Status: At first, it was recognized by churches and military and government centuries ago, industry has come to see status as a motivator only in recent year, it include titles, promotion and such symbols as offices size and an executive secretary, a company car, club membership, washing machine, television and other indication of material wealth. If work is the means of achieving all these, it is then necessary to assume greater responsibility which may also mean obtaining status in the job.

                   i.            Creative Ability: Most human being pride themselves in being creative, this is ability to paint, play game, etc. if the desire for creative thinking can be applied to the job, the individual worker and the organization will benefit.

                 ii.            Development: Acquiring knowledge and skill is a basic requirement of various stages including on-the-job-training which motivate the workers.

              iii.            Acceptability and Recognition: Being accepted within a society is very important, an individual want to feel that he belong to a particular form of club and social group within a business.

All the above and more basic needs have to be satisfied or else frustration will sent in, in extreme cases, these could head to a revolt against society by committing crimes. Skillful management means making the most of these requirements for each employee and harassing them so that they result in greater productivity and efficiency.

The concept of job performance itself is very common among the industrialist, as it is an indicator of economic progress, while an economic resource are used in the progress or work job performance. Job performance is related to individual’s ability to work in order to valance productivity. Researchers have shown that there is a relationship between job performance, output level and motivation.

According to Maslow (1970), motivation simply means those elements that influence work performance in an organization and these elements according to him include: financial reward job securities etc.

Therefore, the relationship between job performances and motivation cannot be disputed. In this time of global economic progression, there is imperative need to increase the level of job performance and one way of doing this is through adequate motivation of the work force.

1.2            Statement of the Problem

There has always been a contention among employee in the traditional school of thought that financial reward is all that employee want and there is no limit as to show money can be used to motivate workers problem which the researcher proposes to the study and find answer to are:

                   i.            Production and General Welfare of the Staff: It is meant to see whether promotion is an incentive for motivation and also seeing to the well being of the employee of the company can provide or serve as a motivator for enhancement of job performance or productivity.

                 ii.            Training and Development of Human Resources in the Company: This is to see whether the training given to employees can serve as incentive or motivator. The knowledge obtained from the training can develop human skill and resources of the company and thereby improve job performance.

              iii.            Suspension and Abandonment of Duty in the Company: To see what it does to productivity and what brings about suspension and abandonment of duty whether it is due to lack of motivation or irresponsibility.

1.3            Research Questions

The following are the research questions:

1                   Does leadership style of a boss influence the productivity of the workers?

2                   Does leadership style of a boss affect his/her productivity of workers?

3                   Does workers perception of the organization reward system affect his productivity?

4                   Does workers perception of the reward system of other affect his/her productivity?

1.4            Objectives of the Study

The purpose of the study of this project is to find out the effect of motivation on job performance of staff of Guinness Nigeria Plc Benin City, particularly the effect of remuneration, job expectancy, job satisfaction and job security on the productivity of the staff. The purpose of the study is to find answer to the following questions:

1                   Does money motivate?

2                   If so what s the limit to the motivational value of money?

3                   It not is it possible to determine the upper limit of motivational value of money.

1.5            Statement of Hypotheses

For the purpose of this study, the following working hypotheses are thereby stated:

(1)           Motivation of staff enhances the job in Guinness Nigeria Plc.

(2)           That motivation of the work force leads to low rate of absenteeism, labour turnover and abandonment of duty.

(3)            Motivation of worker encourages harmony among workers which cannot lead to high job performance.

1.6            Scope of the Study

This study will be limited to employees of Guinness Nigeria Plc, Benin City were people will be chosen from each department for the interview. The study shall be conducted by studying the various means of motivating workers especially the impact of motivating of employees job performance seen as a constraint is the uncooperative attitude of some of the staffs in supplying required information.

1.7            Significance of the Study

The issue of motivation is central to improvement of workers productivity and goal achievement in the organization. Therefore, the finding and recommendations of this study will aid organization especially the Nigeria Bottling Company Plc to improve on workers’ productivity through the right incentives to ensure the achievement of the organization objectives. The study will also be of immense importance to anyone who is interested in the motivation of workers in their work place.

1.8            Limitation of the Study

In the course of writing and researching this project work, among several limitations encountered is:

The task of combining the normal academic load with the research work was also a problem in the course of writing the project poor responses on the part of the employees of Guinness Nigeria Plc Benin City principally because of fear of loss of the job.

1.9            Operational Definitions of Terms

The terms were used in the study are defined below to enable the readers have a true picture of the research findings:  

Task: A distinct work activity which has an identifiable beginning and end.

Job: One or more position within an organization e.g. three mail clerk have the same job but different pay roll positions.

Job Analysis: A systematic investigation into the task, duties and responsibilities or a job.

Job Specification: The minimum skills education and experience necessary for an individual to perform a job.

Job Evaluation: This determination of the worth of job to an organization.

Performance: Output actually made or produced.

Performance Appraisal: A systematic way of comparing the output produced by an employee with the standard set for him to produce.

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