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This research work examined the effect of examination malpractice and the causes of exam malpractice, exam is one of the crucial aspects of testifying the intelligibility of student based on academic pattern, therefore, there are some aspect which causes exam malpractice which are corruption, lack of good background, fair of failure, setting question beyond the knowledge of students. Prevention is said to better than fair it is therefore pertaining for the authority in charge both internal and external examination to find out the effect of and prevention or minimize these problem examination officials should be extra vigilant and the close monitor graduate or students in the hall   during examination. There are so many ways of managing examination malpractice; it affects not only students or teachers but the system in general, it is critical to stop it from spreading. The conseque POLYTECHNIC can be horrible but there are some among the ways of managing it. Examination malpractice in other hand is define as any irregular behavior exhibited by candidate or anybody charged with the before during or after such examination, it refers to the illegal way of doing exam. The main focus of framework of this research is to find out the causes, effect, solutions to examination mal practice in tertiary institution.


Tittle page i
Approval page ii
Declaration page iii
Certification iv
Dedication v
Acknowledgement vi
Table of contents vii
List of tables, figures, diagrams, charts viii
Abstract ix

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction
1.1Background of the Study 3
1.2 Statement of the Problem 5
1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study 5
1.4 Research Hypothesis 6
1.5 Significance of the Study 6
1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study 7
1.7 Historical Background of the Study Area 7
1.8 Definition of the Terms 8
1.9 Plan of the Study/Outline of Chapters 9

CHAPTER TWO: Literature Review and Theoretical Frame Work
2.1 Introduction 12
2.2 Remote Causes 13
2.3 Negative Consequences 14
2.4 Preventive Measure for Examination Malpractice 15
2.5Theoretical Frame Work 15
2.6 ways of managing examination malpractice 16
2.7 theoretical framework 17
2.7.1 Classical Test Theory 18

Chapter Three: Research Methodology
3.1 Introduction 20
3.2 Research Design 20
3.3 Population of the Study 20
3.4 Sample Size 20
3.5 Sampling Techniques 20
3.6 Method of Data Collection 21
3.7 Research Instrument 21
3.8 Method of Data Analysis 21

Chapter Four: Data Presentation and Analysis
4.1 Introduction 22
4.2 Demographic Data of the respondents 22
4.3 Responses presentation and Analysis 23

Chapter Five: Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1 Summary 32
5.2 Conclusion 32
5.3 Recommendation 33
Bibliography 34
Appendix (Questionnaire Design)

Table 4.2.1: Sex distribution of respondents --------------------------------------------23
Table 4.2.2: Age distribution of respondents--------------------------------------------23
Table 4.2.3: Marital status of respondents ----------------------------------------------24
Table 4.2.4: Educational attainments of respondents ----------------------------------24
Table 4.2.5: Occupational of respondents -----------------------------------------------24
Table 4.3.1: Examination malpractice discourage hardworking of students.       25
Table 4.3.2: Some students indulge in examination malpractice as a result of fear of failure.       26
Table 4.3.3: Over emphasis on paper qualification should be reduce.       26
Table 4.3.4: Some student engaged in examination malpractice manifestation intellectual dishonesty.       27
Table 4.3.5: There should be leadership by example       27
Table 4.3.6: Some student discourages hardworking.      28
Table 4.3.7: Some student indulges examination malpractice as a result of psychological factors such as fear of failure.       28
Table 4.3.8: Over emphasis on paper qualification should be reduced.       29
Table 4.3.9: There should be leadership by examples.       29


The problem of examination mal practice existed since colonial period. This is the tendency to the cheating and the form of dishonesty to existence of making. From creation, this problem is always very glorying in the human existence  where composition is normally being, however in schools where there is spirit of composition. In other hand examination mal practice would be first record incidence  of examination.
Ahmed (1997) confirms that further regulations the public examination occurred in 1970-1974-1977, and 1984. This made the federal government of Nigeria to set up the alexander and Segbedan and Oyo tribunal. The tribunal stagnated to leakage similarly, eventually promulgated to check mate preparing in 1991 university of Calabar expelled 24 students over this phenomenon. A female student who wrote examination for her mother in Benin university and she was expelled. Between 1995 and 1996,1997.23 students were expelled from the university of Sokoto too and other university as we as tertiary institution in various states across Nigerian.

1.1.1 Types of Examination Malpractice 
According to ANCOPSS journal volume five 5,1998 the oldest and the commonest method known to almost every one going in to examination hall with already made answer and especially in the case of female students. These is also giraffe which is an animal that lives in forest, it has a long neck so students adopt his style be stretching their neck out to see what the next person setting closed to them is writing.
Prepared predicated answer to respected question for transferring in to the scripts.
Having other or more advance   students to write then examination for them.
Aiding students to substitute their answer scripts will better once after the examination (charge of booklet sheet).
Coding lecture point in micro-computer and de-cording and re-celling them for use in examination hall.
Saving points or answers sheets in global system mobile (G.S.M) and texts them on back on a paper or scripts.

Examination malpractice has for long been behavioral problem in the Nigeria educational system examination malpractice, has its dangerous trends on the danger.
Suleiman (2018) revels that such malpractice has become so much deep in students and the educational system that the culprits are often ready to deal with anybody or groups that will stand between the malpractices.
This research looked at those problems to trace the causes of examination malpractice in higher institution. The educational has assessed that if not checked and eradicated examination malpractice new million could jeopardize man power development in fact this researcher would also like to share the view and submit that such malpractice and render a back future for Nigeria as the over effect could spread to both the economic development and the security of nation without controversy. However, it is highly believable that the study of an examination malpractice will no doubt go long way of review the long digress students behavior obtainable on our composes.

The following are objective of the study research which includes.
(1) To find out the pattern of examination malpractice
(2) To find out the causes of examination malpractice
(3) To find out the effect of examination malpractice 
(4) To make suggestions and recommendations on the examination malpractice

This is the   most important terms in every research that would be reliable and verifiable. The following are research hypothesis which include;
HO= That fear of failure to prepare can lead to examination malpractice.
 Hi= That fear of failure to prepare does not lead to examination malpractice.
Ho= Too much emphasis on paper qualification can also lead to examination
Hi= Too much emphasis on paper qualification cannot lead to the examination malpractice.

The significance  of the study is the change the maximum and rehabilitate students on the right causes.
This study is esteemed to forward a sustainable solution and to lead a helping hand in offering solution to examination malpractice. It’s also an attempt to have a foresight in the future in order to avoid having graduate who will be major policy makers the bright fortune of our great Nation.
Additionally, this topic of research is to lectures the process whereby the student used in malpractice during examination and to provide the possible ways that will amount the problems of examination malpractice of students in higher institution and different level of education.

The scope is to seek data regarding the effect of examination malpractice on academic performance of student (As a case study of Jigawa State Polytechnic Dutse)
The obstacle is the limited time of the study and financial support as well as the transportation problems.

It may interest the reader to known that the great jigawa state polytechnic, started from very humble beginning in the creation of jigawa state on the 27th August 1991 from old kano state, the jigawa state polytechnic was established in December, 1992 with central administration at Kazaure. The polytechnic consist of four colleges namely, college of business and management studies dutse, college of engineering and technology Kazaure, college agriculture hadejia and college of Islamic and legal studies ringim.
Later the state government  renamed the polytechnic after the late emir of Kazaure, alhaji Hussain Adamu in 2005, college of legal and Islamic studies ringim gained autonomy. Sequel to this development the polytechnic was left with three college, college of business and management studies dutse college of engineering and and technology Kazaure and college of agriculture hadejia in the year 2007 the federal government took over the then college of engineering and technology and the central administration as  Hussain Adamu federal polytechnic.
Consequence  upon this development, the college agriculture, hadejia was granted autonmy as a technical institution by the state government as such the state was left with only the college of business and management studies, dutse a situation which fall short of the national board for technical education (NBTE)  requirement of serence  art ratio of (70:30) for the establishment of a full fleadge polytechnic.
In view of the above therefore, the jigawa state government enacted a law for the establishment of the present polytechnic with three colleges namely colleg of business and management studies (CBMS) college engineering and environmental studies (CEES) and college of science   and technology (CST) with the central administration at Dutse. The institution has gradually expected over the years and graduated expanded in Various fields of human endavour.

1. Examination: can be seen as the systematic way of the content of a subject pupils or students have acquired after a given period of time by their teachers (salaam 2016).
Malpractice: is an improper, illegal or negligent professional behavior and it can be regarded as way (oxford dictionary 7the edition).
2. Examination malpractice: Is defined as any deliberate act of wrong doing, contrary to the rule of examination design to give a candidate an unfair advantages or able frequently to place a candidate at a disadvantage. (professor Dr Malami Umar Tambuwal).
3. Promulgation: To spread and idea for many people to benefit (oxford dictionary 8the edition).
4. Profession: A paid occupation especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification. (Dictionary, com).
5. Effect: A change which is a result or consequences of an action or other cause, or a result or change of something (Wikipedia, com.)
Academic: Pertaining to area of study that are not primary vocational or pure mathematics especially one for higher institution. (hard son 2017).
Oral examination: Is an examination one conducted through dialogue between candidate and the examiner (end ward 2015).
Practice examination: Is an examination that involves the evaluation of an individual performance   when he is confronted with concerted task, (Edward 2018) 

The main purpose of carrying out this researcher work (project) is to show how the project comprises only fives chapter which includes, chapter one deals with, introduction, background of the study, statement of the problem, aims and objectives, research hypotheses/research question, significance  of the study, historical background of the study, Definition of the terms concept pts, Plan of the study/outline chapters Reference, while chapter two deals with, literature review and theoretical frame work, introduction, conceptual framework/literature review, empirical literature, negative consequence, preventive measure for examination malpractice, ways of managing examination malpractice, Theoretical frame work, Classical test theory, Reference s. Chapter three which deals with research methodology, introduction, research design, population of the study, sample size, sampling techniques, method of data collection, research instrument, methods of data analysis, references. chapter four, data presentation and analysis, introduction, demographic data of the respondents, response presentation and analysis, references. Chapter five which deals with summary, conclusion, recommendations, Bibliography. Appendix, (questionnaire design) and also all chapters contains references.

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