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Background to the Study

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Research Questions

Research Hypotheses

Scope of the Study

Operational Definition of the Terms

Significance of the Study



2.1 Concept of information communication technology

2.2 Concept of Islamic studies

2.3 Qualities of a good Information Communication Technology

2.4 Relevance of Information Communication Technology to the teaching of Islamic in this modern generation

2.5 Role of I.C.T in teaching learning process

2.6 Appraisal of the literature review



3.1 Research Design

3.2 Population, Sample and Sampling Techniques

3.3 Instrumentation

3.4 Procedure for Data Collection

3.5 Data Analysis Techniques



4.1      Introduction

4.2     Hypotheses testing

4.3      Summary of Findings



Discussions of Findings



Limitations of the Study

Suggestion for further Studies









Background to the Study

           This research emerge as a result of the researcher’s observation on the use of information communication technology in teaching Islamic studies in upper basics schools. The scope of the subject is very wide to be covered within the period of classroom lessons which needs the use of computer in order to have adequate knowledge about the content by the students.

           Information Communication Technology has affect every aspect of human activity and has a vital role to play in education. This helps in promoting opportunity of knowledge sharing throughout the globe. Information communication technology reflects revolve three technology; digital computing, data storage and ability to transmit digital signal through telecommunication network. These can help the teachers and students to have up-to-date information and knowledge about Islam. The use of Information technology in the teaching of Islamic studies is very important so that the material taught becomes more understandable and presentable for the student to gain more experience as well as to enable them to make use of information easily.

           Information technologies according to Haaq (1998) are set of tools that can help provide the right people the right information at the right time students are independent and they can make best decision possible about their studies, learning time, place and resources.

           Branson (1991) in his own contribution, stated that student learn not only by the teacher and by interacting with one another. Indeed, students can learn much more than their teacher teaches in conventional learning environments for productive teaching learning process, teachers and students have to use information technologies according to their requirement and availability.

           The sources of knowledge, according to the Islamic studies as defined by the Islamization of knowledge (2010) includes all the traditional forms of religious though such as Kalam (Islamic technology) and fiqh (Islam Jurisprudence) and also as simulates fields generally considered to be secular in the west, such as Islamic science and Islamic economics.

           According to Waliyi (2012) quoting Wishart (1999) one of the key motivating factors of information communication technology is its ability to provide appropriate challenges for pupils in all abilities. The growth of information in Arabic and Islamic studies make it necessary to embrace information communication technology resources to enable them acquire current and wider knowledge in these are of teaching. A few primary and secondary schools in plateau state have computer but are not necessarily using them to teach Arabic and Islamic studies. In addition there are some schools in Asa Local Government of Kwara State, that have computer but they are not using them for teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in upper basic schools. Even many schools in Nigeria as a whole are yet to embrace the use of computer for teaching and learning.

           Therefore, the need was view to look into the relevance of information communication technology on the teaching of Islamic studies in the twenty-first century in our upper basic schools. So, this will enable the teacher and student of Islamic studies to up-date their knowledge adequately about them.

Statement of the Problem

           It is the duty of Islamic teachers to impact knowledge that does not conflict with the teaching of Islam. Many Islamic scholars absolutely object to the idea of using modern technology in fear of its adverse effects to the Muslim populace. Abubakar (2009) identifies a suraliket website which produce four fabricate. Suwer in Arabic, English and transliterate formats entitle surah-at-Iman, surah at-Tajassud, surah Al-Muslimon and surah al-wasiya where verse inimical to Islamic teachings were display. In addition, Oladimeji (2009) also identified some websites which disseminates using information about Islam. Such, and;, which he classifies among websites develop to disseminate Islamic knowledge. However, it will be short sight of Islamic scholars to close their eyes at the usefulness of the medium to the teaching of Islamic studies especially in upper basic schools.

           Therefore, according to Oloyede (2004), suggests that many fundamental adjustment need to be effect in the content and methodology of the discipline of Islamic studies in the light of constant changing challenges pose by materialism, secularism and exploitation which are the irresistible instrument for the domination of contemporary world. In the light of this, teachers of Islamic studies are expect to be abreast of the modern technological advancement so that their method of teaching are improve upon.

           In this regard some challenges of Islamic studies in the contemporary information and communication technology are hereby considered. Hence, the concern of this study is to examine and make an investigation on the relevance of information communication technology on teaching Islamic in upper basic school in Asa Local Government Area.

           The target (issues concern) of the researcher are itemize as follow:-

i.                 What are the effects of Information Communication Technology on the teaching of Islamic in upper basic school?

ii.               What is the  mode  of teaching Islamic in upper basic schools

iii.            What is the status of the use of Information Communication Technology in the field reach of Islamic?

iv.             Of what condition of the teaching Islamic in upper Basic school?

Purpose of the Study

            The knowledge of Islamic studies is wide to be cover within the period of classroom lesson. These bound can be extended to cover all areas of the subjects using modern technologies to meet and facilitate the interest (i.e stimulate), and curiosities of students and also, studies show that teachers do have positive perceptions and attitudes about using Information Communication Technology in teaching.

            Hence to demonstrate that Muslim are not doing to read the book  of revelation only, the prophet consider knowledge as a stray camel of the Muslim which must be take whenever it is found. He also encourage them to extend the scope of their knowledge by seeking knowledge even if it will take them  to  china was  a far place to Arabian land that it cannot be reach easily by them. A fast means of reading china of be young now is through the use of modern information, communication and technologies and form which knowledge can be seek thus, the problem of seeking knowledge  form  far distance are take care of by the modern Information Communication Technology.

            In essence, the research aims at surveying the relevance of Information Communication Technology to teaching Islamic study in this generation on and in selected upper basic school in Asa Local Government Area. Also, to know the view and general opinion of the teachers and students about the use of Information Communication Technology on the teaching of Islamic in upper basic schools.

Research Questions

            The below are the research questions for the study.

1.        Does Information Communication Technology has relevant on the teaching of Islamic study in upper basic school?

2.        Does Information Communication Technology provides individualize instruction on Islamic study?

3.        Does Information Communication Technology encourage self learning skills by students on their pace and time?

4.        Is it true that Information Communication Technology promotes the teaching of Islamic study?

5.        Does Information Communication Technology assists Islamic students to widen their knowledge?

6.        Does Information Communication Technology enhance the teaching and learning process?

7.        Does Information Communication Technology guides and assists students in searching for quantitative materials?

8.        Has Information Communication Technology develops enquiry learning habits?

9.        Does Information Communication Technology solve the problems of study habits of the students?

10.      Does Information Communication Technology broads the knowledge of Islamic study students?

11.      Does Islamic study as a subject needs Information Communication Technology?





Research Hypotheses

           The following hypotheses are formulated to guide the study:

H01:   There is no significant relationship between the information communication and technology and teaching of Islamics in Upper Basic School.

H02:   There is no significant relationship between the information communication and technology and individualization on Islamic studies.

H03:   There is no significant relationship between the information communication and technology and self learning skills by Islamics students on their pace and time.

Scope of the Study

            The scope of the study

            The scope is the boundary set for the study therefore, in this work which is on the “Relevance of Information Communication Technology on the teaching of Islamic in the upper Basic school in selected secondary schools in Asa Local Government”. The main concern of the study is students in upper basic schools only in five selected schools. The researcher is limiting the scope to cover the area of the relevance of Information Communication Technology on the teaching of Islamic studies in the upper basic school; especially in this Modern Generation.

           The population for the study is all the upper basic schools students in Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State. The target population for the study would consists the students in upper basic of selected schools. The samples for the research are the S.S. I, S.S. II, S.S. III, students of the five schools mentioned below:

1.               Ansarul Islam College Laduba

2.               Community Secondary School, Ogbondoroko

3.               Government Secondary School, Afon

4.               Community Secondary School, Ogele

5.               Government Day Secondary School, Aboto Oja

Hence, the sampling techniques for the research is random in nature in the sense that fifteen students would be randomly selected from each schools, the total number of students expected to respond to questionnaire is seventy-five (75). “Yes” and “No” are written on papers and squeezed, the students are ask to pick one each, the students that picked “Yes” are the ones to be considered to fill the questionnaire. Also, three Islamic studies teachers are choose from each school of which one teacher is choose from each S.S. I, S.S II and S.S. III class. In order to seek their opinion on the research topic. 

Operational Definition of the Terms

Information: - This can be defined as a resource which has no value on till is extracts process and utilize.

Information Technology: - This refers to the gathering, creations processing, presentation, storage and dissemination of information and the processes, devices that enable all this to be doing.

Islamic Studies: -   This the subject which encompass the teaching of AL-Qur’an, Hadith (Prophet Muhammad” sayings and practices), fight (Islamic teaching), Tauhid (Belief in Allah), Islamic History, Tasauf (spiritual knowledge) and Amali (Islamic practices)

Islamic Studies: - Refers to all knowledge receive in line with Qur’anic injunction and other forms of Islamic teaching such as Hadith of the Holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), History of noble companion and the Righteous people that   worth of emulation

Teaching: - This can be defined as social function which involves the sharing of knowledge and experience between the teacher and individual who is intend to learn.

Teaching: -This is the act of imparting knowledge to learners through the interacting of both teachers and student with the use of effective Tools/Method.

Upper Basic School: -   this means senior secondary classes after three years in junior secondary education.

Significance of the Study

The out come of this research work is to reveal the usefulness and important of Information Communication Technology to the teaching of Islamic studies in upper basic school, which will enable the teachers an student of Islamic studies to know the fact and relevance of the Information Communication Technology to the teaching and learning of Islamic studies in this generation of ours.

Islamic teachers are Expect to undertake and embark formal acquisition and training in computer in order to ensure their efficiency and proficient in the use if Information Communication Technology. It will also serves as a teaching aids that help the teachers, composition, organization, presentation and save their time and stress.

Further more, the performance of student will be improve because they will find the subject more interesting and understanding and to gain more knowledge and experience.

The recommendations at the tail of the research (study) will help both teachers and students in teaching and learning of Islamic studies and students will perform move better in senior secondary school certificate examination (S.S.C.E) especially in Islamic studies, which is now compulsory subject for science students and other classes in upper basic schools.

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