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This project is to examine the “The Impact of Computer on Office Technology and Management”. This research was carried out using Osun State Polytechnic, Iree Department of Office Technology and Management HND II as the case study consisting twenty two (22) students. Research questions were formulated and the adoption of questionnaire was used in collecting data. Data collected were analyzed using simple mean method. It was discovered that computer have impact on office technology and management students in securing and maintaining good job. It was recommended that Office Technology and Management students must be trained on how to use computer.



Title page                                                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Abstract                                                                                                                      iv

Acknowledgment                                                                                                     v

Table of Content                                                                                                      vi



1.0       Introduction                                                                                                

1.1       Background of the Study                                                                           1

1.2       Statement of the Problem                                                                           2

1.3       Significance of the Study                                                                           2

1.4       Purpose of the Study                                                                                  2

1.5       Research Question                                                                                     2

1.6       Scope of the Study                                                                                      2

1.7       Limitation of the Study                                                                                3

1.8       Definition of Terms                                                                                      3



2.0              Review of Related Literature                                                                     4

2.1       Definition of the Word Computer                                                              5

2.2       Definition of the Word Secretary                                                               5

2.3       Types of Secretary                                                                                       6

2.4       An Office                                                                                                       6

2.5       Modern Office Technology                                                                        7

2.6       Modern Technological Equipment and machines in an Office.         8

2.7       Impact of Computers on Office Technology and Management           8



3.0         Research Methodology                                                                              10

3.1       Population sample of the Study                                                                10       

3.2       Method of Data Collected                                                                           10

3.3       Administration of Instruments                                                                   10

3.4       Method of Data Analysis                                                                            11

3.5       Decision Rule                                                                                              11



4.0         Analysis and interpretation of data                                                           12

4.1       Introduction                                                                                                   12

4.2       Bio Data of respondents                                                                             12

4.3       Analysis of data collected                                                                          14

4.4       Discussion                                                                                                    15



5.0         Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation                     16

5.1       Summary of findings and conclusion                                                      16       

5.2       Recommendation                                                                                        16

5.3       Suggestion for further studies                                                                   17


            Appendix I

            Appendix II




1.0       Background of the Study

            At this time, the advancement in office technology and management by computer had brought tremendous changes to the performance and development to office technology and management.  Computer can also be seen as a means of transmitting man’s knowledge of specific scientific law with the help of his/her skills into concrete object or thought in order to bring out changes in the global world.  A computer is a machine or tool which is capable of taking input data, storing the input data processing the input data to give output for human use.

            Also, there are computers and other office machine, that brings about effectiveness and efficiency to the works and deities of office technology and management e.g. E-mail facilities, shedder, and global system for mobile communication (GSM) note counter e.g. . . .

            Some office technology and management recently face drastic technology problem and changes revitalized their company.  Computer makes their work more admirable and enjoyable keeping in contact with changes, the recommendation of computer has brought civilization to the input and output of office technology and management. To be candid, the invention of computer has replace may concept in office technology and management and it has wonderfully develop the system of reprographic process and increase production of work in today’s office technology and management. 

            Therefore, computer has made it very easy for office technology and management to develop rapidly as a result of its arrival today.


1.1       Statement of the Problem

            Today we live in the computer age very little can be accomplished in this era without the use of computer. The use of computer on Office Technology and Management cannot be underestimated. A secretary trained with the antique manual typewriter may not be able to performed in the modern organization. That is why the researcher intend to discover what changes the introduction of the computer may bring into Office Technology and Management.


1.2       Significance of Study

            The importance of this research work is to enlighten the management of organizations on the need for computer for the advancement of office technology and management and all the users of computers e.g the workers, students and the secretaries.      


1.3       Purpose of the Study

i.      To determine the suitable of computer for effective and efficient performance in office technology and management in terms of productivity.

ii.     To determine the availability and adequacy of computer in office technology and management in terms of training.

iii.      To know how computer has developed office technology and management in terms of career opportunity.


1.4       Research Questions

i.   Does the computer have any significant  impact on office technology and management in terms of productivity of work.

ii.  Does computer have any significant impact on effectiveness of office technology and management in terms of training in office technology and management?

iii.  Does computer contribute to office technology and management in terms of career opportunity.


1.6       Scope of Study

            This research work is limited to the HND II Students of Office Technology and Management Department Osun State Polytechnic Iree.


1.7       Limitation of the Study

This research work was affected by shortage of funds, insufficient time and dearth of quality text books. However, in spite of these constraints, the research has been taken with sufficient thoroughness to ensure its validity.


1.8       Definition of Terms

Computer- This is an electronic machine use for storing, retrieving and processing of data 

Fax- Facsimile is the method of transmitting information from one locality to another.

Printer- This is a device that print soft copies from the computer to hard copy

Internet- Is the shortened form of networking multiple computers together in a network service.

Flash Drive- This is an external memory device use in saving data

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