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INTRODUCTION                                                                      1

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT                               2

MARKET CONSIDERATION                                                   3

MANAGEMENT                                                                       4

TECHNICAL CONSIDERATION                                              5

MARKET PLAN                                                                        6

RISK AND PROBLEMS                                                           7

FINANCIAL                                                                              8










This feasibility study is prepared for the establishment of (Muniru-Afeez and Akanji Entrepreneurship Services Limited). This is set up of business shall be incorporated is limited liability company with authorize capital of 20,000,000. Information was gather through some specific (FARM) with various segment of people when using (COOKING) such of people and other relevant organization to as certain the usually requirement for establishment of private business company.





The major investor in this project is (Muniru A.) who will be the chairman of (Muniru-Afeez and Akanji Entrepreneurship Services Limited) the management to be considered for the work process.


The following are objectives of the business

1.           To list for the people that are working with my company (Charcoal Entrepreneurship Services Limited) both within internal state.

2.           To promote our economy in Nigeria for dose who poor and some of people like to using charcoal instead of using kerosine or gas and using charcoal for cooking and some other things.

3.           Incede to travelers and carry charcoal for another state in Nigeria. Our (Muniru-Afeez and Akanji Entrepreneurship Services Limited) decide are made of charcoal.

4.           To improve the mind of travelers to another state to now to made charcoal in order to solving various problems encountered in our society. However, the people had enjoyed the best of their resources.


Also, the major objective is to inculcate/impart of the society, instead of using kerosine or gas to coursing people’s of money are better using (charcoal) mind both “here and there i.e. internal state”.

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