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A portable cold room storage was developed. The system was tested with different types of perishable crops under different temperatures. The system is made up of two units, one,the evaporating unit that is where the produce was stored; it is made up of steel material with 79mm by 45mm in length and breadth. While the second unit is the trolleys, the system consists of a control switch that is calibrated to suit any type of produce stored in the system. It contain a separate basement which consist of compress or, 1/6 cooling fan 1/6 connected together into the evaporating unit. This system was also constructed with lagging material which consists of A and B formula called polytherine. The ambient temperature was 35which have temperature range between30. The electricity power requires running the cold room storage system is 220 to 250v. Hence, the system is effective for the storage of perishables at favourable conditions for every home.












Title page





Table of contents


1.0       Need for cold storage of Agricultural Products                                             1

1.1       Definition of storage                                                                                       2

1.2       Flavour and Nutrition value of Agricultural products                                    2

1.3       Economics Important of cold Storage                                                            3

1.4       Objectives of the Project                                                                                4

1.5       The Scope of the Project                                                                                 4

1.6       Justification of the Project                                                                              4


2.0 Development of Cold Room Storage for Fruits and Vegetables                         5

2.1       Harvest, Handling and Transport of Fruits and Vegetables                           7

2.2.1    Harvesting Principle of Fruits and Vegetables                                               7

2.2.2    Handling of Fruits and Vegetables                                                                 7

2.2.3    Transport of Fruits and Vegetables                                                                8

2.3       Storage Guidelines for Food and Vegetable                                      8

2.4       Conditions of Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables                      9

2.5       Indoor Storage of Fruits and Vegetables                                           12

2.5.1 Temperature Management for Fruits and Vegetable                             13

2.5.2 Chilling Injury for Fruits and Vegetables                                              13

2.5.3 Freezing Injury for Fruits and Vegetables                                             14

2.5.4    Storage Mix for Fruits and Vegetables                                               14

2.5.5    Operation and Maintenance for Fruits and Vegetables                      15

2.6       Hygiene Procedure for Cold Storage Structures                                16

CHAPTER THREE            

Material and Method

3.1 Modified area on the cold storage                                                                        19

3.2 Description of the Cold Room Storage System.                                      20

3.3       Designed Consideration                                                                     23

3.3.1    Cold Storage system                                                                           23

3.3.3    Power Requirement for cold storage system                                      24

 3.3.2   Capacity of the storage system                                                           24

3.3.3    Power Requirement for cold storage system                                      24

3.4       Design Calculation and Analysis                                                        24

3.4.1 Capacity of the Cooling Chamber                                                         24

3.4.2    Heat transfer Analysis of the System                                                 25

3.5 Materials Selection Consideration                                                            26

3.5.1 Strength                                                                                                 27

3.5.2 Durability                                                                                               27

3.5.3 Rigidity                                                                                                  27

3.5.4 Thermal Properties                                                                                 27

3.5.5 Food safety                                                                                            27

3.5.6 Availability of Materials                                                                        28

3.5.7    Gas Selection                                                                                      28

3.6       Installation procedure and assemble                                                   28

3.6.1    Application of the Installation                                                            28

3.6.2    General Operation                                                                               29

3.7 Working Principle of Cold Storage System                                              30

3.8       Cost Analysis                                                                                      31

3.8       Cost Analysis                                                                                      33

3.8.1 Source of Material                                                                                 33

3.8.2 Sample Preparation                                                                                34

3.8.3 Experimental Procedure                                                                         34

3.8. Output Parameter                                                                                     34



4.1       Results                                                                                                37

4.2 Discussion                                                                                                 39

4.2.1 Discussion on Average Weight and temperature of samples both       

            in         cold storage and at ambient condition                                    39

4.2.2 Discussion on Physiological weight loss of samples                              40

4.2.3 Discussion on temperature against time interval in cold storage and   

            ambient condition                                                                               40



5.1       Conclusions                                                                                         46

5.2       Recommendation                                                                                47





1.1       Need for Cold Storage of Agricultural Products

The term ‘cold storage ’refers to the storing of agricultural products in a refrigerated atmosphere. This means adequate amount of heat is removed from the storage container or room to help keep the item in often food fresh to delivery, long or short term storage.

Cold storage help prevent spoilage of food and other items meat for consumption, and it can be used in a variety of other setting such as in hospitals, warehouses, and any where else that stores product  is in need of preservation .when transporting goods, refrigeration trucks are often used to keep items cold throughout the transportation process.

The room or compartment system in which items are stored for cold storage must be insulated properly for several reasons. The insulation helps maintain a particular temperature within the storage units. it help prevent cool air from escaping from the unit, which would  otherwise lead to higher refrigeration costs and energy waste, and it help prevent the temperature outside the storage unit infiltrating into the storage.

In many cases, the temperature within a cold storage unit can be manipulated by adjusting a thermostat, a cooling unit and packing procedures should facilitate easy cooling of products being transported. This method is commonly used to transport perishable foods, flowers meats, and even human organs intended for transport blood is also refrigerated during transport so it can be used later for blood transfusion.

Home refrigerators can be considered cold storage units as well .refrigerators are used to prolong the life of food to be eaten, and they prevent spoilage of perishable food ,in the past ;ice boxes were used instead to keep food cold, but this method was inefficient as regulating  the temperature of school structure was often difficult, some types of ship features cold storage units in which temperature can be regulated, in the past  fish that were cold were stored in container filled with ice, and the ship[would have to return to port before he ice could melt and allow the fish to spoil

1.2       Definition of Storage 

According to ajiboye [2007]define storage as the process of keeping parts of the crop produced during the season of abundant production to ensure its availability during the off production period.

Storage is the act of storing product for future use. And also storage can be defined as the maintenance or retention of retrievable data on a computer or refrigerator and other electronic system. Perhaps the most domestic’s item of food .storage is the fridge or freezer in which a wide variety of foodstuffs are contained and preserved throughout the use of low temperature. Storage is where products are being held safe and in good condition [farlex depart 2003-2012] .

1.3       Flavor and Nutrition Value of Agricultural Products

Freezing is one of the eldest and most widely used methods of food,-preservation of taste texture, and other method. Freezing also retains the quality of agricultural products, overlong storage products like fruits, vegetables and other nutrition properties, the process involves lowering the product temperature generally to 18.the physical, state of food materials is changed when energy is removed by cooling below freezing temperature, the extreme cold simply retards the growths o micro-organism and slow down the chemical changes that affect quality or cause food to spoil [fennema et al. 2010]

1.4       Economics Importance of Cold Storage

Cold storage are carefully designed to meet the clients need and purposes from project management to the final construction of the facility, every little details is taken care of until the whole facility is completed. Cold storage is actually know how much of the food we eat is kept fresh before, during and after transit without it, meats, fish, vegetables and fruits would spoil quite quickly.

Cold storage helps to prolong the shelf life of fresh goods they are also effective in reducing the amount of waste and lengthening the time fame per marketing these foods. It is importance to retain adequate circulation of the air within a store and around the produce to ensure efficient cooling.

The main important factor in cold storage is ambient temperature. as a rule the temperature in cold storage is higher than1-2,which is the freezing point temperature of stored fruits and vegetables .stored products must not be freezing n the cold storage [cemeroglu and acar 2009]ozkol[2008]reported that there is heat transfer  during the process. Tashtoush [2007] investigated process of heat and mass transfer during cold storage of fruits and vegetables and determined a mathematical model for presenting these processes. Equations are solved for different cold storage conditions.


1.5       Aims and Objectives of the Project

The objectives of the project are

i.            To construct a cold storage structure for perishable products

ii.            To fabricate .a cold storage structure for perishable products

iii.            To assemble and install a cold storage structure for perishable products

iv.            To develop a portable storage system for perishable products

v.            To evaluate the portable storage system using perishable products

1.6       The Scope of The Project

To further improve cold storage system interim of storing perishable products, its efficiency and capacity using local available material and at a affordable cost to the small scale farmers.

1.7       Justification of the Project

i.            A portable cold storage system reduce deterioration or spoilage of perishable products, during transportation to where its needed

ii.            Portable storage system helps in making of the produced available in every part and corners of the community.

iii.            Portable storage system helps the small scale farmers and traders of perishable products in terms of transportation cost.

iv.            It ensure good quality of the products

v.            The products are not exposed to chilling injury during transportation, marketing, distribution.

vi.            Portable storage system helps in maintaining high relative humidity of the produce to the final consumer of the produce.  

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