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  Profile page            

Executive Summary                                                                                                  1


1.0   Business Overview                                                                               

1.1  Description of the Business                                                                                 

1.2  Vision And Mission                                                                                                         

1.3  Business Objective                                                                                               

1.4  Critical Success Factor                                                                                         

1.5  Current Status Of Business         

1.6  Legal requirement                                                                                    

1.7  Contribution To Local Economy 

2.0 Marketing Plan                                                                                                  

2.1 Description of Product or Service

2.2  Description of Business Industry

2.3  Value proposition 

2.4  Target Market

2.5  Marketing Strategies

2.6  Promotion Strategy                                                                                              

2.7 Competitive Analysis       


3.0   Production/Operation Plan                                                                  

3.1 Description of Location                                                                                       

3.1  List of Consumables                                                                                                        

3.2  Production Equipment/Capital Expenses                                                                                    

3.3  Service Process and Techniques                                                                          

3.4  Pricing Strategy

3.5  Record /Stock control process                                                                                         

3.6  Pre-expansion Activities And Expenses

3.7   Operating Activities and Expenses                                                         

3.8  Milestones                        


4          Organisational And Management Plan                                                          

4.1  Ownership of The Business                                                                                 

4.2  Profile of The Promoter                                                                           

4.3  Details of Employee                                                                                            

4.4  Details of Salary Schedule


5          Financial Plan                                                                                  

5.1  Financial Assumptions                                                                                         

5.2  Expansion Capital Estimation                                                                              

5.3  Source of Capital/Funds                                                                                                  

5.4  Security For Loan

5.5  Loan details                                                                                                         


6         Business Risk And Mitigating Factor                                

6.1  Business Risk                                                                                                       

6.2  SWOT Analysis










Sales Forecast                                                                                                             I          

Operating Expenses                                                                                                    III

Profit And Loss Account                                                                                           IV

Cash Flow Plan                                                                                  




1.0                        BUSINESS OVERVIEW


The name of our Business is KEN- BISMARCK CONCEPT. We are located at suit 52 Damin Plaza, 42 Moshood  Abiola ,Way (Ring Road) Challenge Ibadan. We are specialized in the WASTE RECYCLING OF PET BOTTLES.

Our target markets are plastic manufacturing industries.

Our vision:

We want to become the leading firm in converting waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful materials and eradicate environmental pollution.

Our mission statement:

1.     To provide the hygienic environment for living and improve quality of life.

2.     To create more jobs for the unemployed masses and improve the standard of living

3.     Nigeria must be able to produce their daily needs without waiting for any foreign country substandard raw materials .in order to achieve this, we are going into mass production of pallets in replacement of imported Virgin materials.




The objective of this project according to is terms and reference, waste plastic recycling is to give someone the knowledge with specific dimension for establishing and initiating on different scenario that can be developed for companies/entrepreneur.

1. To apply knowledge and skills to develop those scenario and construct prospective strategies to proactively meet the challenges ahead. To understand the change needed inside processing of waste recycling also necessary evaluation of external relationship building new one to appreciate teamwork  as a powerful tool to construct successful strategies that keep entrepreneur ahead if the competitor.

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste of potential useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, air pollution by decreasing the for conventional and waste disposal. Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction. Learning the main process of waste plastic production will give strategic thinking; strengthen professional attitudes that mark out to let someone to stand on his/her own as an entrepreneur. The content of the project “waste plastic production will requires someone to identify the importance of linking performance measurement to the strategic objectives, enable the discussion of major problems facing when they are producing.

2. To achieve a sales turnover of 6million, a gross profit of 2.5 million and a net profit  after tax of  N 2million by our1st year of commencement of operation.

3. To open two more branches in Iwo road axis and Gbagi area within the first 2years of business


1. The technology to be use is locally available

2. We are working on the availability of the market already created by in affordable exchange rate of forex in the finance market, which is making the plastic industries looking in direction of locally made raw materials.

3. Though, the business is capital intensive because of the structure /machine electricity and technical staff. To take care of this, we are making consultation with our bankers for sufficient funds to accomplish the objective.


1. The business is a start –up, and yet to take off

2. The management is moving forward acquiring the vocational skill require for the business and presently attending entrepreneurship training for smooth commencement

3. We are in the process of acquiring plot of land for our factory location

4. We hope and believing God to commence operation before august 2016.  




Legal requirement


Details on frequency of payment and other information

Corporate Affair Commission CAC


Once throughout

Local Govt. Permit and Licensing


Once yearly

Association of Plastic Recycling of Nigeria

Yet to determined due to condition and stage of the business

Once Yearly

  Federal Inland Revenue



Once Yearly


1.7  Contribution to Local and National Economy

a.     Promoter: This lucrative business is going to be a great source of income for both the owner and the entire employee.

b.     The business is going to reduce drastically the level of unemployment in the society through the engagement of all level of labor-scavengers, unskilled laborers, technicians and management staff.

c.      Community: there will be a decline in the rate of youth restiveness in the community as the youths will be gainfully employed.

d.     Government: the government is not left –out both local, state and federal government will generate revenue to fund other projects in their respective level.

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