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Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Objectives

1.2 Mission

1.3 Keys to Success


2.0 Company Summary

2.1 Company Ownership

2.2 Start-up Summary

2.3 Company Locations and Facilities


3.0 Products

3.1 Competitive Comparison


4.0 Market Analysis Summary

4.1 Market Segmentation

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

4.3 Market Trends

4.4 Main Competitors

5.0 Marketing Strategy

5.1 Pricing Strategy

5.2 Sales Strategy



1.0 Executive Summary


Chicken Express is a locally owned fast food outlet that will be positioned as an international franchise through our creative approach to the company's image and detail presentation. Chicken Express will provide a combination of excellent food at value pricing, with fun packaging and atmosphere. Chicken Express is the answer to an increasing demand for snack-type fast food, to be consumed while window shopping and walking around inside a shopping mall.

In today's highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate one fast food outlet from another. Karachi, a city state, is now becoming the model metropolis for Asia's new economic boom.

Our main priority is to establish one outlet in a crowded mall, preferably in one of prominent shopping malls in Karachi. Later, our effort will be a further development of more retail outlets in the surrounding area.


1.1     Objectives

  • To expand into a number of outlets by year three, and sell the franchise to neighboring metropolitan cities, such as Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Faisalabad.


1.2               Mission

Our main goal is to be one of the most successful fast food outlets in Karachi, starting with one retail outlet located inside a major shopping mall as a "market tester."

Chicken Express will strive to be a premier local fast food brand in the local marketplace. We want our customers to have the total experience when visiting our outlet(s) and website as they will learn about this fascinating new "pop culture." We will sell merchandise from pre-packaged sauces and t-shirts, to potato cutters, all with our official brand attached to them.

Our main focus will be serving high-quality food at a great value.


1.3 Keys to Success

To succeed in this business we must:

  • Create a unique, innovative, entertaining menu that will differentiate us from the rest of the competition.
  • Control costs at all times, in all areas and implement a conservative approach to growth policy. Although, we provide more than enough fund to open more than one outlet, we want to be on the safe side of the business.
  • Sell the products that are of the highest quality, as well as keeping the customers happy with all of our product categories from food to store merchandising.
  • Provide 100% satisfaction to our customers and maintaining the level of excellent services among other competitors.
  • Encourage the two most important values in fast food business: brand and image, as these two ingredients are couple of main drivers in marketing communications.
  • Get access to high-traffic shopping malls near the target market.
  • Promote good values of company culture and business philosophy.

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