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This Automation of crime record was developed for Recording crime for the police of Division D in Ilorin Kwara state. This system will help the Nigerian Police of providing information regarding criminals and the various activities they had carried out in the (recent) past, it also will go a long way in helping to checkmate crimes and criminals, this will also help in identifying new cases of crimes within a given locality. The application can record crime, report crime, search for existing crime, delete data, view all saved crime. It therefore serves as a well developed application to reduce error or loss of record that occur when handling large crime records manually in the police of Division D in Ilorin Kwara state.








Title Page                                                                                 i

Certification Page                                                                    ii

Dedication                                                                                        iii

Acknowledgement                                                                   iv

Preface                                                                                     v

Table of Contents                                                                    ix

List of Figures                                                                          x


1.1 Introduction                                                                       1

1.2 Problem Definition                                                            4

1.3 Project Objectives                                                                      5

1.4 Project Report Layout                                                       6


2.1     Defintion of Automation

2.1.2 Types of crime

2.1.3 Types of Record

2.1.4 The Police

2.1.5 Analysis of Existing system

2.1    Procedures and Operations

2.2    Problem of Existing System

2.3    Method of Preventing Crime

2.4    Improvement of the proposed system

3.1    Method Introduced

3.1.1 Software Methodology

3.1.2 Research Methodology Data Source Fact Finding Techniques

3.1.3 Analysis of Research

3.2    Analysis

3.2.1 Introduction

3.2.2 Functional Requirement

3.2.3 Non-Functional  Requirement

3.2.4 Software Requirement

3.2.5 Hardware Requirement

3.3    Design

3.3.2 Class Diagram

3.3.4 Entity Relationship Diagram

3.3.5 Activity Diagram  



4.0    System Implementation

4.1    Hardware Requirements

4.2    Software Requirements

4.3    Installation

4.4    Operational Procedure and System Documentation

4.5    Launching the System

4.6    Using the Software   

4.7    Flowchart of Proposed System

4.8    Design of the Proposed System



5.0    Summary

5.1    Conclusion












              The challenges to National security in Nigeria are enormous. There is the issue of religious crisis in some states of the northern part of Nigeria, ritual killings and kidnappings, bombings in Abuja and some other states of the federation as well as arm robbery. The police in Nigerian are an organization set up by the government and saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the society. The aforementioned crimes constitute a threat to national security, and if not curtailed, it might escalate to a greater proportion that might plunge the country into conflict.

 A system of providing the Nigerian Police with information regarding criminals and the various activities they had carried out in the (recent) past, will go a long way in helping to checkmate crimes and criminals, this will also help in identifying new cases of crimes within a given locality. A Criminal Records Information System (CRIS) will assist the police with useful information that will help in recording crimes. The system will provide information on criminals such as:

v  Criminal Id

v  Mode of operation

v  Type of Crimes committed

v  Date of last crime



v There are inherent delays in processing and filling of crime cases in court due to the manual preparation of case files.

v Preparation of suspect records, criminal records, missing properties records and wanted person records have been done manually.

v There is no central suspect and criminal records database making quick search mechanism for criminal records, suspect records, missing person records, and missing properties records.

v There are inadequate in the security of records within police command.

1.3     AIMS

The aim of this automation of crime records is to meet or complete, accurate and timely record providing a system to ensure security in entering the records.


v To ease police of the stress they go through and time delay in processing and filling of records since records will be fully automated.

 v To implement comprehensive quick search mechanism for crime records, missing person and missing properties records.

v To complement and create a central crime record database.

v The Electronic crime records will vastly improve the speed and correctness of data available to law enforcement.

v To increase security on criminal records within police command.

 v To provide the station with information whether or not the accuser has ever been brought to the station for a particular offense or another.


v The system helps to improve the writer’s knowledge in research.

v The system helps to improve your knowledge on the language.

v The system helps to broaden knowledge of in System Development life Cycle(SDLC).


v  The study of this research is focusing on the Nigeria Police Force, A Division in Ilorin. This is because it said that the entire police force in Kwara state adopt the same approach in handling issues on crime.

v  The major areas covered in this work include: -to automate the criminal records for the police station.

  - To view the criminal records

  - To report crime

  - To view the database for criminal records and search records


It has been acknowledged that the nearest we can get to the criminal happenings or events is the record kept by the Police, of crimes reported to them.

The Nigerian Police Force has a very small number of communication devices. The use of Computers and other communication devices that will help in keeping tracks of criminals and the various activities they engaged in, is very minimal.

      The police may decide that an offence is not serious enough to warrant recording. It is important to observe that in Nigeria with the high level of illiteracy amongst both the public and the police and the high level of corruption, it is not unlikely that it is only very few cases that will ever get recorded. For crimes to be effectively controlled, police stations, which presently lack a records management system (RMS) to aid their data capturing ability, should have a RMS where reported crimes, where they were committed, and involving who, amongst other information, will be recorded and stored regularly in a database. They keep their records on paper and this doesn’t help their efficiency. The RMS will enable the police to have accurate statistics to draw analysis from, on information of a case, the year a crime was committed, who investigated it, etc.  

 The day-to-day administration and operational control of the force are directed from force Headquarters which is suited at Moloney Street, Lagos where the Inspector-General has his seal. Force Headquarters and its various units form a police Area Command for efficient administration. A Federal Investigation Intelligence Bureau (FIIB) was to be set up as the successor to the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation; three directorates were established for operations, administration, and logistics, each headed by a deputy inspector general.

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