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Title page                                                                                i

Certification                                                                            ii

Dedication                                                                               iii

Acknowledgements                                                                 iv      

Table of contents                                                                     vi

Abstract                                                                                  ix

CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION                        

1.1 Background to the study                                                   1

1.2 Objectives of the study                                                      3       

1.3 Statement of the problem                                                  4

1.4 Significant of the study                                                     4

1.5 Scope of the study                                                             4

1.6 Limitations to the study                                                    5

1.7 Definition of terms                                                            5


2.1 Introduction                                                                      6

2.2 The concept of communication                                         7

2.3 Concept of organization                                                    8

2.4 Organizational communications                                        9

2.5 The structure of organizational communication                          11

2.6 Formal and informal communication channels                           14

2.7 Flow of information in the organisation                                     17

2.8 Functions of organizational communication                      18


3. 0 Research methodology                                                     21

3.1 Research design                                                                 21

3.2 Sources of data                                                                           21

3.3 Data collection instruments                                                        22

3.4 Research population and sample size                                23

3.5 Sampling procedure employed                                          24

3.6 Method of data analysis                                                    24


4.1 Introduction                                                                      25

4.2 Summary of findings                                                                  31


5.1 Summary                                                                           32

5.2 Recommendations                                                             33

5.3 Conclusion                                                                        33

 References                                                                              35

 Appendix                                                                               36



It is the contention of this researcher that in an organisation, communication describes the process by which managers establish a degree of “commonness” with their employees and with their external public. To that extent, communication is the vehicle by which information and human attitudes are exchanged with others. Simply put, communication is the “glue” that holds business together, for without some form of communication, the managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling could not be performed. As organisation grow larger and the world “grows smaller”, an increasing interdependence is created among people and within organisation, which multiplies the need for effective communication. This project discusses the importance of communication in enhancing the goals of a business enterprise by defining the concept of communication from the perspective of the human relations school; it also dwells on the influence of electronic communication in the face of globalization, competition and cooperation. It envisions what need to be done by organisation by making appropriate recommendations generated through the findings of the study.





All of us have been communicating with others since our infancy, the process of transmitting information from an individual or group to another is a very complex process with many sources of potential error, Communication has always been and is still an important aspect of daily living especially so in a commercial organisation which is geared towards optimal profit maximization.

Many people practice the art of communication, the government of a nation to its populace, the teacher to his students, mother to daughter or son, superior to subordinate, manager to supervisor, husband to wife, buyer to seller et cetera.

People who work in an organisation typically spend over 75% of their time in interpersonal situation, thus, it is no surprise to find out that the root of a large number of organizational problems is poor communication skills. However, not every communication is effective. Effective communication is an essential component of organization’s success whether it is at the inter-personal, inter-group, organizational or external level. Communication is essential to all the operatives of business since it is the variable within the organisation that holds them together. It is like the glue used in binding models. This glue holds the various parts together, without the process of communication, the various parts of an organization would not be bound together and the organisation would neither exist nor survive Thus, communication is the binding element of a business and governmental organisations, in order to be successful and to attain its goals, an organisation need people who can communicate effectively.

Communication takes different forms, it could be oral, written, non-verbal or electronic. Sometimes, in order to pass on messages to others, one has to use language (symbols), gestures, drawings that stand for ideas that are intended to convey. These symbols could be ones that other people organize and accept.

Communication is not just giving of information, it involves the giving of understandable information and receiving understanding the messages involved to the extent that the receiver is able to respond by taking appropriate action and or reaction. Communication is the process by which we share our reality with others. Effective communication makes information flow freely from one person to the other in an organisation. It is a continuous process which applies to all levels of organizational hierarchy.

Communication can be defined as a process of transmitting thought, sharing of and imparting of information, it is the giving of understandable message. It is the transmitting of messages and linking of people, it is the conveying and exchanging of messages, it is the creating and exchanging of messages within a network of interdependent relationship et cetera.

By whatever name one may wish to call communication, one thing is very clear, communication touches on every sphere of human endeavor. It serves as an instrument of social interaction and it helps us to understand ourselves, it is the medium through which relationships are established, extended and maintained. Communication provides the means by which people in business politics and other professions act and interact, share and exchange information and ideas, develop plans, proposals and policies, make decisions and coordinate activities.


The primary objectives of this study is to satisfy the requirement for the award of National Diploma (ND) in purchasing and supply awarded by Purchasing and Supply department institute of finance and management studies kwara state polytechnic, Ilorin.

Objectives of this study if examine the impact of communication in archiving organization objectives.


The objectives of he project from the notion of situating the impact of communication to the attainment of organizational goals. It is important to conceptualize the significance of effective communication in the context  of growth and survival of an enterprise since an organizational come into being in order to make communication possible with all those who are working within it and with those who have reasons for doing business with it.         


ü This study is significant because it will revel those aspect of the communication that the management must intensify effort is to improve the present communication practices.

ü The study is also significant because it will broaden the researchers knowledge on communication

ü It will provide reference source to further research


The scope of the study will be limited to impacts of communication in achieving organizational objectives. Various aspect of communication such as definition of organization, goals of commercial organization, definition of communication etc. will thoroughly delt in the course of the study.       



Some impediments problem encountered in the course of this research includes non availability of sufficient and current materials for the research, poor response in responding to and returning the questionnaire by the respondents and lastly, limited time in running around in distributing and collecting questionnaire and typesetting of the research work. However, all effort were made to ensure that these identified constraints do not impact negatively on an in-depth research work.


The following terms are used in the course of this study this includes as such, their operational meaning are provided below:

Communication: Is defined as the transfer of information, idea or message from one person or a group to another with the use of a sign, symbol, words etc. to convey message, information between an individual and organisations towards goal accomplishment.

Organization: Can be defined as the process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed, defining delegated responsibility and authority and establishing for the purpose of enabling people to work effectively together in accomplishing the objectives of an organization. .

Development: A development is an event which is likely to have a positive effect on an existing situation in an organization.

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