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This project is a research on strategic planning as tool for achieving organizational objectives a case study of coca cola bottling company Ilorin. The aim of study is to examine how strategic planning aids the achievement of organizational objectives.

Chapter one of this project starts with introduction of the study, the problem of huge amount of money needed to have a good strategic playing run smoothly e .t .c aims and objectives of the study deals with how a good strategic plan con be used to achieve organizational goals such as profit maximization greater productivity e. t. c. hypothesis formulation was used to give a direction to the   problem of matter finally in this chapter terms used were being defined e. g planning, strategic e. t. c.

Chapter two is on literature review, it gives a broad knowledge of the meaning of strategic planning the types of strategic planning e. g international strategy, retrenchment strategy e. t. c. the importance of strategic planning such as giving guideline for the organizations activities, giving the manager the organization clearly designed goals and methods for achieve these goals e. t. c management approach was also discussed such as the scientific, the behavior approaches e. t. c.

In chapter three, the research methodology was examined which deals with a brief historical background of the case study the research method use e. g the use of questionnaire personnel interview the research instrument and sampling design and procedure.

Chapter four is presentation and analysis of data of the questionnaire were administered and responses duty collected, interpretation of the data.

Chapter five is the summery conclusion and recommendation of the research on the basis of analysis and funding can be used as a tool for achieving organizational objectives.        


Title page





Table of content


1.1            Problem of study

1.2            Statement of hypothesis

1.3            Aims and objective of the study

1.4            Scope of the study

1.5            Limitation of study

1.6            Definition of term


2.1      Definition of strategic planning

2.2      Type of strategic planning

2.3      Importance of strategic planning

2.4      Management approaches


3.1      Historical background of the case study

3.2      Research method used

3.3      Research instrument

3.4      Sampling design and procedure


4.1      Presentation data

4.2      Interpretation of data

4.3      Analysis of data



5.1      Summary 

5.2      Conclusion

5.3      Recommendation















Coca cola bottling business environment, business administration, educational  sector e.t.c  make use of planning to make important decisions, recognizing  decision making applied in the process, They collect data, organize analysis interpreting and implementing the result for both present and future used.

The organizational mission and functions such as forecasting, planning organizing, motivating coordinating and controlling as the effective and efficient means by which organization con survive and also satisfy their customers need.

However organization is defined as a group of people bound together to provide unity of action for the achievement of a predetermined objective. It con also be see as a process of coordinating individual effect to accomplish common objectives.

Since planning is an independent variable while organization is depend the success or failure of it application will depend on how all it as been positively combine with the use of planning.   

In resent years, the development of planning in the organizational filed has brought about a substantial change in the organization thinking and practice .The leaning of planning is almost always a wise investment especially for those who are planning to make a carrier in the field of management.

However, planning have been closely considered  from the perspective that it enhance knowledge acquiring and decision making ,so many texts have been written open the subject organizational and planning, beside good organization should always make use of planning always with the use of statistic data for problem solving and decision making to accomplish organizational goods and objectives.


1.1            PROBLEMS OF THE STUDY

The idea that a company strategy is important to be leaved to the entire organization because of the competition .This is because every firm would be working to words achieving the of the organization.

Strategic planning is restrained complex that it con be come prohibitively expensive to operate.

Concentration on specific strategies may lead to inability to take up better opportunities when they arise.

Some argue that many firms not considers strategic planning organization objectives be defatted and may lead to closed down of the business.

It is important to note that there is no point that strategic planning bring about a better performance. However fact suggests that improve organizational performances.

1.2            Statement of hypothesis

H1 Planning has a significant impart on the organization which make an organization to achieve the goals and objective

H0 Planning has no significant impart in the organization which are negative effect of the objective of an organization

H2 implement and execution of strategic planning has positive impart in the organization performance in achieving the goal and objective of an organization.

H02 implement and execution of strategic planning has negative impart on an organization performance in the objective and goals of organizations

An hypothesis is a preposition or statement of fact relating to research out forward by a research or to guide him/her is his/her research work which may be true or false / valid or other wise. If the majority of the research data collected support the fact that it is valid then it is therefore accepted. Otherwise it‘s not and have to be rejected. For the purpose of this research work, the major hypothesis considered include

A.    That there is direct relationship between planning tools and organizational objectives.

B.     That effectiveness of planning techniques determines level of achieving organizational objective.

C.     Does managers face problems when making use of statistical data in solving problems?

D.    The relevance of planning in organization and to what extent is their roles being carried out?

E.     That organization is dependent on planning tools.

F.     That planning is dependent to organization.

a.              That there is direct relationship between planning tools and organization and organizational objectives.

b.              That effectiveness of planning techniques level of achieving organizational objectives.

c.               Does a manager face problems when making use of statistic data in solving problems?

d.              The relevance of planning in organization and to what extents are they carried out?

e.              The organization is dependent on planning tools.



The centre of study is on how strategic planning help in achieving organizational objectives among the objectives is to critically examine the list of available planning tools in term of achieving organizational objective in terms of productivity and thereby making huge profit hiving.



Therefore the basic aims of this study include

1.                 To identify effect of planning as a tool in achieving organizational objective.

2.                 To determine what consideration an organization bears in mind when designing tools in achieving it management decision.

3.                 To determine the planning that is available to the organization in order to obtain the greatest capacity of workers.

4.                 To identify and discuss the effect of planning techniques on bottling company and its corporate objective.

5.                 To examine the mode and manners in which planning is being applied in coca-cola industry and how effective they are using planning to achieve and increase their organizational objectives.


1.4            SCOPE OF THE STUDY


The scope of the study is made up of strategic planning concept theory in reference to coca-cola bottling company, strategic planning influence on the business environment in achieving organizational objectives .Also on how the management of business organization should use good strategic planning in solving problems among employees and for good decision making in other to strike a balance between the employees objectives and that of the organization, furthermore, through the use of good  planning ,this study  will influence the organization on how to maintain good position in the midst of other competition. 


Due to complexity envisage in data collection and the short duration of time available from this types of research the study will cover the period of 1963-2002.

However this period of spanning 20 years provides an interesting research art it encompass the two regime, administrator interest rate policy ( 2010/2011) and the liberalized interest regime( 2005/2008).

The data used will be strictly those relating to, and generated from the Nigeria economy.

Although, in our literature review, the performance of interest the rate in other economics will be considered.


1.6            DEFINATION OF TERMS

1.     Planning: the procedure or activity of determining in advance especially what need to be done in other to achieve particular goals how should be done when and where it should be done and who should do it.

2.     Strategic; the key decision or plan of action required to reach on objective or set of objective.

3.     Strategic planning; long range planning that focus on goals attainment by adapting the organization to environment changes. Determination of the step required to reach an objective of achievement the optimum fit between the organization and market place.

4.     Organization; A group of people bound together to provides unity of action for the achievement of a predetermined objective.

5.     Objective; A company defined and measurable aims for a given period.

6.     Data; The collection of observant on this is a large volume of details which are generated by day-to-day transaction but most be process and organized before they can sense to central operation or to proved meaningful information.

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