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This project is titled the effect of advertising on the sales of toothpaste using herbal toothpaste as a case study. The objective is to examine the problem the researcher will provide solution and also find out if there are other problem that are not discovered by toothpaste producing companies or adverting agency, the researcher also revel various definition of advertising type and objective. Herbal toothpaste were use as staple chi-square were use to analysis the data colleted, two hypothesis were tested to validate these statement  and it was found that adverting create awareness and increase sales and medicinal native of herbal paste product facilitate its demand and herbal tooth paste producing companies uses television, radio, newspaper e.t.c for their advertising. Upon these fading conclusion were draw and recommendation were  made as follow. The company should take paint to select appropriate media that will reach out the target audience, improve of quality standard of the product and also recommended that newspaper and billboard should be use in villages where there are insufficient net work for radio and television.









Title page                                                                        i

Certification                                                                     ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                            iv

Table of content                                                               v

Abstract                                                                          vi


1.0       Introduction                                                             1

1.1                      Background of the Study                           1

1.2                      Statement of the Problem                          3

1.3                      Objective of the Study                               3

1.4                      Research Question                                    5

1.5                      Formulating of Hypothesis                5

1.6                      Significant of the Study                             5

1.7                      Scope of the Study                                    6

1.8                      Limitation of the Study                              7

1.9                      Definition of the Term                               8


2.0       Literature Review                                             11

2.1                      Introduction to the Study                          11

2.2                      Objective of Advertising                             17

2.3                      Types of Advertising Media and Media Planning 22

2.4                      Advantage and Disadvantage Advertising   35


3.0       Research Methodology                              38

3.1                      Research Design                               38

3.2                      Population of the Study                     38

3.3                      Sampling/Sample Technique            39

3.4                      Source and Collection of Data           39

3.5                      Validity of the Study                    41

3.6                      Method of Data Analysis                   41


4.0       Data Presentation Analysis               42

4.1                      Presentation of Data         42


5.0       Summary of Major Finding                        73

5.1       Conclusion                                               74

5.2       Recommendation                                     75













        Advertising can be define as any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideal good and service by an identified sponsor.

        Advertising is an aspect of marketing communication and should by view as such rather as a separate activity to be carried on by distinct group of professional independently of marketing activities.

        Advertising decision should be the context on an organization over all communication. The consumer market is being pleaded with various complementary product and services as a result, advertising has been employed as a viable mean by manufacture and serviced provider to promote the sale of their product and services.

        Every organization want to succeed and supercede its competitors. The success or failure at its campaign depend solely on the king of promotional strategy used.

        The proliferation of advertising programme put in place by cooperate bodies in the country lately is perhaps an indication but advertising is being according greater effect in marketing communication process.

        It helps good and service to gain share in the market place.

        A new product need greater promotion in the early stage of its life cycle than a matured established product. Current advertising will depend on the quality and quantity of past advertising.

        Advertising in value a lot of creativity which in value the changing and developing are along with growing competitors as well as sophisticated product and buyers. It is a blanket that covert from the television short moves up to the billboard.   many companies carried out advertising activities for various reasons.

        This study is designed to take an over view of advertising activities in organization with a view to reinstating the need for advertising in the marketing process of companies.



        Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas good and service by identified sponsor. In the production of good and services there is the need for target market to be aware of the product so as to make purchase. At this part the problem of communication become meaningful.

        Majority of manufacture hardly know when and how to communicate the important of their product effectively to their customer activities like advertising is a waste of financial resources.

        In a situation like this, when there is different view on an issue a study of this nature becomes imperative especially as it will help us to know the correct position. so the problems of this study put in question form. What is the effect of advertising on the sales.


        The objective of the study is to examine if advertising has an effects on the sales of tooth pastes

1.  To find out if advertising increase  the sales and life span of a product (tooth paste)

2.  To determine the most effective tools use in advertising in the organization

3.  To take a product analysis of the variability of herbal tooth paste enterprise in Nigeria market and suggest possible solution in area where problem exist.

4.  Above all to contribute to the existing information (literature) in the area of avert. For this research works to yield more understanding there is need to examine some of the question is relation to the purpose of the study. 

        i.    Is there any need for a company to advertise at all?

       ii.    If yes what are the necessary objective of advertising?

     iii.    Why do same company’s new product skill fail in spite of the intensive advertising and advertising budget sales

     iv.    What are the various advantage and disadvantage of advertising?

       v.    Does advertising has any effect  on the sale of new product (tooth paste)  all  these are some of the effects of advertising on the sales of new product like  the tooth paste e.g herbal paste.


        Having look at various definition of advertising by deferent authority. The research will new state some hypothesis to back up the statement of the study.

H0: advert on television does not have positive effect on  the sale of tooth paste

H1: advert on television have positive effect on the sales of tooth paste

Ho: increase in sale promotion does not have positive effect on the sale of herbal tooth paste

H1: increase in sales promotion will have positive effect on the sales of herbal tooth paste


        Advertising plays a major role in most business, the study will serve as a basis for other research in business field particularly in marketing of tooth paste. Some signification of the study are stated bellow.

1)   The study will expose the effect of sales promotion, advertising and other promotional tools activities increasing sales in any organization.

2)   The information that will be derived from this would also serve as useful guide to marketing management in planning a sales promotion programme as well as given appropriate budget plan and fines to sales promotion, advertising activities

3)   It will serve as an emerging apparatus to manager in the marketing sector and other business related organization to appraise and welcome advertising programme in their organization.


        The research work will examine and look into the effect of advertising, objective of advertising message selection and execution of advertising message and the messaging of advertising

        The research will also cover the various factors that affect advertising budget, the procedure for selling advertising budget, the major type of advertising and so also the advising and the disadvantage of advertising.

        In the case of viewing the above product, herbal tooth paste was use as the case study.



        In the process of writing this project works, the researcher encountered a lot of problem.

        Firstly, was how to choose a topic that will be more suitable to search, the researcher have type go to the library to search for topic and choose the one that material will be enough to use.

        Secondly, was the problem of finance, the cost of getting the material such as publication paper, ink pencil and paper to use in  producing  this research work are almost out of my reach, but with the help of God almighty and my good project coordinator and friends, I was able to sail through.

        Another problem was lack of materials, the text books that were available in the library as regard  this copy were not enough. The researcher has to visit various cybercafé for internet browsing in order to be able to carryout this research work.

        Finally was the problem of time, because some academics programmes such as lecture class test and assignment which must be given attention, the researcher did not have enough time to spend on the project work.


        Advertising is define as a form of non personal communication through mass media that is paid for by identified sponsored  marketing this is the audience could be  the consumes, the in duties that juts the product being advertise also middlemen and distributor.

        Market costumer both actual and potentials customers.

Advertising Copy-: It refers to the work and picture or illustration that make up the advertising and the way they are laid out to create a total impression.

Advertising Medium-: Medium is the channel through which the advertising message is delivered to the target audience e.g are news paper, radio, hand bill, bill board and television e.t.c

Awareness-: This is the furnishing of the customers and prospect with useful information about the product, its uses and the institution for use and where to purchase the product.

Frequency-: This is number of time an advertising is delivered through a particular medium in a given period of time.

Research-: Is a relook, of existing issue, it is the way of finding out new issue.

Public-: Group that has an actual and potential interest in or effect on an organization ability to achieve its objective.

Sales Promotion-: This simply mean purchase of the product or services.

Publicity-: Is a systematic presentation of idea, good and service which are not paid for by the source and not personal excise.

Attitude-: Attitude is a learner’s predisposition on respond to advertising by the customer.

Perception-: This is the process by which individual reversed organization and interpreter information from the environment for an advert to be expose to it and pay attention to it.

Tooth paste-: This is substance used in a tooth brush for cleaning the teeth example herbal paste, close-up MacLean, rodent and despondent e.t.c

Product-: Product is the entire set of benefit that are offered in a exchange including goods services, idea, people, place and organization

Audience-:  It refers to the view of television and the consumer of goods and services.



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