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This project examines Test Marketing of New Product Its Effectiveness and Product Performance, with reference to Unilever Nigeria Plc. In order to achieve the objective, three specific objectives, three research questions and three hypotheses were raised. Frequencies and percentages were used in presentation of personal data and answering research questions. A probability sampling technique was adopted as it ensures equal chance for all elements. A total of one hundred and fifty (150) questionnaires were administered, but only eighty (80) were returned. This means that approximately 81 % of the administered questionnaires were retrieved. Statistical tools such as correlation, regression and analysis of variance were employed for this study using statistical package for social scientist (SPSS) while Frequency distribution table were used in the analysis and presentation of socio-demographic data of the respondents. Regression analysis was used in order to estimate the effect of some independent variables on the dependent variable were used to test the three hypotheses. Based on the responses elicited by the respondent and the result from the three tested hypothesis, it was established that the study found that there is no relationship between the effectiveness of test marketing on new products with a value r = 0.592 which signifies that change in between the effectiveness of test marketing on new products, the important of test marketing  and product performance of  new product  47.6% of the variation recorded in and it contribution in text marketing and findings show that there is no significant relationship between the pricing associated. The value r = 0.518 signifies that there in raising with marketing of new products. Base on the recommendation, it was concluded that the most important factor that influences consumer buying should be the case to consider when embarking on a business.  Every business exist on society which is made up  of  people  which  form  the  market, for  every  type  of  product  an  efficient  market activity should create more effort in their research department and more emphasis should also be laid on their promotional activ



Title page                                                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Declaration                                                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                                                   v

Abstract                                                                                                                     vi

Contents                                                                                                                    vii-x



1.1       Background to the Study                                                                          1-2

1.2       Statement of the Problem                                                                         3

1.3       Objectives of the Study                                                                             4

1.4       Significance of the Study                                                                           4-5

1.5       Scope and Limitation of the Study                                                                      5

1.6       Research questions                                                                                      5-6

1.7       Research Hypothesis                                                                                 6

1.8       Definition of Terms                                                                                                6-7



2.1       Conceptual Framework                                                                               8-25

2.1.2   New Product Development                                                                        25-27

2.1.3    Critical success factors                                                                              27-28

2.1.4    Metrics                                                                                                          28-29

2.1.5    Critical success factors and metrics for stages of the NPD

            Process                                                                                                           29

2.1.6   Test Marketing                                                                                             29-32

2.1.7 Objectives of Test Marketing                                                                       32-33

2.1.8       Marketing Testing Methods                                                                       33

2.1.9       Test Marketing Of Consumer Goods                                                        33-34

2.1.10  Sales –Wave Research                                                                                34

2.1.11  Stimulated Store Technique                                                                       35

2.1.12  Controlled Store Test Marketing                                                               35

2.1.13  Standard Test Market                                                                                  35-36

2.1.14             Test Marketing Of Industrial Goods                                                         36-38

2.1.15  Selecting The Test Markets                                                                       38-41

2.1.16  How To Obtain Distribution In The Test Market                                   41

2.1.17 Planning Advertising Efforts In The Test Market                                  41-42

2.1.18  Deciding Which Variables To Measure                                                   42-44

2.1.19 Projecting the Results                                                                                  44

2.1.20 The Brand Share Prediction Model                                                          44-46

2.1.21 Roles of Marketing Research                                                                     46-49

2.1.22 Process or Stages of New Product Development                                                49-53

2.2       Theoretical Framework on New Product Development (NPD)             53-57

2.3       Review of Related Studies                                                                          57-58

2.4       Production                                                                                                     59-62

2.5       Unilever New Product Development Process and Strategy                   62-63

2.5.1   Successful New Product Development Model                                        63-64

2.5.2   Further Studies                                                                                             64-65

2.5.3   Digest                                                                                                             65

2.6       Historical Background of Unilever Nigeria Plc                                      65-66

2.7       The Product of the Company                                                                     66

2.7.1   The Organisational Structure                                                                     66-67

2.7.2   Distribution System                                                                                                 67-68

2.8       Summary                                                                                                      68





3.0       Preamble                                                                                                        69

3.1       Area of Study                                                                                                69

3.2       Research Design                                                                                           69

3.3       Study Population                                                                                          70

3.4       Sample Size and Sampling Techniques                                                    70

3.5       Sources of Data Collection                                                                         70

3.6       Instrument of Data Collection                                                                    70-71

3.7       Method Of Data Analysis                                                                           71

3.7       Validity and Reliability of Research Instrument                                                71



4.0       Introduction                                                                                                  72

4.1       Demographic Information Of Respondents                                             72-76

4.2       Analyses Of Respondents’ Responses                                                      76-83

4.3       Hypotheses Testing                                                                                     83-91

4.4       Discussion Of Findings                                                                               91-92



5.1             Summary Of Finding                                                                                   93

5.2             Conclusion                                                                                                    94

5.3             Recommendations                                                                                       94-95

5.4             Suggestion For Further Studies                                                                  95

References                                                                                                                96-98

Questionnaire                                                                                                           99-101







Fig. 1:  Below shows the foregoing description of marketing management. 48 

Fig. 2: The organization of production                                                                 61






















Table 1:        A Classification of Factors of Production                                                     61

Table 4.2:   Descriptive Statistics                                                                                      72

Table 4.3:   Gender                                                                                                              73

Table 4.4:   Age of the respondents                                                                                   74

Table 4.5:   Educational level of respondents                                                                 74

Table 4.6:   Work experience of the respondents                                                                       75

Table 4.7:   Current organizational status                                                                                    75

Table 4.8:   Department in organization                                                                           76

Table 4.9:   There is effective test  marketing in sales of  new product                      76

Table 4.10: Effectiveness of text marketing enhance the sales of new product        77

Table 4.11: There is great quality tool in text marketing of new product                   77

Table 4.12: Considering all the quality of test marketing,  new product is

       demanding                                                                                                          78

Table 4.13: Would you rate your level of satisfaction with new product

       Effectiveness                                                                                                     78

Table 4.14: There is marketing strategy for a new product                                           79

Table 4.15: The importance of New product is being practiced in text

         marketing strategy                                                                                          79

Table 4.16: Test marketing of new product affect marketing strategy                                    80

Table 4.17: There is endorsement  for effective  of new product in the

                   market.                                                                                                                80

Table 4.18: Effectiveness of good marketing multiplies sales of new

       production                                                                                                          81

Table 4.19: The adoption of pricing associated with good marketing of

       new product.                                                                                                      81

Table 4.20: The factors of new price in the text marketing associate with

       marketing of new product                                                                                82

Table 4.21: Price of new product gives good market strategy                                      82

Table 4.22: Text marketing promote sales of new product                                           83




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