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This project is a statistical analaysis on pupils enrolment in the universal Basic Education in Kwara State from 1999 to 2009 It was aimed to verify if there is relationship among the male and female pupils. Correlation and Regression Analysis was used to analysis the data. From the anaysis we discovered that the number of male and female pupils does not depend on one another. Also the analysis revealed that number of male and female increase progresively over the years in the enrolment and lastly the analysis revealed that male and female are significantly difference. Based on this findings, we thereby recommends that government should encourage their staff to embark on public enlighment from time to time.


Title Page                                                                                        i

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Acknowledgment                                                                                      iv

Abstract                                                                                           v

Table of Contents                                                                           vi


1.1    Introduction                                                                            1

1.2    Statement of the Problems                                                  2

1.3    Aims and Objectives                                                             3

1.4    Significance of the problem                                                 4

1.5    Research questions                                                             4

1.6    Scope and Limitations of the study                                              5

1.7    Definition of Terms                                                               5


2.0    Literature Review                                                                  8

2.1    Introduction                                                                            8


3.1    Methodology                                                                          16

3.2    Method of data Analysis                                                      16

3.3    Regression Analysis                                                             18


4.0    Presentation of Data Analaysis                                           21

4.1    Analaysis of Data                                                                  21


5.0    Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations                          38

5.1    Summary                                                                               38

5.2    Conclusion                                                                             39

5.3    Recommendations                                                               40

Reference                                                                              41

Appendix                                                                                42



Kwara state was created from the old Northern Region of Nigeria in 1967. Although informal education has been going on in the state since ancient times, formal education started with the arrival of the European Christian missionaries in the 19 century. Their arrival brought about the establishment of primary education. This was later follow by the establishment of secondary education. The number of primary schools in the state rose to 1171 in 2004. Although the enrolment of pupils in the schools increased considerably perhaps because of the increased in socio-political awareness among the people which made them to see the need for self improvement. As such pupils enrolment in primary school rose to 524,130 in 2004, likewise the number of teachers in primary schools rose to 14,071 in 2004.

The rise in the number of primary schools in the state as well as in pupils enrolment in the schools was perhaps due to the introduction of the universal basic education (UBE) in 1999. Although the federal government of Nigerian had launched the universal primary education (UPE) in 1976, the scheme failed because of the problems of insufficient funding, limited infrastructure, inadequate number of teacher and poor management resulting from improper planning.

The universal basic education was the result of the 1948 universal declaration of human rights, which stipulated the right of every citizen on the world to education every member nation of the united national including Nigeria is signatory to this declaration.



The continued appearance of school age children having along the streets of major towns in Kwara state, Nigerian calls for immediate attention. The non-schooling gap created as a result of this is unprecedented while the dropout rate continues to increase. Although the universal basic education program has not been placed on a sound footing.

The failure rate of pupils in schools is unprecedented while the school system seem to have been played with various vices such as moral decadence, truancy, indiscipline and total neglect. The issue of whether pupils enrolment were increasing or decreasing in primary and secondary school in Ilorin East local government was the problem which this study intended to examine.



The survey is embarked upon in order to study the admission parttern of student in Ilorin East Local government in Kwara State.

The following are aims and objectives of the study.

1.   To verify if gender depend or year of admission

2.   To make a yearly comparisons on admission

3.   To determine the yearly admission of female pupils

4.   To test if there is linear relationship between the admission of the gender.


As pupils enrolment is very important in the state, Ilorin East local government needs to get enough funds to execute the program. The aim of this study is therefore to look critically into the problems facing pupils enrolment in universal basic education in Ilorin east local government area. It is also to proffer solutions to the problems in order to in turn be able to provide good and knowledgeable students for the populace.



What is the enrolment growth rate in primary and junior secondary schools in Kwara State, Nigeria?

Are there adequate number of teachers in primary school and junior secondary school for the universal basic education in the state?

What are the average class-size and teacher pupil ratio in primary and junior secondary school in the state?

What is the projection of pupils enrolment in primary and junior secondary schools in the state between 1999 and 2009?

What is the projection of teachers for the universal basic education in the state between 1999 and 2009?



Though the findings of this study are intended to be generalized to all Nigeria students as a whole, but the work was limited in scope to only the primary and junior secondary school in Ilorin East Local government area of Kwara state since 1999-2009. The study relied on the data collected from Ilorin East local government in Kwara State.

However, dealing with the whole Local government in the state/country will be much expensive, time- consuming, energy-wasting and tedious.



LITERACY: the ability to read and write with understanding a simple statement related to one’s daily life

LITERACY RATE: The number of literate adults expressed as a percentage of the total population.

AUTOMATIC PROMOTION: All pupil are promoted to the next grade every years, regardless of achievement

EQUITY: fair treatment for all

GROSS ENROLMENT RATIO (GER): The total enrolment of pupils in a grade or level of performance.

NET ENROLMENT RATIO (NER): The number of pupils in the school age group

COMPLETION RATES: The percentage of children who complete a given cycle of education

DROP OUT RATE: The percentage of pupils enrolled in a given grade

PUSH-OUT RATE: The percentage of children who reach the next stage of formal schooling but are prevented from continuing e.g competitive selection, lack of facilities available etc.

OUT OF SCHOOL CHILDREN: Those in lose official school age group who are not enrolled in school

BASIC EDUCATION: Basic education meets peoples basic learning needs prior to people making critical decision in terms of going directly in to the labour market or furthering their education through higher formal qualification prior to entering the job market later in life.

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