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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Communication, Media Defined
History of Broadcast Media in Nigeria
Role of Electronic Media in Society
Role of the Reporter and other Broadcast Functionaries

Chapter 2
Challenges facing the Reporter, Editor
Broadcast Format: The Airwaves Content
Who is the News Editor in a News Room Setting?
Is the News Editor still the gate keeper in the News Room?

Chapter 3
News Evaluation & Budgeting
Headlines and Headline Writing: Definition of Headline
Functions, Kinds, Characteristics & Skills of the Headline Writer
Guidelines on Headline Writing
Interview Techniques

Chapter 4
Make Up/Screen Display of Graphics
Use of Chromakey, Deployment of New Edge Technology – TV

Sound Effect/Mood – Radio

Chapter 5
Broadcast Ethics
Press Law
Scripting for Television & Radio
Writing Documentaries/Dramas for TV & Radio
Broadcast Equipment, Tools for Production
Online Media-Skills Required of the Reporter
Digital Broadcasting

Chapter 6
Understanding News And What Is News?
Characteristics of News
Guidelines on News Writing
Types of Lead

Chapter 7
Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing
News Gathering Techniques
Who Qualifies As A Journalist/Reporter
Approved Training Institutions
Mass Media Write Up
Editorial Writing

Reporting for Radio & Television-A Practical Guide as the title of the book suggests, is meant to refresh the thought process and encourage media reporters and consumers to appreciate the dynamic nature of the language of communication. Language is not static; it keeps evolving according to space and time. As media practitioners we are made to understand that nothing is cast in gold. Flexibility is the watch word as it concerns reporting the media.

Currency in the choice and use of words, and even idiomatic expressions tells much about the journalist. Did you know that expressions and idioms such as “rub minds”, “make ends meet” , “blueprint”, “turn a blind eye”, “a bold from the blue” are now
tired words and lost their original impact because they have been overused ? Find out the current usage and avoid being trapped by stale and boring phrases in the book Reporting for Radio & Television-A Practical Guide Or look at the coinage “upliftment” meaning to raise, lift up has notoriously gained currency, desperately invented by the local church pastor to emphasise God‟s uncommon grace on the faithful, if not checked may sooner than later be counted among the 10,000 commonly used words in the English lexicon. What should be the
correct usage? The answer is in Reporting for Radio and Television-A Practical Guide.
Again, the colloquialism “a lot of” or “lots of” has become one of the unfortunate victims of overused words or phrases, waiting and begging for employment in every day speech and in writing, weakening the power of the word concerned and can therefore be regarded as misuses. Check out the correct and current usage in Reporting
for Radio and Television-A Practical Guide

Still on commonly misused phrases, “Knowing full well” and “knowing fully well”, “rest assured” and “be rest assured”. Where do you draw the line? Be guided by Reporting for Radio and Television-A Practical Guide. 

In his book „Wordpower: A Test Yourself Guide‟, Neil Wenborn listed among others, the tag in this day and age, the point is, I hate to mention it but…and to tell you the truth, far be it from me to… as some of the many clichés and blind spots in the written and spoken English you will find and more of the booby traps in the book one should avoid.

Similarly, tautology, according to the author, is the practice of saying the same thing once in different ways. For example, completely unique has no comparison. Something that is unique is complete. Nothing can be "relatively unique‟ or "less unique‟. The same applies to words such as fundamental, empty, supreme, simultaneous, ultimate, absolute and perfect which are also often misused.
Reporting for Radio & Television-A Practical Guide also gives a step-by-step approach even for the layman who desires to follow the production process and what takes place behind the camera in a Television station, broadcast functionaries and their tools.
The book also teaches you how to write and produce top flight documentary, News reporting that would inform, educate, entertain and persuade, and above all, rouse curiosity.
The style and approach used or adopted in this book is journalistic rather than scholarly.
It covers every aspect of the broadcast media up to giving details of Newsroom production process in a typical Radio or Television station.
It is also designed to meet the needs of beginners, students preparing to acquire industry experience. Practicing broadcast and print journalists, mass communication students, teachers, and media researchers would also find the book useful.

2.5% of your investment on this book and indeed, other Eminem Communications titles is donated to charity such as internally displaced persons around the world. Buy now shelter the homeless and feed the hungry. Thank you.

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