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Title Page

Certification                                                                            i

Dedication                                                                    ii

Acknowledgement                                                                  iii

Table of Content                                                           iv



1.0       General Overview                                                         1

1.1       Statement of Problem                                                   2

1.2       Purpose of Study                                                          3

1.3       Significance of Study                                                    3

1.4       Definition of Term                                                         4

References                                                           6



2.0       Literature Review                                                         7

2.1       Meaning of Quality                                                       8

2.2       Quality Control                                                             14

2.2.1 Objectives and scope of Quality Control                    14

2.2.2 Responsibility for Quality Control                     16

2.2.3 Organisation and Scope of Quality Control                17

2.2.4 Quality Assurance                                                       18

2.5    Types of Quality Control                                              21

2.5.1 Labour Control                                                             23

2.5.2 Machine Control                                                           24

2.6    Inventory Control                                                         25

2.7    International Standard (The ISO 9000 standard)      29

2.8    Customers Patronage/customer Relationship           32    

          References                                                                    34


CHAPTER THREE             

3.0       Summary of Findings                                         35

3.1       Conclusion                                                                   35

3.2       Recommendation                                                         36

References                                                                    37





It is the aim of every business organisation to maximize profit and not only to break even or claim a market leader. In other words, efforts are made to boost sales and have a competitive advantage over others. Manufacturers therefore get involved in giving those features and characteristics to a product which differentiate it from another one and which contribute to the degree of acceptability of that product by the potential user, Akinjayeju (2002).


Quality control is being adopted to obtain a product, which is good and consistent when compared to the standard of quality that is compatible with the price at which it will be offered for sale and the market for which it is produced.


Gone are those days where producers sit in the comfort of their offices to dictate shots, but these days, they are stirred-up knowing fully the importance of product quality on consumer’s patronage.


Kotler (2002) referred to product quality as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. Some companies consistently develop products that succeed with customers, other companies often fall short. What differentiates them is ‘Quality/Integrity”.


Every product reflects the organisation and the development process that created it. Product quality often stimulates sales for profitability, increased patronage and loyalty of consumers.


1.1    STATEMENT OF PROBLEM                                         

Consumers exhibit various attributes to quality product and this can be attributed to either low-income level or high cost of living occasioned by the present downward trend of the nations economy.


Therefore the problems is that consumer tend to restrict their buying and patronage to close substitutes which are of lesser quality to meet their immediate needs. In this case inorder to understand the current situation in the importance of product quality on consumer’s patronage in Nigeria, answers to the following problems must be sought.

Does quality product enhance greater patronage on the part of the consumer? Is there any correlation between product quality and price of goods? Does the timing of production control programme affect the level of sales?

Is there any relationship between production and quality control programme?


1.2    PURPOSE OF STUDY                          

This study is meant to find out compliance in quality standards of manufactured goods and the importance of product quality as a determinant of consumer patronage. The study is to:

Evaluate the forms of product quality control exercise implemented in the production of consumer goods find out which aspect of quality consumer react to more favourably. Assess the influence of product quality on consumer’s patronage.


Measure the importance of product quality on consumer’s patronage in the marketing of fast moving consumer goods.


1.3    SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY                  

It is hoped that the findings of this study will help to throw more light into the need for or importance of product quality on consumer’s patronage in the marketing of fast-moving consumer goods.


The aim of this study is also to stimulate maintenance  ensuring quality in product, performance and features that will arouse and retain the interest of the consumer, which is one of the keys to its continued existence and the future of the company itself and that of its employees.


1.4    DEFINITION OF TERMS              

QUALITY: Means the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated implied needs.


PRODUCT: Is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need.

CORE BENEFIT: Means the fundamental benefit that the customer is really buying.

STANDARD: Is a level of quality skill ability or achievement by which a product or service is judged, that is considered to be necessary or acceptable in particular situation.


QUALITY ASSURANCE: Management of the quality of goods or services  so that they stay at a good standard.

QUALITY CONTROL: The practise of checking goods as they are produced to make sure that their quality is good enough.

LABOUR CONTROL: This is the principle of putting the right man on the right job.

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM): Is an organisation wide approach to continuously improving the quality of all the organization’s processes, products and services.

PRODUCTION CONTROL:  Involves the judicious use and monitoring of the three major factors of production, commonly referred to as the 3ms, namely man, machinery and materials.

MACHINE CONTROL: Means reduction or complete elimination of downtime or idle time through proper sequence, repairing or replacement of such equipment and or machine.


Kotler P. (2002) Marketing Management Analysis, Planning, Implementation and control edition New Jesey, USA Prentice Hall, Inc.


Akinjayeju O. (2002) Statistical Quality control: A food Technology, Approach Lagos Concept.

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