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          This study x-rayed the impact of reward on organizational profitability and employee’s performance, in Emenite ltd, Emene. To achieve this purpose, some objectives of the study, research questions and literature review were raised. The study adopted survey research design, due to the nature of the enquiry. The population of the study was 92 members of the staff out of which the sample size was drawn, including male and female staff of the organization. The sampling techniques used was simple random sample to avoid in the study was primary and secondary sources. The data gathered in the field during study was analyzed using tabulation, percentages and chi-square methods. The major findings on the study were lack of efficient service, poor motivation, management infectivity to workers fringe benefits not given to workers as required, poor salary structure and low level of performance. Based on the major findings, the researcher, however, recommended as follows;

That the staff of the organization should be motivated and all the due rights and privileges given to the staff. The management of ten organization should also imbibe the culture of management by objective to avoid the idea of infectivity in dealing with the staff of the organization, that proper reward of the staff performance would no doubt ginger the staff to contribute their quota earnestly to the growth and development of the organization thereby achieving their co-operate objectives.




Chapter 1


1.1 Background of the Study

          Emenike ltd was incorporated in 1961 as turner abestors Cement (TAC Nigeria Ltd,) the company commenced the actual business of manufacturing re-forced fiber-cement material such as roofing-sheet and flat sheets (ceiling board in 1963). The product line was later expanded to include pressure pipes. In 1988, turners building (turner assistors cement TAC ltd Emene was acquired by Emenite group of Belgium and in 1989, the name was charged to Emenite ltd.

          Emenite ltd pays a lot of emphasis on product inspection. They start from the raw material, the raw material includes cement, wood, pulp and fibre, undergoes series of tests.

          The wood is tested for the dispersion and shaper rougher S.R that determines that freeness of the wood pulp. Then the fibre is tested by solubility, which determines that dispersion ability in the fibre.

The final inspection is the finished product inspection, which a simple is collected at random from the production line, from each pallet as they are called and after (curing) drying, they test the bending strength which determines the strength of the product and also tested for all porosity and density which will show the ability of the product to absorb water, this tests are being carried out in two stages.

          First after 7 days and second after 28 days, then if they are certified okay by the quality controller, it can now be sold. The control of the product is purely the responsibility of the quality control department. In Emenite ltd, the department comprises of the quality control and the process control.

          The process control section is responsible for the online process of the product while the product are still in process, they control the parameters and make sure that the production crew comply to the set standard, if there is any non conformity in the process, a complaint form is being issued out to the production crew for immediate correction. This section is responsible for testing and certifying the raw material before use.

All the products have a standard that it must pass before they are released from the quality control department. The company presently has a staff strength of about 200 which is supplemented by a few contract worker hire from the time as the need arise.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

          There is controversy all over the companies; there is a frequent clash between company and customers. Most times when the customers visit the company, experience is always unbearable, delayed tactics and the manner by which the workers react to their customers, mostly with harsh tones, in attending these customers, create lot of discouragement. The head office of Emene ltd in Lagos works even on Sunday without any of the staff complaining, while their counterparts of the other companies were on their weekend or holidays.

          Work overload were the major problem facing Emenite ltd Company even most times, delay in receiving their salary, it takes the management one or two weeks, delay to pay their workers monthly salary especially Emenite ltd emene Enugu.



1.3     Objective of the Study

          The general objective of this research work is to investigate the impact of reward on organizational profit and employee’s performance.

The researcher plans to:

1. Determine the employee’s level of satisfaction on their intrinsic rewards

2. Ascertain the level of satisfaction of employees on their extremis rewards

3. Identify the rewards that are positively correlated with employee’s performance.

4. Ascertain if there are significant differences in the level of satisfaction on reward of employees and their performance.


1.4     Significance of the Study

          This study will play a very important role to the organizations, which may be having the same problem with their workers attitude in their work. This will be important to students of management studies and private business owners as it will enable them to understand their workers motivation and what maintain their happiness at the workplace.

          This research would recommend to all people at all top management class in all and capital intensive organizations as no organization exist without employees.


1.5     Research Questions

1. To what extent does determining the employees level of satisfaction on intrinsic reward?

2. How will ascertaining the level of satisfaction of employees on their extremis rewards affect the organization profit and employee’s performance?

3. How can one identify the rewards that are positively correlated with employee’s performance?

4. Are there significant differences in the level of satisfaction on reward of employee’s and their performance?

1.6 Scope of the Study

          The scope of this study is the impact of reward on organizational profit and employee’s performance on Emenite ltd Emene Enugu state. However, the information repaired by the researcher was particularly a recited, to select the number of staff or organization ranging from the senior staff, the supervisor and junior staff or Emenite ltd Emene Enugu state.

1.7 Definition of Terms

Performance: as a process of discharging of duty assigned to an employee.

Job Satisfaction: Is the totality of an individual’s social and psychological e being relating to his job and performance.

Product Inspection: This is a critical examination in the development of any new product.

Reward: Sees as a fringe benefit or compensation given to an employee for a job done.

Management: Is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.

Satisfaction: This is a feeling one has on the job when satisfied or motivational factors are present in one’s job

Motivation: Which consist of those inner forces which energized, direct and sustain behavior towards goals attainment to Denga.

Profit: Is a gain derives from an investment after the initial cost has been deducted

Employee: is a person who entered into or works under a contract with an employer.


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