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1.0    Introduction

1.1       Detail of The Business

1.2    Scope of the Report

2.1    Status Survey of the Business, Status Report

3.1       Market Potential Analysis

3.2       Technical Feasibility

4.1    Selection of Equipment

5.1    Raw Material Specification & Requirement

6.0    Raw Material Requirement

6.1    Capacity Utilization

6.2       Power Requirement

6.3        Manpower Requirement

7.1        Cost Of Project And Means Of Finance

8.1        Working Capital Requirement Utilities

8.2    Preliminary & Pre-Operative Expenses

9.0    Financial Viability of the Project

10.0  Profitability Analysis

11.0            Cash cum Find Flow State

12.0            Conclusion





This small scale project, started with a substantial amount with the aim of producing good quality cakes in order to satisfy the yearning of students of Yabatech toward good quality pastry.  Also to provide instant snacks for the working class and students xo that their taste for quality pastry will be met.  It is a lucrative business with staff strength of your for start.

          The aim and objective of venturing into production and packaging of cakes include the opportunity of being independent self employed and having satisfaction on what the group decided to venture into.

          Also, this feasibility study will permit a chance of contributing our quota towards the economic development by applying good approach to some problems in the production, packaging and sales strategy in the food industry.  It also helps to prove the fact that going I tertiary institution is not the acquire skill but to practice effectively using the skills, hence reducing number of Graduate looking for job rather the creating job opportunities themselves



The business is going to be a group business consisting of four (4) supervisors and the rest as the workers who will distribute and market the product.

The location of the business is HND II Book publishing class.  This will enhance the profitability and success of the business because of its nearness to the student population targeted at and the closeness to offices around the institution.

The average working hour will be from 8a.m to 4p.m (8hrs) for 6 days Monday – Saturday per week.  This will result into about 312 days in a year.  The production exercise include, Buying of 7 hour and all other ingredients needed for the job mixing and baking, packaging e.t.c. so also the transportation and distribution of the products at strategic area.

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