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The general purpose of this study was on entrepreneurship initiative for poverty reduction among youths in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. The study was designed to identify the entrepreneurship ideas needed for poverty reduction among youth, find out ways entrepreneurship initiative can enhance social and economics status, find out problems facing the entrepreneurship initiative among youths, proffered solution to the problem of entrepreneurship ideas among youths. A survey design was used to guide the study; the population of this study is 400 while the simple size of the study was 200 unemployed youth respondents in 3 Development Centre. The data for the study were collected using structured questionnaire and was analyzed using frequency and mean. The finding of the study shows that; entrepreneurship ideas will help to reduce poverty among youth in Nsukka Local Government Area, entrepreneurship initiative can enhance social and economic status among youth in Nsukka, problem facing the entrepreneurship ideas among youth in Nsukka and proffer solution to the problem of entrepreneurship ideas among youth in Nsukka. Based on the findings, it was recommended that government and non-government organization should assist in building more skill acquisition centre to the youth, government should developed the quality entrepreneurship education to enable the youth fit into labour market and provide adequate fund for non-formed training for unemployment youth in fish farming poultry and crop production. 




Background to the Study

Statement of Problem

Purpose of the Study

Significance of the Study

Scope of the Study

Research Question                 




Conceptual Framework

Review of related empirical literature

Summary related literature




Research Design

Area of the Study

Population of the study

Sample and Sampling Techniques

Instrument for Data Collection

Validation of the Instrument

Method of Data Collection

Method of data Analysis.

Decision Rule






Summary of the Study



Implication of the Study

Limitation of the Study 

Suggestion for Further Study







Background to the Study

          It is a common experience that about 80% of the graduates from Nigerian Universities find it very difficult to get employment every year. This is partly due to the curricula of the Universities and other tertiary institutions, which emphasis on training for white –collar jobs, (Okojie 2008). Nigeria as a nation has been making more efforts to improve the standard of living for people through various policies and programme to eradicate poverty. for instance, operation feed the nation, (OFN) 1976 encourage people to return to farm, National Directorate of Employment of 1986 was established to capture the unemployed and equip them with the necessary skills that will make  them employable and self sustaining, Poverty Alleviation Programmes (PAP) 2000 was introduced to reduce unemployment and raise effective demand in the economy, and National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) 2001, provided many youths with the “Keke NAPEP” mass transit vehicles.  

          In Nigeria and other African countries poverty is described as a socio-economic problem that affects the growth and development of the region. Poverty is also the inability of one to have the basic necessities of life, that is basically not having enough food to eat, a high rate of infant mortality, low educational opportunities (Aluko, 2011). The government of this country have designed and embarked on several measures to reduce the degree of poverty and improve the social well-being of the people.

          According to Michael and Dories (2001) initiative as an incubator of Ideas, to explore new ideas and learn how to take a new company body into the future Michael also stated that initiative is a personal quality that shows a willingness to get things done and take responsibility and self discipline, ability to take action that are in the long-term best interest.

          Entrepreneurship Initiative as defined by the European parliament  (2006) is an individuals ability to turn ideas into action, it includes creativity, innovation and risk taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage project in order to achieve objective. Thus support individuals, not only in their every day lives at home and in the society, but  also in the workplace in being aware of the context of their work and being able to seize opportunities. This is a foundation for more specific skills and knowledge needed by those establishing or contributing to social or commercial activity. This should include awareness of ethnical values and promotion of good governance.

          Entrepreneurship initiative is one of the measures embraced by the government to reduce poverty and unemployment in the country (Arogundade, 2011). Basu (2004) suggest that entrepreneurship initiatives often have aspiration different to those of common people. Other personal characteristic that supposedly differentiate entrepreneurship from business owned manager include, initiative, a willingness to take risks, self-confidence, perseverance, resourcefulness, independence, tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity.

          The world entrepreneurship is derived from the French world entreprendre, meaning to undertake, to pursue opportunities, to fulfill needs and wants through innovation: This may include starting business inside or outside an established organization. Entrepreneurship According to Odusina (2000) is the process of using available capital in any form for business endeavors in an open and free-market economy for the sole purpose of making profits. Entrepreneurship also as defined by Peters, (2001) is a process of creating something new with value by devoting  necessary time and efforts assuring the accompanying financial, and social risks and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence.

          An entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to see and evaluate business opportunities, to gather the necessary resources, to take advantage of the end and initiate appropriate action, to ensure success (Meredith, Nelson and Nick, 2000). Entrepreneur see “problem” as “opportunities”. And then take action to identify the solutions to those problems and the customer who will pay to have those young people and build on their strong spirit of risk-taking through entrepreneurship development.  An entrepreneur is an individual who is able to use organized efforts to pursue opportunities, to create value and grow by fulfilling wants and needs through innovation and uniqueness. (Uzoma, 2000). As a consequence, the entrepreneur disturbs the status quo and may thus be regarded as a change agent. In such a capacity he or she does not just work for him or herself in a small firm but may be employed in a large organization (Kirby, 2008).

Statement of Problem

          Entrepreneurship initiative is very important in Nsukka Local Government Area, because the unemployed youths are still dwelling in abject  poverty. The need to reduce poverty to the barest minimum has been the Challenge for Nigerian Government. In other word, they are unemployed; not because they lack the qualification but because the system has been crippled politically, economically, socio-culturally and even religiously. There was no opportunities for the unemployed youth in Nsukka to be involved in decision making progress in the matters that affect their environment and society owing to lack of entrepreneurship education. It is unfortunate that in Nsukka  Local Government area, there is little or no entrepreneurship imitative programme for the  development of youths in the area.

          In Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, the youths who are supposed to be young entrepreneur and contribute their quota to the economics development of their society find it difficult to cope due to lack of infrastructural facilities, lack of increase in supply of stead and sustainable power supply, lack of insufficient roads and lack of entrepreneurial skill that would  have enabled the graduates to see themselves as job creators rather than job seekers. So many people living in Nsukka Local Government Area are mostly  poor, especial the youths who live school without the knowledge of entrepreneur and it has led to the economics backwardness of the youths in the state.

          However , the problem of the study is that when youths are living in abject  poverty it leads them to prostitution, unwanted pregnancy, armed-robbery, kidnapping and 419 . This is worrisome, because if this is not looked into, it will not only affect the youths in the state but the country as a whole. This is the reason why the researcher intends to ascertain the entrepreneurship initiative for poverty reduction among youths in Nsukka. 


Purpose of the Study

          The main purpose of this study is to investigate the entrepreneurship initiative for poverty reduction among youths in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.

  Specifically the study tends to:

1.     Identify the Entrepreneurship Ideas needed to reduce poverty among youths in Nsukka Local Government Area.

2.    Find out ways entrepreneurship Initiative can enhance social and economic status

3.    Find out Problems facing the Entrepreneurship Initiative among youths in Nsukka Local Government Area.

4.    Proffer solution to the problem of entrepreneurship ideas among youths in Nsukka Local Government Area.

Significance of the Study

          The study will be beneficial to youths because they will be exposed to so many opportunities on how to be self-employed, and how to create wealth on their own without carrying files about after graduating from tertiary institutions. This study will   also  be of  great benefit to the families and individuals, because the information from this study will open their eyes to know many skills acquisition that will help them fight against poverty.

          The government will benefit greatly from this studies because when these  youths are properly oriented, equipped with the knowledge of entrepreneurship initiative,  development will come to the state, both socio- economic, political and psychological. The society will also be beneficial from this research because the government will put appropriate measures in organizing seminar, conference and work-shop on how to reorient the youths on the importance of entrepreneurship ideas.

Scope of the Study

          This study focuses on the entrepreneurship initiative for poverty reduction among youths in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State; it also identify the entrepreneurship idea needed to reduce poverty among youths, Finds out ways entrepreneurship initiative can enhance social and economic status. Find out problems facing entrepreneurship initiative for poverty reduction among youths. proffer   solution  to the problem of entrepreneurship idea for poverty reduction among youths in Nsukka Local Government Area. youths in Nsukka Local Government Area are the respondents.

Research Question                

          The following are the research question to guide this study:

1.   What are the Entrepreneurship Ideas needed to reduce poverty among youth in Nsukka Local Government Area.?

2.   What are the ways entrepreneurship initiative can enhance social and economic state.?

3.   What are the problem facing the entrepreneurship initiative in Nsukka Local Government.?

4.    What are the possible solution to the problem of   Entrepreneurship Ideas among youth in Nsukka Local Government Area.?

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