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This research is designed to investigate the attitude of employee to work in order to achieve this purpose questionnaires were design and administered to the staff of the company. The data received from the respondents were analysed using simple percentage and chi-square method to determine frequency distribution while the certification analysed method. Objective and aims of the study is caused on employees attitude to work and how it influence individual and group contribution on the achievement of management attentiveness. Training and workshop on attitude and office ethic should be established to help develop position attitude to work. 





Title Page

Certification ---     ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      i

Dedication ---       ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ii

Acknowledgements ---   ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      iii

Table of Contents ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      iv

Abstract --- ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      vii


1.1          Background to the Study ---    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      1

1.2          Statement of the Problem        ---     ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      2       

1.3          Research Questions ---   ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      2

1.4          Objective of the Study ---        ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      3       

1.5          Statement of  Hypotheses       ---     ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      3

1.6          Scope of the Study ---    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      4

1.7          Significance of the Study ---    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      4

1.8          Limitation of the Study ---       ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      5

1.9          Operational Definition of Terms ---  ---      ---      ---      ---      5





2.1    Concept of Attitude ---  ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      8

2.2    Components of Job Attitude  ---                 ---      ---      ---     ---      10

2.3    Measurement of Job Attitude  ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      17


3.1     Research Design ---        ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      19

3.2     Population of the Study---       ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      19     

3.3     Instrumentation ---                  ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      20

3.4     Sample and Sampling Techniques ---         ---      ---      ---      ---      20

3.5     Method of Data Collection --- ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      21

3.6     Method of Data Analysis ---    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      21


4.1     Data Presentation ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      23

4.2     Data Analysis ---  ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      24

4.3     Test of Hypotheses ---   ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      33

4.4     Discussion of Findings ---       ----     ---      ---      ---      ---      34





5.1     Summary ---         ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      36

5.2     Conclusion ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      38

5.3     Recommendations         ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      39















1.1     Background of the Study

The topic of this study is designed to enable us critically examine the importance of employee attitude to work on the achievement of organizational efficiency also to point out factors that have positive and negative effect on employee attitude to work. There are much emphasis on moral and ethical practice job performance depending on the organization and its culture. It will be highlighted in this study that majority of the variable that affect the successful performance of C’even industries Nigeria limited on customers relationship and building workers attitude has been provoked since the establishment of the industries till present. But most Nigeria employee attitude development. It is on the background, this attempted were being made at providing meaning suggestions and conductive environment.




1.2     Statement of the Research Problem

Attitudes are behaviour that could either be favorable or unfavorable. It’s difficult to easily understand why people behave the way they do which have been a major problem to increase in productivity in most business organization.

1.3     Research Questions

In the course of this research we shall find answer to the following question.

(1)             How does employees attitude affect efficiency?

(2)             How management teams contribute to the negative attitude of employee’s?

(3)             Does employee’s attitude influence customer’s relationship?

(4)             In what way can individual influence group in a work environment?

(5)             Information patterns and communication affect employee attitude?



1.4     Objective of the Study.

The study focuses employee’s attitude to work and how it affects individual and group contribution to the achievement of organizational efficiency in C’even Industrial Nigeria Limited Aviele for his primary objective are:

a.                 To investigate employee’s attitude affect the realization of the organization effectiveness.

b.                 To identify the effect of the prevailing employee attitude to work as well as recommends enhancing possible solution to enhance good employee attitude.

1.5     Statement of Hypotheses

The following hypothesis directs the trust of the study;

                         (1)            Employees attitude to work affects the organism efficiency.

                         (2)            The organizational efficiency has significance relationship with the employee’s attitude to work.



1.6     Scope of the Study

Theoretical and empirical investigation have emphasized the crucial role that behavioral attitude plays in fostering the development of today’s organization. The present emphasis on indigenous techniques innovation and entrepreneurship to shape work environment and employee’s job satisfaction and motivation stems from the feeling of post attempted to stimulate third world development. This study will also lay emphasis on attitude from academic point of view using a limited population size from the industry order study.

1.7     Significant of the Study

The studies of the employee’s attitude to work are an instrument for increasing organizational efficiency. The study is useful to a great extent to both the employees and the organization at large. It is important to undertake such as the means of increasing employees efficiency and effectiveness. It should be noted that the efficiency of any business organization rest on the employees attitude to work.



1.8            Limitation Of The Study

This research work is an empirical study on employee behavioral attitude in a work environment. How it influence productivities. The work is strictly subjected to academic usage. The population of C’ even industrial as to large than the researcher can utilize in view of this, a limited number was used as a sample size which was selected randomly to represented every existing departments and unit.

1.9            Operational Definition Of Terms

Attitude: a behavioral characteristics that are either unfavorable or favorable which influence human activities.

Efficiency: this is the quality of being able to do a task successfully.

Influence: the power to affect other person’s in order to enhance its effectiveness.

Development: a long term progress of the organization on how to manage the firm.

Ethnic: the pattern or formal ways rules or moral studies which an organization professionally ahead to rationally.

Effect: this is seen as a result cause or outcome. It can also be seen as being operative or functional accomplishment.

Employees: an individual who work part time or full time under a contract or employment and has recognized right and duties also called worker.

Performance: this is the accomplishment of a given task measured against a present know standard or accuracy completeness cost and speed. It can also be seen as the act of process of design a job or task.

Appraisal: this is the act of assessing something or someone. It is an assessment or estimation of the worth, value or quality of a person or thing.

Productivity: this can be defined as the total output of an organization in a particular period of time. It can be seen as a measure relating a quantity of output to the input required to produce it.

Organization: this is a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collection goals.

Performance Appraisal: this is defined as a structural formal interview between subordinate and supervisor, that usually takes the form of periodic interview (usually or semi annually), in which the work performance of the subordinate is examined and discussed, with the view of identifying the weakness and strengths as well as opportunities for improvement and development (Decenzeo, 1995)

Human resources: these are human being used in the production process they could also be called employees or provider of labour. It is a department of a business or organization management and training of personal.

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