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This research work focused its attention on the effects of on the job training on the effectiveness in private organization. (A Case Study of Bowen University Iwo, Osun State). The population was based on 26 secretaries and is limited to secretaries in the Bowen University for the purpose of collecting information. Various literatures tests were consulted; also a well structured questionnaire was designed and administrated on the subjects. Three research questions were used and they are as follows (i) What are the training opportunities that can chance the effectiveness of the secretary in private organization. (ii) What are the problems that can be created by training on the effectiveness of secretaries in private organization? (iii) What are the training opportunities that can affect the effective performance of secretaries in private organization? The use of simple mean method to analyze the three research questions provided the empirical basis for the discussion and presentation of the data. The study concluded that such training like conference, workshop and lecture combine together to influence the productivity of secretaries. In conclusion, it was found out that, any attempt to make provision for training for secretaries will influence productivity positively in the same way; any attempt to leave them undone will influence productivity negatively. Recommend for the secretaries to embark on training to enhance their productivity in office.  


Title page                                                                                                       i

Certification                                                                                                  ii

Dedication                                                                                                     iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                       iv

Abstract                                                                                                          v

Table of Content                                                                                          vi



BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY                                               1

1.0       Introduction                                                                                       1

1.1       Types of training                                                                              1

1.2       Function of training                                                                                     2

1.3       Effectiveness of secretaries                                                           2

1.4       Private organization                                                                        3

1.5         Statement of the problem                                                               3

1.6         Research questions                                                                        4

1.7         Purpose of the study                                                                       4

1.8         Significance of the study                                                               4

1.9       Limitation of the study                                                                     4


            CHAPTER TWO

LITERATURE REVIEW                                                                 5

2.0       Introduction                                                                                       5                     

2.1       Who is a secretary?                                                                         5

2.2       Secretarial course as a profession                                               6

2.3       Concept of training and development                                         6

2.4       Method of on the job training                                                         8

2.5       Importance of training and development on secretary              10

2.6       Training required of a secretary                                                    11

2.7       Computer word processor                                                              12

2.8       Types of secretaries                                                                        13

2.9       Managerial development of today’s secretary                            14

            CHAPTER THREE

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                                    15

3.0       Introduction                                                                                       15                   

3.1       Population                                                                                        15

3.2       Sample size                                                                                      15

3.3       Research instrumentation                                                             15

3.4       Method of data collection                                                               16

3.5       Method of data analysis                                                                 16


            CHAPTER FOUR

            PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA                                17

4.0         Introduction                                                                                       17

4.1       Analysis of Bio-Data                                                                       17 

4.2       Analysis of data                                                                               18


            CHAPTER FIVE


 RECOMMENDATION                                                                    21

5.0       Introduction                                                                                       21

5.1       Summary of findings                                                                       21

5.2       Conclusion                                                                                       22

5.3       Recommendation                                                                            22

5.4       Suggestion for further study                                                          22

            References                                                                                       23

           Appendix                                                                                           24                   





1.0       Introduction

There are two principal methods for ensuring that the organizational members have the desired traits, skills and abilities.

The first is through selection while the second is training and competency.

According to Lawal (1993) training is the process of acquiring knowledge qualifications and skills necessary for specific purpose. Through training activities old talent may be up-dated and new ones developed.


1.1       Types of Training

One-the Job-Orientation: - This method is used to introduce in-coming workers into the details of the specific jobs that they would need carry out when they resume at their different desks. This is necessary to bridge the gap between their class knowledge and skill and real expectation in the work situation.

Apprenticeship Training: - This is where inexperienced worker will be provided with training under the supervision of an experienced worker.

Job Rotation: - This is the situation where a member of staff is moved round different intervals of time. The reason for this is to enable the staffer acquires diverse experience on the job for readiness to take up leadership role in the foreseeable future.   

Vestibule Training: - This is an intermediate approach between on the job training, workers learn the required skills and experience more quickly in the specialized learning situation because, there is the assurance adequate time and attention will be given to training and quantitative performance.

Seminar: - A seminar is a class in colleges of polytechnics where small group of students and their lecturers come together purposely to discuss on a topic.

Conference: - This is an avenue where expert or professionals from different fields come together to relate their knowledge and innovations with others.   

Outside Course: These are training which are taken either at all time or part time levels.  Various training institutions and organizations such as Technical Colleges, Polytechnics, University and even private institutions conduct this type of training.


1.2       Functions of Training

According to Odiage (1988) as sited by Weston (1990) training is the systematic building or improvement of a person’s knowledge, skills and attitudes for satisfactory performance.

Odiagbe further stress some of the functions that can be derived from training by the organization  of course, those of them who are ready and willing to go extra mile to remain current and up to date with the fast changing socio- economic development.

According to Onuk (2002) opened that the movement of modern secretary from behind the typewriter to the board room offers some useful lessons and hopes.  In the first place, this is on indication that secretarial training function has gone beyond the traditional trains, in shorthand, commercial correspondence, and general self – component particularly where on telephone cells and receiving visitors.

Toady’s secretary must, as a matter of necessity, be a member of the management team. He must be capable of observing in any managerial position in human resources management, and financial administration.


1.3       Effectiveness of Secretaries

Effectiveness connotes ability to perform satisfy a desire objective.  Efficiency reflects effectiveness at the minimum cost post possible.

            At times, the secretary may make mistakes and this could cause the anger of the boss. Whenever this happen, the secretarial staff should engages in face – saving arguments, rather, he should own up to the mistakes and apologies accordingly and thereafter, guide against repeating such mistake in the future.


1.4       Private Organization

            Private organizations are owned and controlled by private individuals. And not government the intention for floating such organization is usually to make profit and not for the sake of profit making.

            Secretaries on the job training have become increasing important to the success of the   organization because of rapid changes.

            In Nigeria today, many organizations have their own training and development which organized different programs for improving the skills of their workers. Many others send their staff for external training and development both within and outside the country. The effectiveness of training will depend on several factors clear analysis of the organization training methods that would enhance the trainee’s knowledge his job and provide him with an understanding of behaviors.

            In conclusion, training can be viewed as one essential input in management efforts to improve all performance of the enterprises.


1.5       Statement of Problem 

            In views of the problems been encountered by organization in which secretaries are found wanting in the quest to discharge their duties effectively, there is great need for organizations to concern on the training of their secretaries in other to ensure effectiveness towards the attainment of organizational goal and objectives.

            Therefore, the question that provoke the researchers to study this work ‘’effects of the job training on the effectiveness of the secretary in private organization ‘’ is based on the following facts,

(1)          To identify the training opportunity that can enhance the effectiveness of the secretary.

(2)          To know if training can affect influence the morale on the secretary.

1.6       Research Question

(i)            what are the training opportunity that can enhance the effectiveness of the secretary in private organization.

(ii)          What are the problems that can be created by training on the effectiveness of secretaries in private organization?

(iii)         What are the training opportunities that can affect the effective performance of secretaries in private organization?


1.7       Purpose of the Study

            The purpose of this study is to examine critically, the effect of on the job training on the effectiveness of secretaries in private organizations.

            The study will also highlights the duties performance by secretaries as well as ways in which on the job training could be used to enhance effectiveness of the secretary for the attainment of organization goals and objectives.


1.8       Significance of the Study

            Secretarial and clerical personnel need training and development in order to be highly productivity, thus this study will assist the secretaries and other clerical workers to know the influence of training and development on their productivity.

            It will help the organization that wants to increase it productivity to provide adequate training for its secretaries.


1.9       Limitation of the Study    

Due to financial and time constraints on organization has been selected instead of considering a few others.

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