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The emergence of automated systems in this IT world has reflected changes in the operations in the academic system. Automation has been seen as a way of enhancing Manual activities. The general task of solving timetable scheduling problems is iterative and time consuming. To eradicate the stress involved in manually designing, this project work tends to examine the design and implementation of web based time table scheduling system.

For the successful implementation of the automated system, the followings were used in the design of the system;  xampp server, Web logic, Web sphere, Sun application, Internet information system (IIS), security software which includes (a) firewall and intrusion Detection system (IDS)

The system has been developed with much care that, its free of errors and at the same time it is efficient and less time consuming.















1.0     Introduction        

1.1     Statement of the Problem       

1.2     Aim and Objectives

1.3     Scope of the Study       

1.4     Limitation of the Study

1.5     Organization of the Work

1.6     Definition of Terms



2.0     Literature Review

2.1     Formulation of Timetable Problems

2.2     Constraints

2.3     Internet Backbone         

2.4     The Concept of World Wide Web (WWW)



3.0     Introduction        

3.1     System Analysis Design

3.2     Review of the existing System

3.3     Information Flow in timetable Production

3.3.1  Timetable Production System

3.3.2  Data

3.3.3  Paper Web Page

3.4     Data Preparation

3.4.1  Basic Data 

3.4.2  Period Data

3.4.3  Timetable Data

3.5     The Architecture

3.6     Technological Resources

3.7     Use Case

3.8     Work Flow Modelling

3.9     Student Table

3.10   Time Table (Courses and time) Table



4.0     Systems Implementation, hosting and documentation

4.1     Preamble

4.2     System Requirements

4.2.1  Client side application Requirements

4.2.2  Server side application Requirements       

4.3     Application Installation Procedure

4.3.1  Domain Name Registration

4.3.2  Web Server Configuration

4.3.3  Web Hosting Procedure

4.4     Documentation

4.4.1  Starting the Application

4.4.2  Description of the Links



5.0     Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1     Conclusion

5.2     Recommendations        












The academic environment has gone so complex that an automated system may be required to automate certain aspects of the academic system. One such area of difficulty is timetable scheduling; (Pius, 2007) those saddled with the responsibility of time table creation are always faced with challenges of creating effective system that will deliver its purpose ( Kann, 2002).

Automation has been seen as a way of enhancing Manual activities. For instance, manual operations are characterized with some setbacks such as erroneous computation etc. with automation, those setbacks are either eliminated or reduced to barest minimal. To this effect application are being created to hide the manual operations and project automation.

The general task of solving timetable scheduling problems is iterative and time consuming. In real world application, the participants to the timetable scheduling have conflicting preferences which make the search for an optimal solution a problem. In order to solve the problem it is necessary to find a compromise between all the parties involved in the requirement, which is usually conflicting  (Wang, 2001). The constraints are related to the availability, timetabling and preference of each of the instructor, to classrooms  availability, number of student and curricula (Pillay, 2009). In order to solve this problem for the particular case of university system, timetable scheduling has to adopt the computer-base approach. Computer-base approach enables the institution to automate certain manual task and work efficiently. Also, in the particular case of timetable scheduling, the automated system could find an optimal or a sub-optimal solution using mainly inter agent communication.



The scheduling problem can be defined as a problem of finding the optimal sequence for evaluating a finite set of operation (task or job) under a certain set of constrains that must be satisfied . A typical example of scheduling problem is timetable scheduling. The problems to be solved by timetable scheduling are mapped out below.

The first problem is time consuming, wasted time occur when committee members need to arrange many timetable manually (Kann, 2002).

Second, possibility of making mistakes and error is high in a manual timetabling. At a time, committee member need to consider many criteria (Pillay, Banzhaf, 2010).

 Lastly, increase students in University every year become the reason manual system practiced will not be able to support the timetable scheduling using manual.(Yue, Li, Xiao, 2009).

All these problems and more are to be solved so that the proposal solution for timetable scheduling will be an enchantment over the manual.



The aim of this project is to develop a web based timetabling system. In archiving this aim, the following  specific objectives are formulated:

1.     To gather the requirements of the proposal web-based timetabling system.

2.     To design a web-based timetabling system.

3.     Implement the design in (2).



Timetable scheduling is a complex and time consuming process. Generating timetable for all levels in a university system will definitely take a lot of time. For the purpose of this work, timetable creation will be based on degree program only with focus on 100 to 400 level courses, this will be an effective way to start the process of time table creation.

Also, the work will be made to run on the internet backbone this will make the application distributed and network based.



The proposed development is a time consuming process to this end, the project will be streatline to 100 and 400-degree program due to time limitation.

Another problem is the inadequate research materials on the subject of timetable scheduling and creation. This project work made use of the little available materials.



The project work is organized into chapter for the purpose of clarity. The remaining part of this work is organized thus:  chapter two discusses the review of relevant literature on timetable on timetable scheduling and optimization.

Chapter three focuses on the design of the processes are discussed on this chapter.

Chapter four discusses the implementation of the developed system. Chapter five concludes the work with conclusion and recommendation.



CSP (Constraint satisfaction problem):- Are mathematical problems defined as a set of objects whose state must satisfy a number of constraints or limitations.

UTPS (University course timetabling problems):-Are search problems in which subjects must be arranged around a set of time slots so as to satisfy a given constraints and optimize a set of objective.

WWW (world wide web):-The World Wide Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet with a web browser.

BLL (Business Logic layer):- Ensure data exchanges with the interface layer.

INTERNET:- Internet is a global system of interconnected computer network that enhance data by packet snatching, using the standardized internet protocol suite (TCP/IP).

AIP (Application Installation Procedure):- Web application are rather hosted, web history in a dedicated process for transferring the developed web application to the web server.

URL (Uniform Resources Location):- Is a protocol that locates each resource. The URL is also seen as the address of the website.

WSC (Web Server Configuration):-This is vital stage in web hosting, web server configuration start with the installation of the appropriate web server software.

WHP (Web Hosting Procedure):-Web hosting is the uploading of developed application to the web server.

WBI (Web Base Interface):-which make the applications to be run from remote system.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor):-This is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also use general-purpose programming language.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language):-This is use to create a web page.

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