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This project work examined “The Origin Causes and effects of Cultism in Nigerian Universities.


Cultism has been one of banes of the Higher Institutions. It is a cankerworm that has gradually eaten deep into the fabrics of the universities and other higher institutions and even the large society.


This worked is divided into four chapters the first chapter dwelled on the introduction, purpose, scope and methodology.

Chapter two focused on the literature review. Chapter three is discussed the causes of the prolification of cultism in Nigerian Universities, while chapter four is concerned with the Summary, Conclusion and Accommodations of the study.


It is important that, of cultism is to be eradicated all hands must be on deck to find solution to it.










Cover Page                                                                                                                  i

Certification                                                                                                                ii

Dedication                                                                                                                  iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                      iv

Abstract                                                                                                                      v

Table of Contents                                                                                                       vi



1.0              Introduction                                                                                                    1

1.1       Statement of Problem                                                                                                 2

1.2       Purpose of Study                                                                                            3

1.3       Scope and Methodology                                                                                 3

            Reference                                                                                                        5



2.0       Literature Review                                                                                           6

            Reference                                                                                                        15



3.0       Proliferation of Cultism in Nigeria Universities: Plausible Factors                18

3.1       Factors that Affect the Growth/Proliferation of Cultism in

Nigerian Higher Institutions.                                                                          20

3.1.1    The Education Sector and Cultism                                                                 21

3.1.2    Nigerian Society and Cultism                                                                         23  Military Coups                                                                                               23 Political Assassination                                                                                    25 Ethnic Militia                                                                                                  26 Diminution of Family Influence                                                                     29

3.13     Nigerian Law                                                                                                  30

            End Notes and References                                                                             34



Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations                                                           37

4.1              Summary                                                                                                         37

4.2              Conclusion                                                                                                      39

4.3              Recommendation                                                                                            43

References                                                                                                      45





Nigerian Institutions of higher learning have often been regarded as "citadels of learning" or “Ivory Towers” until recently, as a result of the incessant increase in cult activities on Nigerian campuses. A look at Nigerian newspapers and magazines would depict the daily exploits of members of cults on campuses. As has been observed by Eneji (1996), almost every passing day, there are new stories of devilish acts carried out by secret cults on Nigerians Higher Institutions. But then, what exactly is cultism? or more specifically; what is a secret cult? 



The word "cultism" etymologically can be traced to the Latin word "Cultus" which mean's to worship. The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (2001), states that, cultism is "a small group of people who have extreme religious beliefs and who are not part of any established religion.”

Another dictionary defines cultism as "an orthodox or false religion” or a great often excessive admiration of a person.” A more related definition would be cultism regarded as "something which is popular and regarded as particularly significant by a certain group of people. In another dimension the Oxford Concise Dictionary of Sociology (1996) gives the anthropological definition of “a ‘cult’ as a set of practices and beliefs of a group in relation to a particular god” it also gives a sociological definition of it as a small group of religious activists whose beliefs are typically secret, esoteric and individualistic. Ogunbameru (1997) defines as activities which are kept away from the knowledge of others. These activities are essentially covert, disguised and are usually carried out behind closed doors. From these definitions cultism or a secret cult could be defined as a group of people whose activities are carried out in exclusive locations and unusual times without being exposed to the uninitiated, or one may define a secret cult as “a clique formed by a particular people in order to achieve peculiar interests common among them, usually manipulative, aggressive and shrouded in secrecy.”




Nigerian Institutions including Universities, Polytechnic, Colleges of Education, once known for their prestige and high standard in imparting knowledge have. fallen into the portals of disrepute receiving disdain from the society and the academic community in the outside world due to the infiltration of secret cults who unleash violence on Nigerian Institutions of Higher learning.



The research makes an attempt of tracing the origin of cultism in Nigerian Higher Institutions, depicting and elucidating those conditions that stimulate and promote cultism and also analyse the various policies put in place by the Nigerian government and the administration of these institutions.




This work examines the issue of cultism in Nigerian Higher Institutions. To give the reader the basic idea of what cultism is about, the writer begins with various definitions of cultism propounded by various scholars in the introduction, then moves outwards and discusses the changes occurring in the educational sector which have some bearing on cultism propounded by various scholars in the introduction, then moves outwards and discusses the change occurring in the educational sector which have some bearing on cultism and the proliferation of cultism.

This is followed by the analysis of those changes which have taken -place in the society and play a role on the problem of cultism.

Furthermore, the study is divided into four chapters to include introduction, literature review, plausible factors and then solutions instigated is a content analysis research project whose methodolical approach adopts oral interview, written sources, electronic media sources which include articles, books, magazine, internet sources etc. distributed questionnaires and also visiting a number of tertiary institution to gather one on one opinion of the work under study from students in these tertiary institution.

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