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            In an attempt to alleviate the problem of medial diagnosis and to increase its affiance computerized patient diagnosis is development to assist doctor in diagnosing. The computerized patient diagnosis has the following features.

i.          Quick retrieval of information about patient

ii.         Effective security measurers for information protection

iii.        High degree of accuracy in diagnosing patient disease.

            This ensures provision of efficient medical services. It reduces life loss and damage that may occur as a result of mistakes.

            The project is carefully designed to give access to authority users. The project is menu driven and quite interactive it is designed is such a way that patients must be registered before they can be diagnosed. It is with patient registration number that the diagnosis form can be activated, the project is also designed to recommend laboratory test where necessary during the diagnosis process.



Title Page                                                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                   iv

Abstract                                                                                                                     v

Table of Content                                                                                                      vi-viii


1.0             Introduction                                                                                                  1-3     

1.1       Scope of Study                                                                                             3         

1.2       Diagnosis                                                                                                       3-4

1.3       Limitation of the Study                                                                               5

1.4       Aims and Objectives of the Study                                                             5         

1.5       Meaning of Medical Diagnosis                                                                  6

1.6       Usefulness of Computer                                                                             6


2.0             Literature Review                                                                                        7

2.1       Introduction                                                                                                  7

2.2       Classifications of Diseases                                                                                     8

2.2.1   Endocrine Disease                                                                                       8-12

2.3       Problem Facing using Manual Method                                                     12-13

2.5       Usefulness of Computer in Medical Line                                                13-14




3.0             System Analysis                                                                                           15

3.1       Analysis of the Existing System                                                                15       

3.2       Registration                                                                                                   15-16

3.3       Consultation                                                                                                 16

3.4.1   The In-Patient                                                                                               16

3.4.2   The Out-Patient                                                                                            17

3.5       Diagnosis                                                                                                       17

3.6       Diagnosis Book                                                                                            17

3.7       Problem of the Exiting System                                                                   17-18

3.8       Methodology                                                                                                18-19


4.0             System Design and Implementation                                                          20

4.1       Introduction                                                                                                  20

4.2       System Design                                                                                              21

4.3       Design Elements                                                                                           21-22

4.4       Input Design Specification                                                                         22-24

4.5       Output Design                                                                                               24-25

4.6       Processing Design                                                                                        25

4.7       File Design                                                                                                    25

4.7.1   File Layout                                                                                                    26

4.7.2   Diagnosis File                                                                                               27-28

4.7.3   Symptom File                                                                                                28

4.7.4   Treatment File                                                                                              28

4.8       Program Design                                                                                            28

4.9.1   Hardware Specification                                                                              29

4.9.2   Software                                                                                                        29


5.0             Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation                                          30

5.1       Summary                                                                                                       30

5.2       Conclusion                                                                                                    30-31

5.3       Recommendations                                                                                       31





1.0                                           INTRODUCTION

            The role of computer as a diagnostic tool cannot be over emphasized with the shortage of trained medical personnel experts ( ).

            Diagnosing is a complex process, because the symptoms of a disease are not consistent in all patients, the consultant diagnosis is based on the facts collected from the patient in diague with the computer  system.

            The doctor test hypothesis (perhaps referencing to other recorded case) until completely satisfied, all these are added to the experience and knowledge of the consultant himself.

            Doctors that are skilled at diagnosis and treatment are expected in our society to recognized the health problem of their patients (usually referred to as symptoms) recommend the best way of treat them and monitor the treatment until a stable health condition is achieved.

            During this course, it may be necessary to describe changes in died, administered dirges, used equipment for various body function to perform surgery.

            Developed countries who United State of America encourage prevention of disease and they have adequate facilities for treatment of various diseases.

            Some example of expensive and sophisticated technological equipment and machine employed. In these countries are heart surgery, dialysis machines and computer aided topology (CAT) scanners.

            There is also another types of scanner called position emission topography (PET) scanner which has advantage over (CAT) scanner is that its able to reveal the function of organs and censuses and not just their outline.

            Pet scanner is used for the following.

A.        Monitoring blood in certain tissue area of the heart.

B.        Accessing the intake of sugar in cancer tumor of the brain.

C.        Studying chemical reaction that may suggest a disease called schizophrenia or at zherimer’s disease.

            Apart from patient medical diagnosis which is the scope of this project, computer system can also be used in the following medical field areas:

1.         Hospital administration for tasks like man training inventorys of drugs, surgical equipment, hospital Accounting and bed allocation.

2.         Information on patients conditions detail of tests and ethnical reports may also be stored on the computer.

As a result, patient and ward summary report can be provided. The computer system through its fast processing ability act as vast encyclopedia of medical knowledge and large memory facility which allows efficient information storage and retrieval providing doctors with access to an ever increasing quality of information which possibly could un-be memorized .

            Areas in which computer aids in medical diagnosis include:

i.          Diagnosis Unless

ii.         Body imaging and so on.

1.1            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The scope of the study project is limited on the endocrine disease.

The project is developed so that it can be used to diagnose the same disease on patient in Wesley guide hospital Ilesa, and in other places.

Some endocrine disease covered in this project include:

·                     Diabetics methius

·                     Diabetics Insipidus

·                     Tryroloxosis

·                     Dwarefism

1.2              DIAGNOSIS

Medical care consist of three main parts.

1.         The diagnosis identification of disease or injury

2.         The treatment of disease or injury

3.         The prevention of disease

            Every health problem which is serious enough to require medical attention require a diagnosis.

            The doctors uses tool and skills to identify the disease or damage in the patient. Patient provide the doctor with a medical usury by answering question about their general condition and past unless. The doctor also ask question about suspected laments. When carrying out an examination the doctor looks or physical signs of the disease. Doctors also used their hand to press the probe organs beneath the skin for change in shape, size or for unusual hardness or softness. They tap the chest to listen to sounds of lungs diseases.

            After the medical history and physical examination. The doctors decides on tests that are needed if necessary. The simplest test can be carried out in a laboratory or health centre. Sample of blood, urine or throat swab are sent to the laboratory for most scientific analysis medical laboratories and diagnosis by making chemical and microscopic tests on body fluids and tissues.

            Sometimes, the doctors need to see the inside portion of the body. Ultrasound scanner are usually effective here, they use reflected ultrasound wave to create image and X-rays pass through their multiendoscopies, using a flexible these with its own fibre optic light sources as a means of viewing internal organ of the body indirectly.

            Doctors make use of the relevant information from the medical history of the patients, examination and text results to make final diagnosis general medical practitioner are familiar with most commonly occurring disease but a specialist expertise is usually needed to diagnose rave conditions.


In this projects, the study will limit on the endocrine disease that are common and effecting people in our surrounding due to time limit.

The specific number of disease, that are to be covered are: Diebeties mellities, Diebetics insipidies, tahyrotoxicosis and Dwarfism.


The main aims of this project is to develop and design a compute laze system which would assist doctors in diagnosing patient that are affected (iii) with the endocrine disease.

1.         To design and implement a very flexible, user-friendly computer aided diagnosis system.

2.         To use computer for diagnosing patient suffering from some common endocrine disease.

3.         To have a more accurate and timely diagnosis result.

4.         To improve the performance of medical personnel in diagnosing patients.

5.         To analysis the existing system by knowing how to the diagnosing is being done.

6.         To aid or assist the medical doctors in treatment of patient disease by suggesting the required treatments.


            Medical diagnosis can be defined simply as the synthesis of patients complaints through the symptoms or sign given and physical examination done by doctor in addition to the result of clinical investigation and prescription of drugs.


            After a series of interview from the medical personnel at state hospital Ado-Ekiti State.

The aim of introducing the computer technologies into the medical line is because of the following purpose.

1.         RECORD KEEPING: Computer machine has made the issue of keeping records easy rather the manual from the style.

2.         INTENSIVE CARE: Computer technology is very useful in treating emergency patients such as heart beat count to monitor patient heartbeat on the screen.

3.         ULTRASOUND: Computer technology has also made it easy to examine and check the hearth of the baby inside the womb before the birth.

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