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Compilation are entries that stand for books, articles in journals, magazine and newspaper, entries are collection of data that are meant to describe books and journals in a systematic order. The project is arranged and organized to aid bibliographers and student access required information in just second and also serve as index to all those wishing to know about poultry.

I hereby extend my unalloyed gratitude to my sibling/ friends and well wishers. My special appreciation equally goes to my lecturer, Ezemba Nabu, who is my Head of department and others.

My profound gratitude’s go to my project supervisor Mr. Onwurah who humbly, patiently and carefully read through my work and made necessary correction, infact he is the architect of this work.

My gratitude goes to my lovely parent, Mr. Kenneth Ikechukwu and Mrs Anthonia Ikechukwu. Most especially to my elder brother Mr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu.

My special thanks and gratitude go to my coordinator for her effort, I will not forget my lovely friends Anurika Aghaulor for her effort ot the success of this work.

Finally, my special thanks go to my aunty Mrs Mercy Akwiwu for her supports, both financially and materially.







PF:              Poultry farm

BS:             Broiler starter

BF:             Broiler finishers

FM:             Grower mash

LM:             Layer mash

NF:             vital feed

LF:              Livestock feed

TF:              Top feed

GH:             Guinea feed

BK:             Book

JN:              Journal

TH:             Thesis








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Approval page


Preface / Acknowledgement

Abbreviations and meanings

Table of contents


Bibliographic entries

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Poultry farms are farms that raise chickens, duck, turkeys and other birds for meat or egg production. In the must, poultry farming involved raising chickens in the back yard for daily egg production and family consumption. However, poultry farming today is a huge business that is split into several operations including hatcheries, pullet farms for meat product, or farms for egg producton. This paper will focus on poultry farms raising chickens.

          Chickens originated from jngle fowl I South Easten Asia around 3200Bc (Dr. faran personal communicsation  2009) chickens were domesticated and spread to China, India Africa, pacific Island and Europe. They were primarily raise for human consumption. In addition, their feathers were used for making cushions, litter for fertilizer and in some societies chickens were used in lock fighting as a source of entertainment.

          As the human population increase, the poultry industries continue ot grow to meet the demand for poultry products in world markets. The importance of poultry farms lies in the quality of product that are provided to humans. Broiler farms provides meat that supplies the human body with high quality proteins, layer farms provide egg rich in proteins and vitamins, especially the fat soluble vitamin (A.D.E and K) poultry farms are fast-paced operations that can expanded easily ot meet the ever-growign demand (Dr. M. Ferran, personal communication 2009).

          Chickens are fast growing animals. In the past, it took about 4 months to produce a two kilogram chicken. However a two-kilogram chicken can be produce in 42 days (Dr. M. Ferran, personal communication 2009). Due to this fact, a better understanding of husbanding practices, and use of new technologies, poultry farms can be profitable enterprise. Each operations in he poultry business has become a huge business by itself. Some farms specialize in producing eggs for market consumption, or for hatching chicks for the purpose of meat production. Other business are focused on feed preparation or on using the wastes of poultry farms for compost production and fertilizing farm lands. If managed and marketed well, all segments of the poultry business can be profitable.


This study will examine the feasibility of broiler producing farms in Lebanon. A rental for will be used as a representative case study for other poultry producers. Sensitivity analysis will use to determine potential profitability when input cost and point of sale values are varied. .







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Neba, chee.2013. pathogenic Avian influenza: Journal. 22 feb., p. 4-12.

Nweke, C.U. 2010. Moulds growing in commercial poultry feed: Book. 20 Nov., p. 4-19. 

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