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        This research project is a very crucial study for the entire public that makes use of salon within Enugu metropolis.  The researcher in this work tried to find out the extent the application of marketing concept can help in the effective and efficient running of an organization with particular reference to beauty salons.

        The researcher also tried to find out how the application of marketing concept helped in motivating the users of the beauty salons compared to others that knew nothing or little about marketing concept and its application.

        The researcher limited the scope of the study to the users of these salons at new haven independence layout and G.R.A Enugu.

        The work specially addressed the following issues:

i.          Determine the level of the application of marketing concept by Magic Fingers Beauty Home and Ultimate Beauty Salon.


ii.        To determine the quality of services rendered by magic finger  beauty home and ultimate beauty salon


iii.       To determine the level of disparity in terms of consumers satisfaction with services render by magic fingers beauty home and ultimate beauty salon.


iv.       To ascertain the services provided by ultimate hair dressing salon.


v.        To ascertain the degree of consumer satisfaction with the current sate of beauty salons I Enugu metropolis.


To ensure successful completion of this work, the researcher used some research instruments, which includes questionnaire, oral interview and personal observation for data collection.  The relevant data were collected form respondents, which comprises of the users of the beauty homes.

Data interpretation and analysis were done putting into

consideration the following;

i.          Age

ii.        Reaction to new hair styles and latest beauty treatments.

iii.       Reasons for choice of service provider

iv.       Salons preferred and reason in percentage


Finally it was found out that:

i.          The salon or beauty home that adopted marketing concept does better than the one that ignores the concept.


ii.        Customer feel more comfortable to patronize beauty homes that adopt the marketing concept.


iii.       The researcher further discovered that saloons that are ignorant of the marketing concept record a very high degree of low patronage.

So putting the customer first and seeing him as the king pays better in business.


                            TABLE OF CONTENTS


Title page

Approval page




Table of contents




Background of the study

Statement of problems

Objective of study


Significance of the study

Need of the study

Scope of the study

Delimitations of the study

Definitions of terms







Source of data

Population of study

Determination and selection of sample size









Summary of findings













        As known history moves towards the year 2005 with its awe inspiting problems and opportunities, the subject of marketing is attracting increasing attention form companies, institutions and nations.

        Marketing is an old, as well as a new profession.  It existed in the olden days or since the beginning of man.  That was the time of barter.  Marketing started evolving in earnest when small producers began to manufacture their goods in large qualities in anticipation of future orders.

The concept of divide on of layout and the ensuring specialization gave rise to this production of surpluses.

        The newness of marketing lies in the fact that it acquired distinct status at the turn of this century.

        According to Chewe (1987; p;10) “The marketing era dawned as manufactures finally recognized that they should first find out the needs and wants of consumers and then produce godds that would meet those needs and wants”.

        The most recent business groups to take an interest in marketing are professional service providers such as physicians, consultants, beauty service provides etc. service rangers from those that support products to those that exist on their own as object of exchange.  It is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything.  It s production may or many not be tied to a physical product.  Beauty salons belong to that group that can be categorize as a major service with accompanied minor goods.  Its is people based.

        Ultimate beauty saloon like most salons in Enugu metropolises is characterized by low capital, numerous but atomized sellers imperfect competition arising mainly from impact knowledge by service providers and consumers of the service.  Its is also characterized by poor educational background ultimate beauty salon is situated at o. 21 N29 street independence layout, Enugu, in the garage of a duplex building.  It is a sole propretoship type of business without employees.  The owner miss Ijeome Nwosu is a S.S.C.E holder that lack professional training on cosmetology, dermatology and other professions that are associated with beauty salon operation.  Her service is restricted to only hair treatment whereas there are many unadventured areas in beauty salon.  She has no plan for expansion neither has she learnt about marketing concepts less it’s application.

        While magic fingers beauty home located at No. 24 Queen’s Drive, Victoria Island Lagos is a foreign like beauty salon that makes use of the marketing concept.

It has an exotic, beautifully designed building.  The calm and relaxing atmosphere is quiet wonderful.  It has a frontal large expose of land.  The beauty salon is staffed with first graded therapists.  They have every possible treatment including carthiodemine aromatherapy, seaweed bath, manicures, a medium size Olympic swimming pool, a new light diet room, sauna baths, hair treatments, hydrotherapy, thalgo body treatments, spa bath, sauna and steam rooms, G.S vibro message etc.

        The girls are properly dressed, courteous and seems to imbibe all the qualities required in a service provider.  There is about a hundred staff, ranging from unskilled professionals like gardeners, security men etc. to beauty specialists or experts.  Because of competitors like shribland hall health clinic spring hydro, sopwell etc. they make use of the marketing concept to remain the market  leader in beauty industry.

        Mercelle D’Engy Smith by Cosmopolitan magazine says “this is the perfect break for the stressed working women”.

        All those that have been to magic fingers or other sophisticated salons in Lagos and have also been to Ultimate Hair Dressing Salon or ay other toddling stage salon within Enugu metropolis can see that there. Is a great need for the application of marketing concept for the current world standard I the marketing of hair dressing services.



        As more women get involve, educated sophisticated, widely exposed and try to meet up with their counterparts in other states, the need for upgrading our beauty salons raised. T the increasing cases of acid victims, over bleached skins, increase in number of foreigners, beauty conscious albinos, the quest for a modernized beauty  saloon is on the increase.

        But the salon industry in Enugu harbours the greatest number of confident tricksters.  There is no legal body that monitors or investigates compatibility of the service providers.  There are no rules or regulations as to the basis educational requirements for people setting up beauty saloon like qualifications in dermatology, cosmetology etc.  their level of performance is frustratingly below trends.

        Price liking is continuously made with little or no notification to notification to the consumers. Some dabble into services that hey do not have the necessary skills and training to perform like pedicure, facial treatment, manicure etc.

        The location, elaborate facilities and other conveniences (example air condition, fan, and sweet sound), external appearances, tasteful interior decorations etc. are not taken into consideration when citing service business location.

        The above mentioned problem is noticed with ultimate saloon but in the contract they have been already taken care of by magic fingers beauty home.  As a result, this study is undertaken to find out if there is need for the application of marketing concept in beauty salons in Enugu metropolis.



-              To determine if the level of the application of the marketing concept by magic fingers beauty home and ultimate beauty salon.

-              To determine if the quality of services rendered by magic fingers beauty home is higher than that offered by ultimate hair dressing salon.

-              To determine the level of disparity in terms of consumer satisfaction with service rendered by magic fingers beauty home and that of ultimate hair dressing salon.

-              To ascertain if there are areas consumers would like the services provided by ultimate hair dressing salon.

-              To ascertain the degree of consumers satisfaction with the current state of beauty salons in Enugu metropolis.



1.     There is higher consumer satisfaction on the quality of service rendered by magic fingers beauty home than that of ultimate hair dressing salon.


2.     Magic fingers beauty home covers wider areas than ultimate hair dressing salon.



        The usefulness of this study will be seen in three categories.

It’s benefits to:

a.        Customers

b.        Service provider/salon

c.        The government.


A.     CUSTOMERS: When the marketing concept is applied or used by proprietors in marketing the service of their beauty salon, consumers will be better satisfied.  The quality of service will be higher.  Consumers will be offered a wider range of quality services.  The service will now be received form experts in a cleaner environment and the customer will have a sense of belonging.


B.     THE SERVICE PROVIDER/SALON: This study is necessary so that the proprietor of ultimate hair dressing salon will know areas she is lacking and offer services that carter to current and anticipated needs.  One can equally start producing, pricing, distributing, promoting and processing her services in a way that customer’s value.

Ultimate can now start using marketing led strategies and desire to meet needs better than competitors.  She can with the aid of result form this research study increase her market share and profit and it will also guide her in employee selection.


C.     GOVERNMENT:  From this study, the government would make provisions for courses like dermatology, cosmetology, beauticology etc. in our institutions of higher learning.

It will also increase gross nation profit and also increase employment then reduce quest for government paid jobs.



        If we look at what is happening in the Enugu business sector, we see that they don’t make use of the marketing concept and this is true of beauty salons.

        Again if we consider the class of people that operate salons – school dropouts, illiterates etc. you see that none of them is aware what the marketing concept is all about.

They leant by merely watching their boss do it.  There are many areas salonists ought to operate like facial and skin surgeries, thalgo body treatment etc. which are current not being practiced.

        The number of people especially those that use medicinal creams like demovate and tempovate just to become fair incompletion need salonists to advise them on more suitable product for their skins.



        This study lovers all the users of magic fingers beauty home which is a foreign like based salon.  Because of the distance very few people are involved.  The study also covers the users of ultimate hair dressing salon, here in Enugu. Again since ultimate hair dressing salon is ran by a sole proprietor, there will be no need talked of personnel.  So in the two case studies being studied, only the users of this salon within Enugu metropolis will be considered.



SAUNA BATH: -       Steam bath (house) originated in Finland


SPA BATH: -    Spring of mineral water having medicinal properties


COSMETOLOGY: - Study of cosmetics while Cosmetics is a

preparation substance, especially one that adds colour, designed to make the skin or hair beautiful


DERMATOLOGIES: -       Experts in dermatology which also

means the study of the skin and it’s diseases.


HYDROTHERAPY: -        Use of water in treating skin problems.


BEAUTY SALON: - An establishment in which women receive

treatment of the skin, hair etc. to increase their beauty.



        The limitations of the study can be analyzed under the following sub-headings: -


        The time limit given for the completion of this work is to short for an effective completion of this work coupled with other academic leads which the researcher was shouldering.



        Illiteracy level of most of the service providers are considerably very low that some of them shy away from being asked for information which they are supposed to give out freely.


        The scope of this study is too wide that the researcher cannot be able to reach the whole of the service receivers in order to get their views and opinions concerning the beauty industry taken cognizance of their problems and prospects.



        To effectively cover the scope of this research, the researcher need to travel to various areas concerned and bearing in mind the high cost of mobility the researcher was unable to completely tackled these constraint.



Ho:  Both magic finger beauty home and ultimate beauty salon offer the same level of satisfaction

Hi:   magic fingers beauty home satisfied the customers more than ultimate salon.


Ho:  Magic fingers beauty home and ultimate beauty salon covers equal areas in relation to beauty services

Hi:   Magic fingers beauty home covers wider areas than ultimate salon relation to beauty services.

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