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          The research on the factors responsible for low-productivity of Nigeria workers in the private sector with particular reference to Nigeria Breweries 9th mile corners Ngwo Enugu State was intended to determine how to increase productivity in Nigerian economy. In conducting the research reference was made to related literature.

          Questionnaires were also used for collection of data for the study. Other forms of data collection were also used e.g. personal observation and consultation of textbooks. It was not all that easy, so there were some limitations which in one way or the other affected the findings of the research.

          Tables were used to present, analyze and interpret the data. At the end, findings based on the data and other consultations revealed that, factors like breakdown of machine and equipment, poor management, high rate of labour turnover and lack of production goal cause low productivity .

          Recommendations and conclusions were made based on the findings in order to help solve this problem of low-productivity in Nigeria workers. 






          The issue of low productivity of Nigeria workers has in recent years been a matter of grate concern to the nation. The rate at which productivity grows is influenced by two things: -

(i)      The rate of society’s demand and the rate of inflation.

          Increased productivity is very vital for the health of the country because it will help to improve the conditions of the environment, enhance security and improve the standard and quality of life of the citizens. This is why David Ricada in his study of population said that food needs to grow at a geometrical rate in order to meet the demand of the growing population. This emphasizes the need for increased productivity.

          Yesufu T.M. (1962) was of the view that productivity can be defined as the ratio between output and all the resources used in production i.e. capital, labour, raw materials etc. the most efficient use of all available resources. With these definitions; One may ask why is the Nigeria worker inherently characterized by low-productivity in spite of all government’s efforts to improve the economy and the ever increasing need for improved productivity? The answer to this disturbing question is vital and will be answered and discussed in this study.

          Increasing productivity is a way of increasing the ability of people to do what they want, to do as well as achieving a higher standard of living for all suffering from low income and in boosting the prosperity of the overall Nigeria economy.



          Nigerians have so much complained about a low productivity of Nigerian workers. Even workers themselves have also been worried about their own level of productivity. Some of them believe if one’s output is high, it will motivate one much towards working harder and thereby increasing productivity, as high output makes one to be satisfied.

          Nigerians cannot withstand the competition in the world market; this is also attributed to low- productivity especially in the industries in the private sectors. This is because; most of the product used in Nigeria is manufactured by them. In other countries their level of technology is high so their productivity is usually high and as such they do well in international market.

          It can now be seen that low-productivity is a general issue in Nigeria and also a big problem in Nigeria and it adversely affects the economy. Nigerians are faced with several hardships in the country. Low-productivity of our industries is one of the notable causes of this.  It makes cost of many products to be high as many people want to buy the few available products.

          This study will therefore find out the factors responsible for this low-productivity in the private sector of the Nigerian economy using NBL 9th Mile as the case study.



          The depressing economic situation of things in our country led to the carrying out of this research as the bad economy can be attributable to low-productivity in our industries.

          The purpose of this study is therefore to find out those factors which are responsible for low-productivity in Nigeria workers especially in the private sector; from the findings the writer will recommend possible solutions. This will help our workers in the industries to increase their performance and thus help to improve the standard of living and the general economy of Nigeria.



          The scope of shall cover only Nigeria Breweries Plc 9th mile corner Ngwo. The study is concerned with factors responsible for low-productivity in Nigeria workers in the private sectors. Measurement of productivity in the business enterprises is relatively quite simple because of the existence of clear – cut relationship between inputs and out-put.

          On the basis of the above, this research did not give much consideration to the problems relating to productivity is not easily quantifiable.



          The following research questions have been designed to guide this study: -

1.     What are the factors responsible for low productivity in Nigeria workers in the private sector?

2.     Is the level of productivity of industries in the private sector important to the Nigerian economy?

3.     What are the influences of low-productivity in Nigeria workers on Nigerian economy?



          This very study is aimed at examining those factors affecting workers’ productivity in the private sector. Therefore the result of this research will then do the following:

1.     Potential consumers will benefit for they will be supplied with the products they want and their money’s worth satisfied.

2.     The management will also benefit when there is improvement in productivity of workers.

3.     It makes for a rapid economic growth of the country.

4.     Workers will also benefit through training and re-training scheme / programme.

5.     The income–level and service requirement of the entrepreneur will improve.

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