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The study is concerned with the task of Raising Godly children.  According to a famous English Preacher (Charles Sporgeon) who wrote “What a mercy it will be, if our children are t  horoughly grounded in the doctrine of redemption by Christ?  If they are warned against the false gospel of this evil age, and if they are thought to rest on the eternal rock of Christ’s finished works we may hope to have a generation following us which will maintain the faith and will be better than their fathers.  The Holy Book teaching in psalm 127:3 NKJV “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.”  This shows that Raising Godly children are primarily important thing to deal with in any generation.

The task of raising Godly children is a divine mandate with definite goals and responsibilities.  Our children must be provided with quality Christian education that would help them respond to challenging situation.  Related literature was reviewed the conceptual framework, of project is the biblical concept of Raising a Godly Children and Empirical study on family and home.

 The chapter three showing empirical studies on child development and studies of family and home. The chapter four will be dealing with the history of (CEM) Children Evangelism Ministry, finally chapter five showing us the Summary, Conclusion and same basic recommendation. 




                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS


Approval sheet





Table of Contents




Background to the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Research methodology

Scope and limitation of the study

Significance of the study

Definition of used Terms



Review of related literatures

Introduction and Concept of Raising a Godly Child

The impact of Raising a Godly children in holistic ways

Empirical study on family and home



Conceptual framework

Empirical study on child development



Historical background of CEM Nigeria



Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation










In any generation God always use man to do His work here on earth, especially when raising Godly children.  All parents long to give their children the best education and make them comfortable.  This is good but we must know that teaching our children the godly principles, and precepts of God’s words, is not optional it is a commandment and a task given to the families (home) church and the society nor world governments.  For us to raised a godly children the love of God (Christ) it must be the foundation of the atmosphere of every Christian home. The Christian home is asked to be Christian in reality and not just name when children recognized the love in the home and can trace that love to Jesus, it will go a long ways verify their spiritual development and their relationship with God.


1.1     Statement of the Problem

In our research, we have discovered that one of the greatest problem in Raising Godly Children have to do with the issue of growth which is synonymous with modern day Christianity.  Many Christian parents without root or proper foundation in raising their children in God’s ways.  We as Godly parents must not raise half-baked Christians children.  Hence there is serious need to help our children to grow in Christ.

Our children today are faced with the problems of growth and how to stand when faced with temptation because they are not rooted in the word of God.  To day children are part of a troubled generation.

The problem of broken home are universal phenomenal which affect both developed as well as the underdeveloped country.  Hemm (1970) broken home means a heroic in which the parent are separated or divorced or are no more by either as a result of death.  Children from such home lack proper care and security.  The suffering of such children could be seen in different dimension.  And hence, there are frustrated and psychologically disturbed, when they are in classroom or in church as a result, the children will be passing through same physical, spiritual emotional, intellectual and social problem and if the problem are not handled on time, it could degenerate into other problems – such as depression, feeling of rejection, bitterness, distrust.

These are strong walls that can affect a child relationship with God.

However, they are the leader of tomorrow, so they need to be raised in Godly ways.



The purpose of the study is as follows:

1.     To educate parents on the importance of Raising a Godly children

2.     This research will also evaluate the impact of an effective children ministry in Raising a Godly child

3.     To identify the main purpose/goal of raising Godly children



The research work is aiming and educating parents and church on the task of discipleship and raising godly children foundation.  It is hoped that this research work will prove to be valuable resource material to help the body of Christ and other research into paper on related topic.



The study shall be directing on the task of Raising Godly children.



The methods and procedures used in carrying out this research work are as following:

1.     Historical method of research:

The researcher employed more of library and also field works.

2.     Internet sources were also consulted with adequate reference

3.     Other Christian journals and books are consulted.



Task simple mean test, contest, trial, experiment, encounter, defy, dare, competition, tournament, commission, assignment.

Raising means levitation, hovering, floating, flying defiance of gravity, nurturing, cultivation, educating development, cherishing, promotion, encouragement.

Godly mean holy, devout, saintly, religious, pious, righteous, consecrated, hallowed, sanctifies, blessed, divine, sacred, sincere, heartfelt, earnest, fervent, virtuous spiritual, reverent.

Children mean youngsters, offspring, young, descentant, titters, clutches, progeries, broods.

BROKEN HOME simple means homes in which the parent are separated or divorced or no more together as a result of death.  Udru (1978) define broken home mean a house in which the parent are not no more living together.

Christian Education simple means or this is the intentional efforts to pass on the Christian faith and lifestyle to others.  It involves people of mature faith nurturing others in growing faith.


Church: The Greek word EKKLESIA is translated “Church”.  EKKLESIA is derived from EK out and KALE “to call”.  Hence, “Church” mean an assembly of the saint “called out from the word system to be in Christ.

Christianity:- Is a life style and not mere religion or an attempt of man to reach God.

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