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The materials on this research project have been systematically presented into five structured chapters.

The genesis of these, chapter one introduces the impact of stock exchange in Nigeria economic. It dwells on the importance of the study and definition of items / terms.

Chapter two critical revises related literature much emphasis on the Nigeria capital market.

This chapter further validates the impact of stock exchange in the Nigeria economy.

Chapter three focus more on historical background of the Nigeria stock exchange and data analysis, sampling and populations.

Chapter four is basically on research question and stock market performance in 2006, value of transaction of Nigeria stock exchange.

In conclusion, chapter five summarized the major finding of research. Furthermore this chapter focuses on conclusion of study and recommended us as suggested based on the finding of the research.




Title page





Table of contents


1.0       Introduction

1.1   Background Information

1.2   Important of the study

1.3   Research question

1.4   Need of the study       

1.5   Statement of the problem

1.6   Limitation

1.7   Definition of the terms

1.8   Recommendation

1.9   Questionnaire



2.1   Literature review

2.2   Impact of the stock exchange in Nigeria

capital market

2.3   Review of some writer on the basic

for computation

2.4   The Nigeria stock exchange

2.5   Main characteristics of the

Nigeria stock exchange

2.6   The impact of the stock exchange In Nigeria economy

2.7   Distribution between primary and

secondary segment of the capital market

2.8   Difficulties in the Nigeria stock exchange


3.1History of the case study and Methodology

3.2   Development of research instrument

3.3   Population

3.4   Sampling

3.5   Distribution and collection of data

3.6   Method of data analysis

3.7   Observation



4.0   Data Presentation and analysis

4.1   Introduction

4.2   Research Question 1

4.3   Research Question 2

4.4   Research Question 3

4.5   Value of transaction in the Nigeria

stock exchange

4.6   Stock of market performance in

January to June 2009 – 2010


5.0   Summary, Conclusion and


5.1   Summary

5.2   Conclusion

5.3   Recommendation






        This impact of stock exchange in the Nigerian economy is the topic of this project work. It examines the impact which the stock exchange plays in Nigerian economy when we talk of government securities.

1.          A market for government securities

2.          A market for private shares

This creates the need for mechanism for selling and buying of securities or shares. The stock exchange with price support at per.

The price of government stock exchange is fixed and sold to buyers according to their needs. The market for private securities.

From government securities e.g. more trading is induced. The exchange is mainly the place for the purchase and sales of securities hared quoted securities.

Quoted securities are those which the stock exchange council has agreed, may be sold on the exchange only the securities listed or quoted companies are traded on the exchange firm must meet the listed requirement of the stock exchange.

The Nigerian stock exchange started as the Lagos stock exchange in 1960. It commenced the Nigerian stock exchange in 1977 and established in Kaduna and Port Harcourt.

Securities dealt on the stock exchange include industrial e.g. Dentures ordinate shared, preference shares, cult edges securities.

The stock exchange is governed by its council which is elected by members of stock exchange. It performs following functions.  

1.          To protect that the rule of the stock exchange are observe by its members.

2.          To protect the inverting public

The membership are three groups:-


        Include those who signed the memorandum of association in 1966 when Nigerian stock exchange was Incorporated C.T. saving and co (NIG) LTD Investment Company of Nigeria Ltd, Sir, Odumwgwen, Akintola Williams and Alhaji Shedu Surker.


        Those admitted on application to the Nigeria stock exchange these are firms or institution that intend to seek dealing membership or which are in a position to give financial and investment advise to the exchange.


        Individual person firm or co-operate body licensed by the council of the Nigeria stock to deals in stock, shares and all for the time being granted quotation on the Nigerian stock exchange.


        Despite the tremendous impact played by stock exchange they benefit to operates in the stock exchange market and Nigerian economy enjoy. There is little evidence to show that the stock exchange does not manifest some optimizing characteristics which are very important in the development of capital market and the Nigerian economy as a whole. The study is relevant and justifiable to the extent that it will after examining its problem, the role and impact of the evaluated and measure that will be sufficiently discussed.

        However, the main focus and objectives of the analysis includes the following.

-      To trace the history of Nigerian stock exchange.          

-      To highlight the impact of the stock exchange in Nigeria economy.

-      To highlight the function of the stock exchange market to the economy.

-      To examine the deficiencies in the stock exchange.

-      To make recommendations for the development of the stock exchange to the Nigerian economy.



        What is the meaning of stock exchange?

What are the features of the stock exchange

What are the contributions of stock exchange to the Nigerian economy?


        As it has been early started, this project work is to cover the impact played and Nigeria stock exchange in the Nigerian economy. Despite all the problems and difficulties on this study. As reviewed to generate the impact to performing by the stock exchange.

        The scope of this study is largely on the impact of the stock exchange. The under development nature of the Nigeria economy, market. It imperatives for the stock exchange to be catalyst for economy growths and development of Nigeria.

The exchange can only perform this rule by essentially catering for long term investment needs for business and government.

However, the main focus is on the examination of the stock exchange over the year and making recommendation of its development of the Nigerian economy.


        This research work looks into the problems of stock exchange in Nigerian such as:-

The vigorous listing requirement.

The high positive transition cost of the securities and exchange commission.

        The presence of the un-regular information markets the securities law.

        It is on a basic of pact that this study is being carried to determine exactly the impact of the stock exchange in the Nigerian economy.


        The whole part of this research is divided into five main paragraphs on heading, dealing with the specific of this project work.

        The introduction deals with about the topic, the Nigeria economy. It examines the impact which stock exchange plays in the Nigerian economy.

        The main focus and the limitation of the analysis include the following:-

-      To trace the history or stock exchange.

-      To highlight the impact of the stock exchange in the economy of the countries.

-       To highlight the functions of exchange market.


        It has been earlier stated, this project work is to over the impact played by the stock exchange in the economy. Despite all the term on this study is based on the Nigerian stock exchange and who they are using the terms.

1.          Quoted: Are the share quoted on the floor of the stock exchange at a price given e.g. 80k per share.

2.          Certification of procession: Is a document or certificate showing ownership of properties.

3.          Stocks: Are the money tent to government in return for interest share in the capital of a business company e.g. N500 in the stock or the banks invest once money is a save stock. 

4.          Stock Holder: Are the people whose business or are the people who invest his money in another business.

5.          Stock broker: Are the person whose dealing buying and selling of stocks and shares for people who want to invest money or on the stock exchange.

6.          Jobber: Are the members of the stock exchange from list in the publication with current price of stock and shares.   

7.          Exchange: This is giving and receiving of money from one person or country for that of another relation in value between hands or country used in different countries that rate of exchange is between the naira and dollars or pound etc.

8.          Debenture: Is a types of saving bound which offer a fixed rate of interest over a long period.


        The following recommendations are made as a result of the study.

        Relaxation of the statutory long requirement for companies to be traded in the stock market.

        There should be reduction in most of transaction involved inflation of shares in order to allows companies seek a listing in the exchange.

        The Nigeria securities and exchange commission and stock exchange should find ways to deregulating the trading process so that prices quoted for the listed securities can be more indicative of the performance of listed companies.

        For a more active stock market there is need to grants stock market brooking license companies.

        Investment and saving should be encouraging by the government of the country. 

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