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        The aim of this research is to find out or throw more lightly on the growth problem and prospects of small scale industry in Nigeria.

        The objectives of the projects is primarily to find out the growth problems and prospects confronting small scale industry in Oyo State with a case study of Taotech Quarry and Mining Nigeria Limited Ibadan.

        The study will recommend ways and means of eliminating these problems with a view to achieving was given to small scale industries because I have considered carefully the nature of the state. Industries are just spring up, there are very few large scale industries where as small scale industries are very much and could be found in urban and rural areas. The project is being strutted in to five different chapters which are:

        Chapter one contain, introduction of the study, statement of problems, objective of the study, scope of the study. Limitation of the study, plan of the study, definition of concept and term.

        Chapter two contain, literature review, definition of small scale industry, importance of small scale industry, sources of finance for small-scale industry, characteristics of small business firms in Nigeria, problem facing small-scale industry, I-low small-scale industry can be growth and develop in Nigeria.

        Chapter three also contain, Research methodology, area of study, population of study, sample size and sampling procedure, method of data collection, source of data collection, statistical tool applied data analysis

        Chapter four will also contain Result and discussion, demographic characteristics of the respondents. Chapter five also contain, conclusion of the study, recommendation of the study


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Table of Content


1.0    Introduction

1 .1   Statement of the problems

1 .2   Objective of the study

1.3    Scope of the study

1.4    Limitation of the study

1.5    Plan of the study

1.6    Definition of concept and term

1.7    Historical background of Taotech



2.1    Definition of small-scale industry

2.2    Importance of small-scale industry

2.3    Source of finance for small-scale industry

2.4    Characteristics of small business firms in Nigeria

2.5    Problem facing small-scale industry

2.6    How small-scale industry can be grow and develop in Nigeria



3.1    Area of study

3.2    Population of the study

3.3    Sample size and sampling procedure

3.4    Method of data collection

3.5    Source of data

3.6    Data collection

3.7    Statistical tool applied data analysis



4.1    Results and discussion

4.2    Demographic characteristics of the respondents



5.1    Summary of the study

5.2    Conclusion of the study

5.3    Recommendation of the study Reference



        Many people have the anonymous belief that Nigeria can become industrialized only through the establishment of large industries. But if one should look critically in to the industries development of the economically develop0ed countries it shows that for a genuine industrial take off in a number and improving the performance of indigenous owned small-scale industries, In the investigation of the entrepreneurial phenomena Enmill (1934) observed that the characteristics features of an entrepreneur include direction supervision, control and risk taking. It is affinity for risk, which distinguishes him from the manager. But according to Schumpeter (1934) emphasized innovation rather than risk taking as the most important distinction between the two. In his opinion an entrepreneur’s goal broadly defined, is to develop new product or services as well as new method of production identify new market, discover new sources of supply and develop how organization forms.

        It is no gain saving that the industrial section has contributed immensely, to the economics and social development in Nigeria, the importance of the small-scale industries has been recognized by the federal government of Nigeria claimed that play especially to the creation of employment opportunities, mobilization of local resources and the diminution of rural-urban migration.

        Small-scale industries are indispensable in the national economy. Since large scale industries depend on it. Hence the path to rapid economic development will depend to a large extent on the efficiency of this sector.

        Therefore, the importance of the industrial sector in modern economic is universally accepted the developing countries have since 1990’s. Shown greater interest in the promotion of the growth of small scale industries (SSI) for three main reasons.

(a) The failure of past industrial police, which anchored on the establishment of large firms to generate self sustaining growth.

(b) Increased emphasis on self reliant to development and greater attention paid to aspect of development other investment and output growth.

(c) This other elements of growth small-scale industry sector (SSI) contribute to include more economic use of resources more employment creation p unit of capital investment. Mobilization of domestic savings bar investment, development, great utilization of level resources and more equitable income distribution. Another justification for the interest, in the experience that growing and dynamic small enterprises have growing in to large ones and have contributed substantially to national development objectives.


        All over the World, inadequate access to finance is one of the major objectives inhibiting the establishment and growth of small business firms.

        The finance problem of the small business firm is more serious in the developing countries than in the developed countries in developing countries like Nigeria.

        There is need for improved ways of financing the small business firms but at the same time the needs are difficult to satiety.

        For a very long time now the medium and large scale firms, have been receiving more financing alternation at the expense of the small firms.

1. While the Nigeria industrial development bank (NIDB) and the Nigeria Bank for Commerce and Industry (NBCI) reserve their financial assistance for the medium and large scale enterprise, the small business firms cannot be said to have such special development institution set up solely to cater for their finance needs. It was until 1973 that the Nigeria Bank for Commerce and Industry under took the responsibility of channeling and coordinate loans and credit to small business firms. Since then, the Nigeria Bank for Commerce and Industry has been playing the role of an apex institution.

2. The small scale industries in Nigeria have other problems apart from that of finance; managerial inefficiency is one of such problems. Other include lack of infrastructural facilities, mobility to attract skilled manpower poor making facilities and inaccurate accounting records keeping, this study will however focus attention on the problems of growth and development facing small scale industries.

        The small scale industries are faced general with three types of financial needs.

(a) The need for initial capital

(b) Working capital once the firms is in operation

(c) Capital for expansion

3. Apart from these financial needs the small scale industries have difficulty in securing long term equity finance, obtaining greater protection from the calling of loans and security funds in small amount at lower rates?

4. In light of the discussion small scale industries should not be allowed die because of financial inadequacy. Their survival is of great importance to the country since the majority of firms in the Nigeria business sector are mostly small scale in nature. Moreover many large scale business of today are off show of yesterday small firms.


(a) The objectives of the project is primarily to find out the growth, problems and prospects confronting small scale industries in OYO State with a case study of Taotech Quarry and Mining Nigeria Limited Ibadan.

(b) The study also will recommend ways and means of eliminating these problems with a view to achieving better efficiency in this sector.

(c) Consideration was given to small scale industries because I have considered carefully the nature of the state. Industries are just spring up, there are very few large scale industries where as small scale industries are very much and could be found in urban and rural areas.


        There are many problems threaten the growth of small scale industries today paramount of them is management and accounting problems.

        Perhaps the genesis of these problem emanate from the fear that unlike big companies small scale industries are not statutory bound to newer account to stewardship through to appraiser its performance.

        Although this research project was carried out solve growth, problems and prospects of small scale industries in Nigeria. It appears that forecasting are a few of factors that have presented propensity and allowed availability of problems to remain with small scale industries with the resulting high rate of unpredictability and morality.


        Generally, carrying out any research on any study, cost must be very important without enough in hand, it will be very difficult to carry on the research effectively. In our economy, education is with terms, an average student find it very difficult to receive the sum of #4,000:00 on project work as a result of this problem, finance has limited the effort of the researcher from going to various places in owner to get some data for this project work.

        Also, textbooks and journals are not made available in the library the journal room is not opened at the appropriate time for the student books that cannot give enough data for the researcher.

        Furthermore, time was another constraint, due to it was not possible to visit various small scale industries, so that comparisons could be made them will out case study of Taotcch Quarry and Mining Company Nigeria Limited. There were also human problem of not meeting the respondent on seat either in the site or at their main office each time I visit the company concerned.


        This project work is organized in such a way that it is start with the introduction in chapter one under it stated the background of the study, statement of the problem, objective, scope of the study and including the limitation of the study.

        The second chapter deals with the literature review which discuss the meaning of small scale industries, importance of small scale industries, source of finance small scale industry, character of small scale and growth of small scale industries, how it is practiced at Taotech Quarry and Mining Company Nigeria Limited Ibadan.

        Also, the third chapter contains the research methodology, type and data collection and the statistical tool applied and data analysis.

        The chapter four centers on the discussion and analysis of data and information of hypothesis while chapter five gives the summary and observation conclusion and assumed recommendation for the problem in small scale industries.



WORKING CAPITAL: - This refers to those materials that change their form in the process of production into finished production.

ENTREPRENEUR: - Is a factor of production that coordinates and organizes other factors of production for a more productive purpose

VAT: - Mean Value Added Tax

SM ES: - Mean small and medium enterprises

SHAREHOLDER: - This is an owner of share in a business company.

SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: - May be defined as a business organization established, owned, finance and controlled by one person with the aim of making profit.


        Taotech quarry and mining industry was established in 1988 under the chairmanship and managing director of Chief Emmanuel Adesoye in realization to the urgent need to increase their production to meet demand and create employment for their citizens.

In is located at Ibadan. The company stated its building early 1983 and had it completed around 1986 and its trust production was out in 1988. It is one of the companies in the Adesoye group of companies, which has been for many years being championship the cause of indigenous technology in the country.

Taotech quarry and mining is a research and development, production, marketing, service for the integrated enterprise, and it’s a professional supplier of mining Crushing equipment and industrial guiding mills, which has independent right of import and export.

        Taotech has formed a whole production chainman products: crushing machinery, guiding machinery, and auxiliary products vibrating screen vibrating feeder and other associated equipment products cover more than 20 models of three major series: mill series crushing series, and sand making series.

        The operations have a total capital interest of over # 200,000,000 (200m), excluding land and it are fully owned and managed by Nigeria citizens, the industry was providing employment opportunities to many Nigerian citizens.

        The company employees are indigene, there are no expatiate among them. The company got it raw material within the country and sometimes from foreign country, but plans it on the way for the company to source local materials. Taotech quarry and mining is having over four hundred employees, including the casual workers and the senior staff and has her headquarters in Ibadan and other branches all over the country.

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