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Title Page

Certification                                                                   ii

Dedication                                                                     iii

Acknowledgement                                                          iv

Table of Contents                                                           v


Chapter One: Introduction

1.0   Introduction                                                          1

1.1   Statement of the Problem                                       2

1.2   Purpose of the Study                                              2

1.3   Significance of the Study                                        2

1.4   Definition of Terms                                                 3

1.5   Limitation of Study                                                4


Chapter Two

2.0       Literature Review                                                   5

2.1   Evaluation of Banks in Nigeria                                 5

2.2   Manual Operation of Banking                                   7

2.3   Automation of Banking Operations                           7

2.4   Computer Processing Mode                                     9

2.5   Batch processing                                                    9

2.6   Real-Time Processing                                             10

2.7   On-Line Processing                                                 10


Chapter Three

3.0       Summary                                                              11

3.1       Conclusion                                                             12

3.2       Recommendations                                                  13

        References                                                            14





The banking sector provides or deals with the production of services to the society and this plays a major role towards achieving development and growth in the economic of a nation. The purpose for the establishment of banks entails that it provides profitable channels for transferring funds from surplus economic growth.


In Nigeria, the banking industry has been in existence for a long period and like any other discipline, it has been affected by the emergence of information technology especially with the computerization of banking operations.


Computers and other management information system have continuously has been used to introduce current and existing revolutionary technical advances. Information technology globally is growing at a very fast pace which has accounted for the increased productivity, efficiency and effective performance of the banking sector.



The fundamental concern of this project is to know how a great number of management of banks have spent huge capital on management information system with a view of achieving the laid down objectives of the banks.



This study will be undertaken to examine the extent to which people have an understanding of management information system and its effect on bank performance and how it enhances job efficiency in the area of mental and physical human resources and also cause increases in service delivery through reduction of time taken to perform various tasks which reduces the cost of labour and improves services quickly. For instances, use of computer.



Considering the fact that over the years the banking sector has been operating manually and the trend of things now is the automate all manual operation through the introduction of management information system especially through computerization. There have been argument for and against the need for computerization in a developing economy in general and in the banking sector in particular.


Therefore, there is need to establish the application of management information system especially computerization and how it can help in solving problems that are beyond human capabilities in the banking sector.    



Management Information System: This refers to the various modern facilities and technology used for the management of information in order to increase productivity, satisfy customers and the development of the economy.

Data: Raw facts

Bank: An organisation that provides various financial services, safe keeping and lending money.

Systems: Equipment’s e.g. computers, internet facilities

Information Technology: Information technology (IT) can be defined as the acquisition, processing, storage and passing of vocal, doctorial, textural and numerical information by micro based combination of computing and telecommunication.

Customers: People who patronizes the bank.

Industry: Sector of commerce

Processing: Performing series of operation on data in a computer.

Software: The programme used to operate a computer

Hardware: The electronic part of the computer

Computer: An electronic information and also control other machines.

Modern: of the present time



This study was focus on the effect on management information system particularly computerization on the productivity of the banking sector. However, the study has a limitation in that the data for the purpose of analysis with bee restricted to only a bank, it activities and the time constraints will also be considered.  

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