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Title of page                                                                                    i

Certification                                                                                    ii

Dedication                                                                                        iii

Acknowledgement                                                                           iv

Abstract                                                                                           vi

Table of Contents                                                                            vii


1.1      Introduction                                                                           1

1.2      Statement of the Problem                                                     1-2

1.3      Objectives of the Study                                                        2-3     

1.4      Significance of Study                                                            4

1.5      Research Hypothesis                                                             4-5

1.6      Scope and Limitation of the Study                                       5-6

1.7      Organization of the Study                                                     6-7

1.8      Definition of Terms                                                              7-9

Reference                                                                              10                                                                                          


2.0      Literature Review                                                                 11      

2.1      Introductions                                                                         11

2.2      Historical Development of Local Government in Nigeria.  11-7

  2.3    Reason for the Creation of Local Government                         17-18

  2.4    Function of Government                                                            18-21

  2.2    Structure of local Government                                                   21-23

  2.3    Sources of Revenue to Local Government                                 23-26

  2.4    Expenditure of Local Government                                             26-30

  2.5    The relationship Among the three Tiers of Government.     31-35

  2.6    Control of Government as third Tier of Government           35-36

  2.7    Problems Facing the Local Government                                     36-39

  2.8    Suggested Solutions to the Problems of Local Government 39-42

Reference                                                                                     43


3.0      Research Methods                                                                         44                                                                                        

3.1      Introductions                                                                                44

3.2      Sample Population of the Study                                                   44-46

3.3      Sources and Instrument of Data Collection                                 46-47

3.4      Methods of Data Analysis                                                            47

3.5      Research Problems                                                                      47-48


4.0      Data Presentation Analysis and Interpretation Findings       49

4.1      Introduction                                                                                   49

4.2      Historical Background of Offa Local Government Area       50-52

4.3      Presentation of Data                                                                      52-53

4.4      Analysis of Data                                                                         53-64

4.5      Testing of Hypotheses                                                               64-68

4.6      Summary of the Chapter                                                            68-69

Reference                                                                                   70


5.0      Summary, Recommendation and Conclusion                          71

5.1      Summary Findings                                                                   71-73

5.2      Recommendation                                                                     73-75          

5.3      Conclusion                                                                               75-76          

Bibliography                                                                           76-79

Questionnaire                                                                         80-82



1.1           INTRODUCTION

Every state in the country have their own several local units. This makes the citizen to have both local and nation loyalties. Since the country is increasing both the size and population, then the federal government become busy with issues of nation interest and has little time for the development of the grass root level. And this leads to the creation and delegation of the power to the local level to serve the interest of the people at the grass root.

Local government is also known as the third tier of government in a federation system of government so in Nigeria local government home the power has given to them by the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria do their duties to ensures the development of the grass root.


In Nigeria it could be seen that local government creation is taken to be something important and that is always agitated for. Since the local government refer of 1976, those at the helm of affairs of each state have envisage that the creation of local government will help in bringing socio economic development t in their state and therefore, often put machinery in motion for creation of more and more local government areas. As a result of this Nigeria now has774 local government areas.

However, little is being done to ascertain how these are doing. The extent to which the created local governments have not the purpose of their existence cannot readily be measured. This problem is the reasons. This propelled me to go into the study

Again, since the attainment of local government objective is not automatic I fund it important for slowing down development in the local government areas and coming up with solutions to tackle such problems


The study is inevitable for the fact that different schools of thoughts have different views on the important of local government as a tie of government.

Thus, the objectives of this study are to:

(1)           Determine the role of the local government in socio-economic development of Nigeria

(2)           Provide information on the function being carried out by the local government is third tier of government in Nigeria

(3)           Find out the extent to which financing the activities of local government have impacted in meeting the need of its creation

(4)           Give insight into the problems facing the local government and prefer solution to such problem discovered

(5)           Look into inter government relationship and the extent it has affected the effectiveness of local government operation

(6)           Determine the various reforms that need to put in place to order to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of local government.

(7)           To know the historical background of offa local government area of Kwara state.



Different schools of thoughts have different views on the establishment of local government. While some see it as unnecessary duplication of government efforts and waste of resources, some feel that without it infrastructure development will be slowed down, yet other are completely indifferent about whether or not it exists.

As a direct result of this, the research is important to give insight and information on the topic. The finding from the study would be of immense  use of government in the area of policy formulation, planning and executive again, it will be a source of reference to other researchers who may be interest in this or related topics in the future.


 The study will test the viability of the following hypothesis;

(1)    HO: local government does not solve the socio-economic problem of people

(2)    HI: local government solve socio-economic problem of the people

(3)    HO: there is no relationship between local government and other tiers of government

(4)    HO: funding does not affect the function of local government

(5)    ITI: funding affect the function of local government



This research deals primarily with effectiveness of local government as third tier of government in Nigeria since it is impossible to generate information from all the 774 local government areas in the country this work is limited in scope of offa local government area in Kwara state, with the belief that the finding of study and be applicable to other local government area in Nigeria

The information gathered from the chosen local government will therefore serves as basis for demoralization. This is because all the local government area in this country is identical in their objective, functions and operations and therefore are faced with almost the same everyday situation across the country.


This project is hindered by some factors, which include:

TIME: there was inadequate time to carry out the research because of the period devoted to lectures, class assignments, and some other things

MATERIAS: as a result of high cost of text book and relevant materials all reference materials needed for the research could not be obtained. As a result the researcher used the few text books, journals and articles that were available without affecting the quality and credibility of this study

RESPONDENT: the reluctant of some respondent to cooperate in given their views on the topic especially in the area of filling the questionnaire also constituted a limitation


The project is divided into five chapters with the forms of general introduction of study which is the effectiveness of local government as their third tier of government are of Kwara state. There is also statement of the problems, objectives study, and significance of the study, organization the study and definition of the terms

Chapter three deals with the research methodology

Like, sample and population of the study, source of data to the researchers, method of data analysis and research problems.

Chapter four shows the brief history of the case study which is offa local government, data presentation analysis of data, testing of hypothesis summary of the chapter and reference.

And finally, chapter five is made up of the summary of findings recommendations, conclusion and Bibliography.


         For there to be a local government in existence there are some fundamental terms or characteristic which must be in place. These include the following

(1)    Government: is the machinery through which the will f local government is formulated, expressed and attained and this government is responsible for the regulating the activities of the people in the state and local government or in the communities.

(2)    Local Government: this can be defined as the break down of a particular administration in a country in smaller units and this smaller units are for easy administrate

(3)    Local Government: can also be seen as the third tier of government of government of the grass root level which bring government nearer to the people in the rural areas and to ensure the development of the grass root government.

(4)    Population: this can be defined as the total number of people who live in a particular area

(5)    Sovereignty: this is the supreme power given to the state of local government to make and enforce it own law so as to be free from extend control.

(6)    Territory: it can be defined as a particular land or area that is under the control or a particular country state or local government territory is also know as an area of town or local government which is under the control of some people so as to contribute their activities for development of such area

(7)    Tier: this can be defined as area of the several levels of a system, administration or government.
















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