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        Privatization is a very broad sense may be defined as the transfer of ownership and control right over a firm from the government owned industries to the private sector.

        Commercialization in the other sense is said to be the withdrawal of government funding from parastatals to enable it operate commercially to fund for its existence of operation.

        This research work is aim to investigate into the benefit of privatization and commercialization on the Nigeria economy “Marketing focus”.

        In recent tine the management of our parastatals has been a subject of debate. This research will look into the inefficient utilization of resources and financial mismanagement of most of the public sector enterprises over the year resulted into a very weak economic balance sheet, excessive debts incurring and in most case negative network.

        This research work will be grouped into five chapters which shed more lights on the benefits of privatization and commercialization on Nigeria economy “Marketing Focus”.

CHAPTER ONE, Shed light on the introduction (background) Statement, of problem, Objective, of the study, Scope, of the study, Significance, of the study, Limitation, and constraints of the study, Definition of terms.

CHAPTER TWO, Deals with the meaning of privatization and commercialization, the benefit of privatization and commercial, activities of techniques committee on privatization and commercial and its shortcoming associated with privatization and commercialization references.

CHAPTER THREE: Concentrate on research methodology, population of the study, sampling and sample size, research designing, type of data, method of data collection, method of data presentation, method of data analysis.

CHAPTER FOUR: Deals with history of PHCN, data presentation, data analysis, data interpretation and discussion of findings.

CHAPTER FIVE: Also deals with summary of findings, conclusion said recommendation.


Title Page





Table of contents

Chapter one

1.0   Introduction

1.1   Statement of the problems

1.2   Objective of the study

1.3   The scope of the study

1.4   Significance of the study

1.5   Limitation and constraints of the study

1.6   Definition of terms


Literature Review

2.1       The meaning of privatization and commercialization

2.2       The Nigerian Experience on privatization and commercialization

2.3       The benefit of privatization and commercialization as related to marketing.

2.4       The activities of technical committee on privatization and commercialization

2.5       Shortcoming associated with privatization and commercialization


Research methodology

3.1       Population of the study

3.2       Sampling and sampling size

3.3       Research designing

3.4       Type of data

3.5       Method of data collection

3.6       Method of data presentation

3.7       Method of data analysis

Consumer questionnaire 


Data Presentation and Analysiss

4.1       Brief History of NEPA to PHCN

4.2       Data presentation

4.3       Data analysis

4.4       Data interpretation

4.5       Discussion findings


Summary, Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1       Summary

5.2       Conclusion

5.3       Recommendation





        Recently, the mismanagement of our parastatals has been a subject of debate. The inefficient utilization of resources and financial mismanagement of most of public sector enterprises over the years resulted into a very weak economic balance sheet, excessive debts incurring and in most cases negative network.

        In addition, the fact that the insolent performance of the state in administration of public business establishment creates a situation in which national funds that could have been used or spent to generate new economic activities and employment opportunities are being used to subsidize “dead wood that will never grow nor change” as analogy for the public enterprises.

        Taking survey of the phenomenon of privatization and commercialization has also been extend to garbage collection, bore-hole drilling, air traffic control and likes many other countries like Britain, USA, Spain, Italy are also involved in various degrees in the process of privatization and commercialization and this is not so exceptional case with Nigeria.

        Privatization and commercialization is seen to many observes as a situation to our economic predicament. The debate in privatization has been on the presumed efficiency of the private sector vis-à-vis the public enterprises and how the latter can be made more responsive to market forces and signs. It has been realized that inefficient companies are typical drain on national treasures and that they contribute greatly to the enormous current debt problems.

        Thus, if efficiency can be elevated in relating to profitability cost saving and consumer satisfaction and the liks. Do we consider privatization and commercialization to be the solution and to what proportion should factors of production and distribution be held by the state private individuals.

        As government could no longer continue to support the monumental waste and inefficient of these public enterprises, the programme of privatization and commercialization was developed to address our peculiar socio-economic and political condition.


        A research in Nigeria into over 127 public companies and corporation as at the end of 1990 showed that the return of government N36 billion invested was not encouraging. At today replacement costs, they are probably worth about N200 million as stated by our former present, Gen Abubakar (rtd). Appraising the system, the former head of state said “is clearly unsustainable and injustivable in a period of dividing financial resources”.

        Among the problems encountered by the process of privatization and commercialization includes;

-              Problem of over supervision of parastatals by the supervising ministries is government able to grant enough freedom of action to the state owner establishment.

-              Problem of subjective criteria in appointment of executive of parastatals. Are chief executive and principal functioning of parastatals appointed because of their integrity and capability to deliver and not because of nepotism.

-              Problem of political interference in considering the problem of our parastatals will government inference not create chances for political meedle someness and large scale competition, retention of redundant staff, prostitution of disciplinary procedure by ethnocentric considerations, award and inflating frivolous contracts, appointment of board members and employee that do not possess the relevant knowledge and experience? Will all these the relevant factors not erode the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of public business enterprises? All these shall be looked into in the course of study.


        A company’s or corporation’s main objective is profit realization. This objective of prompt making ca not be achieved when the company or corporation in question is being operate at a loss. Privatization and commercialization of public enterprises is not an end itself nor is it a panacea for the ills of the public enterprises.

        To this, the following are the objectives of the study.

i.            To restructure and rationalize the public sector in order to lesser the dominance of unproductive  investment in the sector.

ii.           To increase efficiency of government-owned enterprises.

iii.         To ensure positive returns on pubic sector investment in commercialization enterprises.

iv.         To check the present absolute dependence of commercialization oriented parastatals on the treasury for funding and to encourage their approval to the Nigeria capital market.

v.           Increased competition that is capable of leading to improve efficiency.

vi.         Development of under business relations

vii.       Creating favourable investment climate for both local and foreign investors.

viii.      Re-definition of organizational objectives and implementation of its policies.


        In recent years, the idea of privatization and commercialization has gained universal appeal in all part of nations.

        The time scope of this research could be the periodic depth of the research, time scope determine the depth of the data to be collected on the case study.

        The industrial scope is the specification of the industry of study and the industrial scope of this research is (PHCN) Power holding company of Nigeria.

        Theoretical scope is about the aspect if the subject matter that the researcher covers. And this research work, theoretical scope is the benefit of privatization and commercialization.


        The importance of privatization and commercialization to companies enable the companies to exploit the available opportunities of production and profit maximizing.

        The importance of privatization and commercialization could enable the market or consumers to get their needs satisfied and therefore improve the standards of living.

        The importance of privatization and commercialization to students as a writer who engages on the study in the partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of Higher National Diploma in Marketing.

        The research also broaden the academicians knowledge and likewise the researcher will be able to withstand any tasks of this nature in future assignment.


        The limitation could be secrecy: this connoles the situation whereby the needed information is being kept for confidential reasons; and this serves as a threat to the researcher.

Financial constraints: This could also occur as a result of lack of find for the properrunning of the research work nad if this is not sufficienty and not effective to solve problem at hand.

        Fime constraint: the research time is always bery long, and if proper time or adequate time is not being given to the researcher the work will be meaningless and the reseaecher will be unable to solve the problems time is more vital in carrying out a research work, regardless of the type of research being it primary or secondary research.

        Wrong sampling could also be a problem or threat to a researcher. A situation whereby a researcher collects and analyzes wrong sample, this will make the research work not reliable and become more complex.


1.          Privatization: is the transfer of ownership and control right over firms from the government owned industries to private sector.

2.          Commercialization: This is the withdrawal of government funding from parastatals to enable this operate commercially to fund for its existence of operation.

3.          Performance contract: this is said to designed to govern the relationship between the government and commercialized enterprises.

4.          Economy: Avoidance of waste of money, strength pr anything else of value.

5.          Resources: Wealth, suppliers of goods, raw materials etc. which a person, country, company has or can use.

6.          Owner’s equity: The financial interest of the owners.

7.          Values: Is the amount obtainable in the market for the exchange of goods and services. This is the owrht of an asset prevailing at a particular period of time.

8.          PBIT: Profit before interest and taxation

9.          C.E: Capital employed

10.      Paid:. Profit after interest and taxation

11.      Asset: Assets are things of value owned by the business. They are also resources of the business.

12.      Terms of agreement: This is said to be the rules or agreement that governs the privatized company and the government.

13.      Stewardship accounting: Act of giving doubt free account one’s property and resources being managed.

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