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Class work alone on measurement of building work is not enough to equipped the student with the required knowledge and skill required on the measurement of building work, in accordance with standard procedure laid down by BESMM3(Building & Engineering Standard Method of Measurement). It is against this background that the introduction of project work was introduce to expose the student to practical and theoretical method of taking off of building work apart from class work so as to increase their skill and knowledge in addition to class work.

The chapter one of this project demonstrate the aims, objectives of this research and the scope and limitation while the chapter two and three represent a literature review on the procedure of measurement of building work in order to have a better understanding of taking off, abstracting and billing processes prepared in chapter four for the proposed four (4) bedroom fully detached duplex.


Title Page                                                                                 i

Certification                                                                                      ii

Dedication                                                                               iii-iv

Acknowledgment                                                                     v

Abstract                                                                                   vi

Table of Content                                                                      vii


1.0        Introduction                                                                   1

1.1        Description of Work                                                       1

1.2        Aims and Objective                                                        2

1.3        Scope and Limitation                                                     3


2.0     Literature Review (Introduction)                                     4

2.1     Site Report                                                                     4

2.2     Preliminaries                                                                  6

2.3     Process Involved in preparing an un-priced bill of quantities                           9

2.4     Format of bill of quantities                                             10



3.0     Process Of Preparing A Bill Of Quantities                      14

3.1     Taking off processes                                                       14

3.1.1  Studying the Drawing                                                    14

3.1.2  Query Sheet                                                                  15

3.1.3  Taking Off list                                                                17

3.1.4  Read and Scale Dimension                                            18

3.1.5  Taking Off sheet                                                             19

3.1.6  Recording of scaled or read dimension                           21

3.1.7  Waste Calculation                                                          23

3.1.8  Signposting                                                                    24

3.2     Squaring                                                                        25

3.3     Unit Of Measurement                                                     22

3.3.1  Linear Meter (m)                                                             22

3.3.2  Square Meter (m2)                                                            22

3.3.3  Cubic Meter (m3)                                                            22

3.3.4  General Item (nrs)                                                          22

3.3.5  PCs/PS                                                                          22

3.4     Abstracting                                                                    26

3.5     Billing                                                                            28

3.5.1  Groundwork                                                                  28

3.4.2  Super structural work.                                                    28


4.0     Introduction                                                                   30

4.1     Taking Off For The Complete Four (4)

Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex.               30

4.2     Abstracts                                                                        30

4.3     Bill of Qualities for the Substructure

(Groundwork) only.                                                        30

4.4     Taking Off the Superstructure                                       30


5.0     Summary                                                                      31

5.1     Conclusion                                                                     32

5.2     Recommendation                                                           32




In partial fulfillment for the requirement of the award of National Diploma (ND) in Quantity Surveying, student will have to demonstrate what have been taught in class and outside the class during SIWES.

Thus, this project which is a group work is aimed at taking off and preparing a Un-Priced Bill of Quantities for the proposed Four (4) Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex at plot 3003A and 3003B Sanbowlugbe East Extension Layout Cadastral Zone 07-07 Abuja Nigeria.

This project is also aimed at exposing us to practical aspect of what were not taught in class and also enable us know more better about what has already been taught in the class.


The project as it is fully shown on the building drawing or plan is the construction of a proposed four (4) Bedroom fully detached, duplex at 3003A and 3003B Sambowlugbe East Extension layout cadastral Zone 07-07 Abuja, Nigeria, for: Rainbow workstation service Ltd.

This project work includes the process of taking off for the building, abstracting and the process of preparing an un-priced bill of quantities for substructural work only.


1.2.1           AIMS

The aim of this project work is to prepared a taking off for quantities completely for four (4) bedroom fully detached duplex and to prepare an abstract and un-priced bill of quantities for the sub structural work.


In order to achieve the aforementioned aims, the following objectives are carried out.

-      To prepare literature review of some terms for better understanding of the little of the project.

-      To prepare a taking off and squaring quantities for four (4) bedrooms fully detached duplex.

-      To prepare an abstract for substructure work only.

-      To prepare an un-priced bill of quantities for substructure work only.


The scope of this work is limited to the processes that are involved in taking off and preparing an un-priced bill of quantities for building work but excluding the abstracting, un-priced bill of quantities and service for super structural work.

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