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          The aim of this project is to study “The statistical analysis of vital registration at the national population commission Ilorin. Test of equal means chi-square and analysis of variance were used to analyze the data obtained. It was discovered that the birth rate is highly increasing every year and frequency of number registered. A test of equal means revealed that the average number of male births are same with average number of female births registered while chi-square used shown that age is independent of death



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Table of content


1.0    Introduction                                                       1

1.1    Historical background of national

        population commission                                                1

1.2    Function and power of the case study                           2

1.3    Aims and objective                                              4

1.4    Scope and limitation of the study                          4

1.5    Demographic data situation in Nigeria                   5

1.6    The organization structure                                   7


2.0    literature review                                                 10

2.1    importance of vital registration data                      10


3.0    Methodology and presentation of data                  14

3.1    Sources of data                                                  14

3.2    Method of data collection                                     14

3.3    Randomized complete block design                       16

3.4    Statistical methodology                                                19


4.0    Analysis                                                             30

4.1    Introduction                                                       30

4.2    Presentation of data                                            31


5.0    Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation                  45

5.1    Summary of findings                                           45

5.2    Conclusion                                                                 46

5.3    Recommendation                                                47

Reference                                                                  48





           It is on record that various boards, census board and national population bureau set up during the pre and post independence in Nigeria failed to achieve the aims and objectives of its function and this lead to the dissolution this board and bureau.

           As a result of this failure of the census board and national population bureau. Nigeria has no reliable information about her population size for any meaningful planning and development neither do we have a universal registration of births and death throughout the federation in realization of this and its honest desire to have accurate and acceptable census figure, the government of the federal republic of Nigeria established the national population commission (NPC) as  a permanent corporate body. On 23rd October 1989 by enacting decree 23.


     i.        The national population commission is charges with the following responsibilities.

    ii.        To establish and maintain a machinery for continuous and universal registration of births and death throughout the country.

  iii.        To collect, collate and publish data migration statistics

  iv.        To conduct research, monitor the national population policy and set up a national population information data bank.

   v.        To provide information and data on population for the purpose of facilitating national planning and economic development.

  vi.        Advice the federal government on any population and population related matter and problems.

vii.        To disseminate information and educate the general public about the activities of the commission

viii.        To arrange for the appointment and training of enumerators and all other staff of the commission.

The commission on assuming office in April 1988 divided the country into zones and assigned commission with supervisors responsible for a zone. it also set up offices in each state capital and local government areas headquarters throughout the federation with the coordination of statistical director and controller respectively.


        To determine whether the average number of male birth registered is the same with the average number of female birth registered.

        To determine whether the average of male death registered is the same with the average number of female death registered.

        To determine the relationship between death and age at death.


Due to the short period of time and limited resources to carry out this research, the scope of the study was limited to the national population commission, Ilorin west local government area of Kwara state.

vital registration was fully stated throughout the states of the federation in 1991 by the national population commission Ilorin south local government area happen to be one of the local government selected for the project on kwara state as at that year, hence the study would be for the five years (2008-2012).

           The study only on registration of birth and death, since all vital events are yet to be fully started.


           There are four major sources of demographic data for the planning process in Nigeria, these are census, vital registration, sample survey and administration records. Data generations from any of these have resulted in the death of demographic data for the effective socio-political and economic planning process.

Census is the only major source from which data has been generated to cater for both the micro and macro data needs of the individual, researcher and the government in general.

        The first independent census in Nigeria carried out in 1963 remains the only acceptable census whose data used for planning conducted in 1991 was refused. To know the actual size of the country’s population in relation to an earlier census at a time T, growth formula is always handy PT=PO+(B-D) + (I-E)

Where Pt is the population at time (current population) PO is the population at time 0 (last population i.e census figure record.

B-D is the crude natural increase (births minus death figure for the period 0 to t)

I-e is the immigration of people minus emigration of people for the period of O to T i.e E net migration.

   In general, when vital registration function normally. It is the principal source of data of the nation for measuring fertility, mortality and Nupitiality.

           Hence, it helps in updating census from time to time.


           The organization structure of vital registration is divided into various groups for easy supervision and management in achieving their aim and objectives.

CHAIRMAN- is a single person appointed by a government to see the smooth running of all activities of the national population commission in the country.

COMMISSIONER: - to ensure adequate coverage and effective supervision of a vital registration exercise, the country has been divided into seven zones with commissioners heading each zone.

DEPUTY ZONAL DIRECTOR:- The zonal director is at the zonal level. He will be generally responsible for organizing the vital registration system and ensuring its adequate functioning within the zone.

HEADQUATER- To achieve proper structured into three tiers of administrative/technical set up namely the birth registration, the death and still birth registration and migration divisions.

FIELD: - this is the origin of the information of vital events and it is broadly as follows:-

CHIEF REGISTRAR: - is at the state level supervisors the system in all the area of the state.

DEPUTY CHIEF REGISTRAR: - is at the L.G.A level. He/she will be generally responsible for organizing the vital registration system and ensuring it’s adequate in the local government area.

L.G.A OFFICIAL: – these are staff involved in the smooth running and compiling the result of registration. They supervise the work of the registrar.

REGISTRAR: - The main field official who obtains the filled informs, register the event and issue the certificate. There is generally one registrar for every village, a group of small villages or a ward within the town or city.

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