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This write up was written in respect of the project given to us on repair and maintenance of air conditioner. It comprises of the history of air conditioner, the components of air conditioner, working principle and the reason for air conditioning.


It also contain the maintenance and repair work and also the servicing of air conditioner and particularly the repairs carried on the air conditioner given for the project.


Finally, this report treats the recommendation necessary for the proper working condition of the air conditioner.       






Table of contents



Chapter One

1.0        Introduction

1.1      Historical of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

1.2      What is an Air Conditioner

1.3      Purpose of an air Conditioner

1.4      Importance of air Condition


Chapter Two

2.1      Definition of Terminologies

2.1.1    Air Conditioner

2.1.3   The Compressor

2.1.4  The Condenser


Chapter Three

3.0   Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of Air Conditioners

3.1      Installation of Windows Unit

3.2      Maintenance and Serving of Window Unit Air Conditioner

3.3      Tools and Equipment needed for Maintenance and Servicing

3.4      Faults, Troubleshooting and Repair of Air Conditioner

3.5      Preventive Maintenance of An Air Conditioner


Chapter Four

Repair and Serving work

4.1   Work carried out on the air conditioner

4.2   Troubleshooting and repair of the air conditioner

4.3   Servicing Procedure

4.4   Tools and materials used for servicing and Repair

4.5   Test Run

4.6   Cost analysis 


Chapter Five

Recommendations and Conclusion

5.1      Recommendations

5.2      conclusion






The methods of production of cold by mechanical processes are quite recent. Long back in 1748, William Coshen of Glasgow University produced refrigeration by creating partial vacuum over ethyl ether. The first development took place in 1834 when Jacob Perkins proposed a hand operated compressor machine working on ether. Then in 1851 came Gorrie’s air refrigeration machines and in 1856, Linde developed a machine working on ammonia.


The art of air conditioning developing only gradually from the predecessor arts of cooling, cleaning, heating and ventilating. In the 15th century, Leonards da Viorci had build a ventilating fan. Later, Boyle in 1659 and Daltton in 1800 discovered the laws that are connected to air conditioning and they are very known.


Towards the latter half of the 19th century, the development in the art of humidifying the air went along with the progress of textile industry in England. A. K Wolff who designed air-conditioning systems for as may as hundred building his life time, but it was W. H. Carrier (1876 – 1950) who was known as the father of air conditioning.



An conditioner as the name implies is a device used in regulating the temperature of the air. Common working principle of air conditioner is the ability to suck away hotness from the air but it is important to note that some air conditioners are used to produce heat into the air in regions where winder is experienced. Therefore, air conditioner simply put as an electro-mechanical device that helps in regulating the humidity of the air and thereby causing the coldness or hotness of the room depending on the choice of the inhabitant.


Basically there are two types of air conditioner based on their arrangement namely:

·                    Window unit or through the wall air conditioners

·                    Split unit air conditioner

Window unit is a type of air conditioner in which the component of the indoor and outdoor units are together while split unit is a type of air conditioner in which the indoor components (Evaporator, thermostat, control switch etc) and separated from the outdoor components (condenser, compressor, outdoor fan movtorlete) but are connected with copper pipe to pass the refrigerant where it is mostly need at a particular paint in time.  


Both the window and split unit have one particular thing in common which is the refrigerant, used for refrigeration. The gas use for air conditioners is FREON 22 (R22).


Electrical and electronic equipment and also mechanical equipment has the potential of generating and dissipating some amount of heat to the body of the equipment and the environment (surroundings).


Therefore it is important to adequately regulate the temperature for efficiency. The problem of dissipating the heat generated which is to prevent premature failure or permanent shut down can be solved by several means. The surface of the equipment serves as a passive means to dissipate this heat, when this is not possible, an active approach is necessary. Open loop powered ventilated or cloud loop cooling may be used.



Due to the increase in worlds temperature as a result of the impact of global warning. It is important to have a conducive environment for everyday life. This is possible by the use of air conditioner.


The important of air conditioner to human race especially to cool the temperature of a closed environment when air is dry and hot and to give a desired and comfortable condition. For some equipment sensitive to heat like computer, electronic devices, microprocessor etc air conditioner is adequately required to cool the components so as to increase the working condition of the equipment and reduce the effect of breakdown due to overheating. The important of air conditioner is also an economic tools for development.

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