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This project centered on the role of entrepreneurship development in the Nigeria economic. Chapter one of this study introduced that an entrepreneur is an individuals who studies his environment in the community in which he lives and discovers the needs of the people, then he takes the risk of providing and making such needs available to the people by a combination of factors such as money, materials, experience and so on for profit. Chapter two of the study deals with the, related literature review. Entrepreneur was defined by different author in various ways to mean the same thing. Chapter three deals with the research methodology, the research design, the population of the study, Instrument of data collection and method of data collection. In chapter four data were presented in a tabular form, using single percentage method of data analysis to analysis the data. Chi-square method of testing of hypothesis was used. The last chapter summarized, concluded and some recommendations were suggested.


Title page                                                                  i

Certification                                                                ii

Dedication                                                                 iii

Acknowledgment                                                        vi

Table of contents                                                        v

Abstract                                                                     iv


1.1    Background to the study                                             1

1.2    Statement of the problem                                            2

1.3    Objectives of the Study                                               3

1.4    Research Question                                                      3

1.5    Statement of Hypothesis                                              3

1.6    Scope of the study                                                      4

1.7    Significance of the study                                             4

1.8    Limitation of the Study                                                4

1.9    Operational definition of terms                                      5


2.1    Introduction                                                               8

2.2    The Review

The entrepreneur and economic development                        11

2.3    Different forms of enterprise                                        16

2.4    Roles of Entrepreneur in business                                        21

2.5    The Role of Entrepreneurship in Social Development       25

2.6    Summary of the Study                                                        27


3.1    Introduction                                                               29

3.2    Research Design                                                                29

3.3    Population of the Study                                               29

3.4    Sample/Sampling Techniques                                      30

3.5    Instrumentation                                                          30

3.6    Methods of data Collection                                           30

3.7    Method of Data Analysis                                              31


4.1    Introduction                                                               32

4.2    Data Presentation and interpretation                             32

4.3    Data Analysis and hypothesis Testing                           35

4.4    Discussion of Finding                                                  44





5.1    Introduction                                                               45

5.2    Summary of Findings                                                  46

5.3    Conclusion                                                                         47

5.4    Recommendations                                                      49

Reference                                                                  51

Appendix                                                                   53

Questionnaire                                                             54



1.1   Background to the Study

Job creation depends, in large part, upon the initiation and expansion of small business entrepreneurs haves the ability to start new idea and develop new products and services that create the need for new jobs. Most economic development programmes designed to stimulate new job opportunities have been aimed at a relatively few large corporations. However, it is the thousands of anonymous small firms which employ fewer than 20 employees that are the primary job provide a major share of new jobs in rural areas as well.

An important aspect of economic growth in any country is the key individuals who promote change and initiate development activities. These persons must be called entrepreneurs because they have the ability to identify needs within their environment, gather appropriate resources and implement action to satisfy these needs. The activities of most entrepreneurs are oriented toward the immediate environment in which they live (community) and (either as employees or employers). If the entrepreneurs prosper, the communities in which they operate will also prosper. This brings employment and improves the standard of living in the country.

1.2   Statement of the Problem

The major problem confronting the country today is high level of unemployment, under-utilization of the abundant natural resources and arm-robbery.

Over the years, there have been persistence decline in the Nigeria economy. This problem has become so alarming that even the financial system of the economy have been seriously affected. Researchers are of the opinion that entrepreneurship development will have a vital role to play in resolving the economy problem.

Hi:    That entrepreneurship will not improve economy

1.3   Objective of the Study

The purposes of the study are stated below:

a.     To verify the importance of entrepreneurship in economy development.

b.     To determine whether entrepreneurship will reduce unemployment rate.

c.      To ascertain the major cause of fall standard of living

d.     To investigate whether self -employment will reduce the economy problem in a nation.

1.4   Research Question

The research questions of this study are:

Ø    Will entrepreneurship development help to solve the problem of unemployment in this country?

Ø    Is government really concerned about entrepreneurship development in Nigeria?

Ø    Does entrepreneurship have any role to play in Nigerian economy?

Ø    Will self-employment be true foundation for national development?

1.5   Statement Of hypotheses

The hypotheses formulated in this study are:

HO: There is no significance relationship between entrepreneurship and economy development.

HI: There is significance relationship between entrepreneurship and economy development.

HO:   That entrepreneurship has no significance are relationship with improved economic

1.6   Scope of the Study

The study covers areas as the various assessments on the role of entrepreneurship development in the Nigeria economy. The case study is narrowed to some selected business centre in Auchi Edo State. It also highlights unemployment situation in Nigeria, the contribution of entrepreneurs to the economy and difference form of enterprise.

1.7   Significance of the Study

The significance of this study cannot be over- emphasized. In this study, the problem of unemployment will be minimized, the rate of arm robbery will be reduced because most of the graduates will not be waiting for .white collar job before getting engaged in an accumulation.

This study is also significance because through self-employment, the standard of living is improved. Others significance of this study are:

i.      Any students who may have assess to this research work will understand the meaning and important of entrepreneurship in a country.

ii.      It will also serve as sources of references to students and lecturers in the library.

1.8   Limitations of the Study

In carrying out this work the researcher encounter some problems which affect the information that ought to have gotten. The attitude of representing by doubting the genuine intention of researcher, post some challenges to the researcher.

Internet problem is also a challenge follow by the researcher. Bad network at all time which limit the types of information needed by the researcher for this research work.

1.9   Operational Definition of Terms

Empathy: You are able to mentally put yourself in the position or persons you intend to influences. You want to feel what they are feeling. You are able to put yourself in their shoes. In the case of business enterprises, you are able to imagine how potential customers would feel.

Endurance: There are many challenges to be faced when trying to set up an enterprise. Women face specific challenges, some of which are negative and discouraging. To ultimately realize the enterprise that will provide you with rewards you desire, the ability to keep on track despite the many challenges along the way is critical. Patience, persistence and confidence are some of the attitudes you will need to adopt to enable you to endure the physical and mental challenges you may encounter.

Energy: Working hard; but also in a smart way, is key in entrepreneurship. Lots of both mental and physical energy is needed to able to face all the challenges involved in providing solutions to issues and for the successful completion of projects.

Innovation: The ability to amply new ideas that will enable you to undertake activities differently is another hallmark of enterprising men and women.

Need to achieve: You have the motivation to achieve success and accomplish all the activities you engage in. you attitude and perceptiveness enables you to work towards acceptance results whenever you set out to do something. 

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