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Hotel management information system is an ideal software solution for hospitality. It ease the bureaucracy involved in the proper management of a hotel. This research work tends to design and implement a Management Information System for hotel with special reference to Hill-Top Hotel.

The objectives of this project include; design of automated software package for hotel hospitality management using established principles and method, provides means for proper verification, validation and updating of necessary files, make information recording retrieval and storage easy, flexible and accurate.

For the execution of this project, the following programming languages, Vb 6.0 and Macromedia flash were used at the front-end while Microsoft Access was used at the back-end.








1.1              Background Of Study

1.2     Statement of Problem

1.3       Justification of Study

1.4       Aims and Objectives

1.5       Scope of Study

1.6       Methodology

1.7     Limitation of project

1.8       Definition of terms used




2.0       Overview of the Hotel Management System

2.1       Historical Background Of Hotel Management Information Service System In Nigeria

2.2       History of Hill-Top Hotel

2.3              Types Of Hotel Management Services

2.3.1   Commercial Hotel Management Information Service

2.3.2    Non-Commercial Hotel Management Information Service

2.4       Classification Of Hotel Management Information Service

2.4.1   First Class Hotel

2.4.2   Small Size Hotel

2.4.3   Medium Size Hotel

2.5       Different Levels Of Hotel Management Information Services

2.6       The Functions Of Different Workers In An Hotel

2.6.1   The Cleaners

2.6.2   The Laundry Headman

2.6.3   The Florist

2.6.4   The Room Steward

2.6.5   The Supervisor

2.6.6   Receptionist

2.6.7   Kitchen And Waiter

2.6.8   The Account Department

2.7       Operations of Existing System

2.7.1   Functional Requirements

2.7.2   Non-Functional Requirements



3.1       Analysis and Findings

3.1.1  Outputs from the System

3.1.2  Inputs to the System

3.1.3  Processing Tasks Carried Out by the System

3.1.4  Control Used by the System

3.1.5  How Data and Information Are Being Stored by the System

3.2       Problem Identify From the Existing System

3.3       Suggested Solution the Problem Identified



4.1       Report to Be Generated

4.2       System Development and Implementation

4.3       Program Development Activities

4.3.1    Programming language used

4.4       System Implementation

4.4.1    System Requirements

4.4.2    Task prior to implementation acquisition

4.4.3   Changing Over From Existing System to New System

4.5       Function Of Program Modules

4.6       User Manual



5.1     Conclusion

5.2       Recommendation




Fig 1.1 Homepage Module

Fig 1.2 Room Booking Module

Fig 1.3         Restaurants Module

Fig 1.4         Booking Record Module

Fig 1.5         Restaurant Record Module

Fig 1.6          Print Record Module

Fig 1.7 Programme Flowchart

APPENDIX2 : Programme Source Code









1.2            Background Of Study

The term hotel management information system is an ideal software solution for hospitality that deal with company and the particular hotel this titles include “assistant manager” and   “supervisor” position

Responsibilities of hotel hospitality management vary based on the position, company and organization of the property. Generally, hospitality management oversees hotel customer service. This can include setting room rates, receiving guests, responding to complaints, and various other services. Hospitality management also performs the administrative and personnel duties associated with this customer service. in welcoming and catering to the needs of guests. Hence, hotel is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Specifically, this includes the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and tourists.


1.2      Statement of Problem

This project work is prepared to eliminate the problem of inappropriate data, keeping data inconsistency, time wastage, and storage wastage and also reduce the time of processing information with the aid of computer and written programs.

1.3       Justification of Study

·               Provision of power supply either through Direct current or Alternating current

·               Allocation of rooms, checking in, checking out, payment by the customer should be carefully done using program software to avoid frequently occurring conflict.

·               There should be free flow of communication in different department level of hotel hospitality management to enhance good performance.

·               The records of customer should be properly documented i.e. name, address, phone number.

·               Provision of accessible database for storing and easy retrieval of information or data.


1.4     Aims and Objectives

The main aim of this project is to design software for hotel management system using hill top hotel as case

The objectives are:

·             To design an automated software package for hotel hospitality management using established principles and method

·             To provides means for proper verification, validation and updating of necessary files

·             To make information recording retrieval and storage easy, flexible and accurate

·             To improve the productivity and efficiency in terms of voluminous job, access of files and speed of operation.

·             To provide the highest quality of services to the customers


1.5     Scope of Study

The scope of this project work is to implement and cover the problem facing hotel hospitality management system, thus producing effective and efficient operations

§  Review of the property’s amenities and features such as guest room size and number

§  Full inspection of the property and surrounding area to determine feasibility project.

§  Comment on the proposed facilities in terms of number, mix, and type of guest rooms and recreational amenities.


1.6       Methodology

The project work was put together through various data collection methods

The methods are:

i.    Interactive reading of major theoretical issues related to subject matter.

In other to implement the project, the following programming languages are used:

       i.            VB 6.0: It is used for coding

     ii.            Microsoft Access: For storing data in database for easy retriever

  iii.            Macromedia Flash:  For graphics and animation.


1.7     Limitation of project

In every project there will a limitation, some limitation are

·        It can only be used by the administrator


1.8  Definition of terms used

·         Resident: A person who is staying in the hotel.

·         Check: guest charge voucher.

·        Booking: reservation.

·        Account: a document in which all charges and payments of a guest customer are recorded in the folio.

·        Registration: Formalities maintained upon guest arrival

·        Arrival: the time when a guest arrives in the hotel and gets registration to check in the hotel.

·        Advance deposit: a paid amount by a guest prior to any charges against the guest account as a guarantee of final payment

·        Average room rate: a rate which is determined by dividing the total room charge, amount by the total occupied room.

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