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This project focused on the design and implementation of a customizable business manager that can drive the activities of any small/ medium business. Most of such businesses usually lack the financial strength to initiate the development of a business management system from scratch. For such business to automate their activities, what they require is a customizable business management system such as the one implemented in this project. The project involves creation of a database for business enterprise. It took the following in to consideration; database design and connectivity, prototyping and reporting tools like crystal report or ms access reports, graphics user inter-phasing (GUI) and customizability. This project is aimed at building a system that can fit into the day to day business activities of any small/ medium organization .Visual basic for application (VBA) will be used as the implementation language and platform.


Title i
Certification ii
Dedication iii
Acknowledgements iv
Abstract v
Table of Contents vi
List of Tables vii
List of Figures ix

1.1 Statement Of Problem 2
1.2 Objective                                    2
1.3 Significance Of The Study 3
1.4 Scope And Limitation 4
1.5 Background Of The Case Study    4
1.6 Definition Of Terms 5
2.0 Literature Review 7
2.1 Theoretical Scope 8
2.2 Business Management Today 10
2.3 Stock Control 10
2.4 Payroll 10
2.5 Accounting 11
2.6 Personnel 12

3.0 Introduction 13
3.1 Research Methodology 13
3.2 Method Of Data Collection 13
3.3 System Investigation 15
3.4 Fact Finding 15
3.5 Presentation and Discussion of Finding 15
3.5.1 Questionnaire Presentation 16
3.6 Analysis 23
3.7 System Analysis 24
3.7.1 Hierarchical Portioning 24
3.7.2 Overview Model Of The System 26
3.7.3 Entity Relationship Model 28
3.8  Developing An Entity Relationship 28
3.9 Choice Of Programming Language 29

 4.0 Design Of The System 31
4.1  Database Design 31
4.2  Procedural Design 34
4.3 User Interface 41
4.4 Architectural Design 48
4.5 System Implementation 49
4.6 Implementation Of System Design 50
4.6.1 Implementing Overview Module 51
4.6.2 Implementing Personnel Module 53
4.6.3 Implementation Of Stock And Inventory Module 56
4.6.4 Implementing Sales Module 58
4.6.5 Implementing Security Module 60
4.7 System Testing 64
4.7.1 Unit Testing 64
4.7.2 Integration Testing 65
4.7.3 Discussion Of Results 65
4.8 System Documentation 65
4.8.1 Internal Documentation 66
4.8.2 External Documentation 66

5.1 Summary 67
5.2 Conclusion 70


APPENDIX A Source Code

APPENDIX B Screen Shot


Table 1: Response to Manual Business Organization 16
Table 2: Responses to Research Question II 18
Table 3: Suggested Measures to Reduce Problem 19
Table 4: Major Constraints 21
Table 5: Responses 22
Table 6: Product Table 32
Table 7: Staff Table 32
Table 8: Payroll Table 33
Table 9: Invoice Table 33


Fig. 1: Respondents views about lapses found in manual business 
organization 17
Fig. 2: Major Problems 18
Fig. 3: How These Problems can be solved 20
Fig 4: Constraints 21
Fig. 5: Advantages of Computerized Business Transaction 22
Fig 6: Hierarchical Portioning 25
Fig. 7: Program Flowchart 34
Fig. 8: Change of Password 35
Fig. 9: Stock Taking 36
Fig. 10: Invoice 37
Fig. 11: Payroll 39
Fig. 12: Sales Report 40
Fig. 13: Login Interface 41
Fig. 14: Change Of Password 42
Fig. 15: User Managers Interface 43
Fig. 16: Invoice Interface 44
Fig. 17: Payroll Interface 45
Fig. 18: Stock Manger Interface 46
Fig. 19: Sales Report Interface 47
Fig. 20: Architectural Design 48
Fig. 21: Microsoft Access Interface 50
Fig. 22: User Interface 52
Fig. 23: User Interface Login 53
Fig. 24: Personnel Manager Interface 54
Fig. 25:  Pay Roll 55
Fig. 26:  Pay List 56
Fig. 27: Stock Manager 57
Fig. 28: Stock Listing Interface 58
Fig. 29:  Invoice Interface 59
Fig. 30:  Database Record 60
Fig. 31: Start Up Interface 61
Fig. 32: Login Interface 61
Fig. 33:  Menus 62
Fig. 34: Home Page 62
Fig. 35: User Manager Interface 63

1.0 Introduction 
Business is defined as the commercial activity involving the exchange of money for goods and services. Companies or an organisation that buys and sells goods makes products or provide services are also said to be in business (Encarta Dictionary).
It is an organised approach to providing customers with the goods and services they want. As companies and organisation that provide these services and goods are on the increase in size and in numbers, there is a genuine necessity for the inculcation of more than just basic book keeping software. A small or medium business manager is defined here as affordable, integrated software application that enables business to perform tasks efficiently, access information easily and improve business performance.
This project is aimed at providing software that can be easily customized for any small or medium business enterprise a case study of KOLPING SUPER STORES (Abia state) was used to demonstrate the workings of the software. The small/medium business implies those based on limited capital and number of workers, but is universally accepted as an economic development sector of any society.
Although the job of this manager can be done manually, computerisation enhances speed, accuracy, precision and this increases administration decision making process and the competitiveness of the business.

1.1 Statement Of Problem
This project deals with purchasing, stocktaking, sales, accounting and checking of personnel of KOLPING SUPER STORES, Umuahia, Abia state, the case study. In the purchasing and stock taking departments of the super store, the task of collecting, storing, retrieving of products and the storage of data are being done manually, thereby making it tedious. There is sometimes delay in making information readily available when needed. Also calculation of costs, profits, discounts etc of various goods in stock, per scheduling time has been a difficulty. There is also a problem of decision making i.e. what to purchase, when to purchase, how much to purchase, what is in store etc.  These problems need careful attention and tackling to improve the management.

1.2 Objectives
The objectives of the proposed system are to efficiently save data processes and information of the super store.
Other objectives include,
improvement of the accounting processes
reduction in human workload
provision of timely, accurate and reliable information for decision making
provision of centralised data
elimination of duplication of data here by increase data integrity
faster response to needs
ease of use and flexibility
provision of room for future growth and development
a general information and improvement in the operations and services of the marketing decision of the business.

1.3 Significance Of The Study
Small/medium business is on the increase, as our economy does not readily provide employment. This can provide cheap solutions to enhance productivity, integrate business processes and access to information, hence informed decisions.
In small/medium business, manual stock taking is an eminent problem. Stock taking involves making inventory or list of stock and noting its location and value. It’s often an annual exercise due to amount of work, a kind of audit to work out the value of the business and as part of the accounting process.
Any stock control system must be able to
track stock levels
make orders
issue stock
The simplest manual system is the stock book which suits small businesses with few stock items. Computerised stock control systems run on similar principles to manual ones, but are more flexible and information is easily retrieved. You can quickly get a stock valuation or find out how well a particular of stock is moving. This software helps to accomplish this with ease and efficiency.

1.4 Scope And Limitations  

The scope of this work shall be within the spheres of core small /medium business manager, which include inventory management and accounting services, meanwhile, a software solution shall be developed at the end of the work using Microsoft visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft office development tools like any other academic project work, the following are the key limitation of this work.

Time: this is one of the key limitations of this work; every project is targeted to time. Thus the writer is usually given a limited time to write his/ her project. The writer is then advised to choose topics that can be handled within the time allocated to it.

Insufficient material: As much has not been written on customized business manager the writer did not find it easy to get relevant material. This then leads the writer into brain storming.

Insufficient financial power: This is another major limitation of this work, due to lack of financial power; the writer was not able to visit all the branches of the case study.
1.5 Background Of The Case Study 
Kolping superstore, situated at st. Finbarrs umuahia, Abia state. was established in 1990, by Rev. Fr. Dr lucius Iwejuru Ugorji. It was established at a time of great difficulty in Nigeria history. It was a time of dwindling economy, military dictatorship, unemployment, near hopelessness for everybody especially our youth etc. shopping mails of it kind were needed but was not available. It sole aim was to meet the daily needs of individuals with their varieties of stock. All forms of development in the business have come from hard work and dedication of its staff of various departments. Kolping Superstore has six (6) different sections. Books and Magazines, Entertainment, Electronics,
Food and Beverages, Clothing, Drinks; each section is operated/managed by a single sale managing department. It is this sales and marketing department that handles both of the personnel, Stock, and sales that emphasis will be based on.

1.6 Definition Of Terms
Customizing means to make a general product/service to suit specified individual/organization requirement. This means that the software should be able to meet or apply to individual needs and requirement of individual organization
Customizable small/medium business manager has the ability to render its services to any small/medium business in such a way that the organization/business thinks or see it as if it was created or designed specifically only for them (business).

Computerised bookkeeping
Computerised bookkeeping removes many of the "books" that are used to record transactions and enforces double entry bookkeeping. Computer software increases the speed at which bookkeeping can be performed

In economics, a business (also called firm or enterprise) is a legally recognized organizational entity designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers or corporate entities such as governments, charities or other businesses. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, most being privately owned and formed to earn profit to increase the wealth of owners. The owners and operators of a business have as one of their main objectives the receipt or generation of a financial return in exchange for work and acceptance of risk. Notable exceptions include cooperative businesses and state-owned enterprises. Socialistic systems involve government, public, or worker ownership of most sizable businesses

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