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In present time due to increase in number of kidnapping and road accident cases, parent always worry about their children.

This paper proposes a SMS based solution to aid parent to track their children location in real time. The proposed system takes the advantage of the location services provided by module kit which carry by the child in their school bag. It allows parent to get their child location on a real time map by the geographical co-ordinates which send by module kit. Information such as GPS co-ordinates and time are gathered on the module kit.

The communication between the parent and the child module kit is done using short message service (SMS). SMS offers the system unique features. It will allow the system to work without the need of internet connection. The system sends the location of child’s smart phone to parent’s smart phone when the parent wishes to check on the child.


v RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

v GPS (Global Positioning system)

v Child Tracking System



Title                                                                                                                            i

Certification                                                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Acknowledgment                                                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                                                     v


1.0   Introduction                                                                                                      1         

1.1    Objectives of study and Goals                                                                       2

1.2  Research Goals and Objective                                                                                   2

1.3   Definition of Terms                                                                                         4

1.4       User advantages                                                                                           5


2.1   RFID Technology                                                                                            6

2.2   RFID Application in transportation field                                                     8         

2.3   System capabilities                                                                                         9

2.3.1 Data acquisition                                                                                             10

2.3.2 Biometric identification                                                                                11

3.0       METHODOLOGY PREVIEW                                                                     12

3.1  Existing system working and methodology                                                  13       

3.2  System design and requirement                                                                     14

3.3  Hardware components Description                                                               15



4.1  Research Engineering Block Diagram and Description                             17
4.2  How does RFID works                                                                                     18

4.3 System functional Requirement                                                                      20

4.4 Advantages of this project                                                                               22


5.0 Conclusion                                                                                                         23

5.1  Recommendation                                                                                              24

       Reference                                                                                                           26                               

5.3  References






1.1         INTRODUCTION

Millions of children need to be moved from home to school and vice versa every day. For parents, obtaining a safe transport for their children is a crucial issue. The students ride their bicycle getting to and from school safety. A research undertaken by the Scottish executive central research unit with purpose of increasing the proportional of non car travel to school reveals that travelling by bus or coach appears to be by for the safest mode. Statistics suggest that a child travelling by car is seven (7) times more likely to take part or be involved in a road traffic casualty than a child travelling by our statistics from U.S.A, CANADA and Australia also confirm that public transport (and school transport in particular) has a high level of safety just an in Europe.

For instance, the Australian college of Road safety notes that bus travel in the safest form of road transport, at least 14 times safer than the private car, and that the record for school bus travel in particular is very good.

Also, the research undertaken by national highway traffic safety administration in notes that when comparing the number of fatalities of children aged 5-18 years during normal school transportation hours, from 1989-1999 (school years). School buses are 87 times safes than private cars.

          To help- avoid frightening and potential costly mistakes like these, this investigates an RFID enabled solution to here monitor children when they are traveling to and from school on stool buses. This system will transmit data via cell modem to allow buses to be tracked from a command center at fleet headquarters, as well as to the parent of that child.

          As an option, a push button emergency alarm can be installed that will send an alarm to the monitoring station that the bus is in trouble. Another option that increased situational awareness or the addition of biometrics that, can store locally the identity picture sent periodically or on request from the command centre.


The objective of this project is to develop an affordable    integrated monitoring system to ensure our fleet security. Our goal is to develop a modular system to maximize system flexibility to best meet the need of each school district. The basic system will enable law enforcement to track vehicle using RHD and a wireless data transfer mechanism that sends data to headquarters and allow to law enforcement.

A module will be developed that will provide co-operate system for identification and tracking of individual system and driver, including where and when they board and exit the           bus. A module for additional on board monitoring will developed including sensor and student data as using Biometrics.

 This research showed that RFID technology is a practical option for monitoring and tracking the children their trip to and from school on school buses. Lab and field trials confirmed that the RFID tags functional well under different conditions. The reading were consistent and resulted read ranges that were acceptable within the constraints of locating children stopped into the wrong bus, left the bus and left behind in the bus, the cost associated with begging of material is relatively low.  It should be noted that the  work completed in this research is the first phase of the project. Future work including combining RFID tracking with an information management system will result in detailed children tracking that will provide different application to the users, Once the most phases are complete, the system will be capable of notifying parents via SMS when the child water/leaves the school, enabling school authorities, fleet owners and parent to keep track of the our online, helping transporters and authorities to plan and manage the bus routes better, saving money and ensuring smooth and quick rides to the different destinations.





-        Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

          Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and tracks tags attached to an object. The tags contains  electronically stored information.

          RFID tags are used in many industries, for example, an RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track active  or battery assisted passive.

Tracker:- As a way to know geographical position

          A RFID + Tracker: Complete Solution

Where about of the individual items/person can be determined where  person: carrying RFID (No tracker needed)

Vehicle: Fitted with tracker.

          RFID combined with tracker has a diversified utility an will be evident in the subsequent slides.

1.4         User Advantages

(Benefit to parent)

1.       You can complete traceability of childs movement from home to school and back.

2.       You get instant information/Alerts about Arrival at pickup and drop off stops. Boarding and Alighting at school and stops entering and eating school premises.

Benefits to school management

1.       You get exact information about the moving fleet

2.       You get information about drives functioning i.e Breakdown alerts e.t.c

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