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The introduction of modern day communication has boosted technological advancement to a meaningful extent. The importance of communication in this present day lifestyle cannot be overemphasized. This led to the discovery of telegraphy, finally telephone and of hate internet communication. It often happens we forget to switch off an electric device while leaving home hoc a journey. Even if we remember that we have not switched off some devices, it may be difficult for us to come back and switch them off. These are normally not possible present condition. This project offers a novel solution for this problem by using a mobile phone, a common electronic gadget. Telephone is made up of two types which are the landline and Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM). The emphasis of this project will be using GSM as a means of communicating with household appliances i.e. using GSM to control devices,




Title Page


Letter of submission


Table of Contents      

List of figures   



1.0   Introduction     

1.1   Problem Statement   

1.2   Aims and Objectives  

1.3   Benefits to mankind  


2.0   Literature Review

2.1   History of Remote controls 

2.2   Remote control application for mobile devices     

2      Technique

2.3   Review of Related work      

2.3.1 Home Automation system  

2.3.2 Brief history of Tone Recognition Device      

23.3  History of home automation       

2.3.4 The mechanical evolution

2.3.5 The electrical evolution      

2.3.6 The information evolution  

2.3.7 Smart Home Today   

2.4   Telephone technology

2.5   GSM Technology

2.5.1 GSM services    

2.5.2 Technical details of GSM    

2.5.3 Subscriber Identity Modula (SIM) as a GSM Feature

2.6   Modification of the project  


3.0   Design Analysis

3.1   Principles of operation

3.2   Calculations      

3.2.1 AC waveforms   

3.2.2 Root Mean Square (RMS) value  

3.2.3 Average value   

3.2.4 Peak value

3.2.5 Peak to peak value    

3.3   Rectification-unfiltered power supplies

3.3.1 Full wave or bridge    

3.3.2 Rectification –filtered power supplies

3.4   Ripple voltage   

3.5   Average DC value      

3.6   Calculation on the audio amplification 

3.7   Hardware implementation/construction  



Tests and Results

4.0   Testing    

4.1   Results     


Conclusion and Recommendation

5.0   Conclusion

5.1   Recommendation     





Fig 3.0 Full circuit diagram of a device control using GSM phone

Fig 3.1 Two cycles of a sinusoidal waveform

Fig 3.2 Diagram of a full wave bridge rectifier

Fig 33 Waveform of full wave rectifier

Fig 3.4 Smoothening the power supply




Telecommunication is one of the fast moving technolog in the world today with its application in everyday use, varying from mobile communication to medical and safety applications. Communication was initially achieved by travelling long kilometers to deliver messages, but now it involves talking to people, no matter their location in the world, with the present day 30 technology, callers can even see the recipients while taking with them. The use of mobile communication is one of the largest ways for easy access to information or communication. Mobile devices (Phones) have taken several steps up from communication to entertainment, user measuring device, remote control, calculating device e.t,c. Using mobile device (Phones) as a switching device i.e remote controller due to the range of distances it can cover lead to the design and construction of a device control through mobile phone (USM).

Technological advancements have improved all over the world, thereby improving the standard ‘of life of people. Japan is already ‘working on transforming domestic life through its I-mode mobile phone that can take and transmit pictures. One of its uses includes the ability to purchase soft drinks without paying in cash The buyer just passes his phone in front of a scanner on one of several I-mode automated vendors, and his credit card will be debited in exchange for the drink. This technology suggests that the use of the credit card may soon be eradicated completely. Mitsubishi has brought up plans for using mobile phones to aid absent minded customers in checking the quantity of groceries they have in the house by transmitting a video shot of their refrigerator’s interior.

As a result of these improvements in technology, manufacturers of PCs have realized that their products have reached near saturation levels in some homes. The only solution is to find alternative uses for computer chips and hardware. Microsoft has developed plans for houses in which intelligent kitchens will anticipate what recipes will be required at different times of the day and the ingredients required.

There are plans to take the device to the next stage, by fitting it with transmitters that will allow people to use their mobile phones to warm up their toilet seats before they get to the bathroom.

The importance of emergency communication and signal transfer facilities need to be emphasized on as new technology and modified on a daily basis This aspect is of great importance in our domestic homes because it reduces the risk of leaving an equipment or appliance on, which is not meant to be left running for long periods. Since the project is limited to only household equipment, its basic function is to switch on and off appliances from any location should the need arise.


As more and more devices are being manufactured, there is an increased need to save power. This has made it imperative to develop a system that will help in controlling these devices even from remote locations using our hones Personal mobile phones can be used to achieve interaction for controlling devices C roof the limitations about this project is non availability of power because the power system makes use of power supply from Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Though this is a major problem but with thought about alternative source of power, it is a problem that will soon be a by-gone. Also another limitation noticed in the above work is the failure of network or busy network which will make the system not to be available when called.


The aim of this project is to implement the design and construction of a device control through mobile (GSM phone, which can be used to control electronic devices. This allows the user to switch ON and OFF an appliance at a remote location.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

•       To effectively use mobile phone from any existing network to safely control electrically operated household equipment.

•       To conserve energy which can be wasted if a device is left on when not being used.

•       To prevent overheating of appliances.

·                    To enable devices without infrared though connected to power sources to be controlled


The importance for emergency communication and signal transfer facilities need. to he emphasized on as new technologies and modified on daily basis. Trio aspect of great important in our domestic homes arc industrial purpose because it reduces the risk of leaving an equipment or machines ON which is not meant to be running for a long period of time if the operator is not around. Since this project is limited to only household equipment, it- basic function is to switch ON and OFF our appliance like electric fan, television, refrigerator etc from any location should the need arise.

This design comprises of three main stages namely:

•       Back up battery charger

•       Amplifier stage and

•       Switching stage.

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